La Trobe University Society and Ideas, Child Abuse and Michael Salter

I was alarmed to receive two emails on 17 May 2024 from La Trobe University Ideas and Society online forum when I had unsubscribed a few years ago. How did these messages turn up on their list again? They sent the invitation to two separate emails as if they wanted me to come online (tracking?). I received this ‘apology’ email at the exact same time to both emails. Someone deliberately put my email on the list, perhaps someone wanted me to come. I have had conflict with La Trobe management in the past over sexual harassment whereby I desired to end my life. I experienced attempts to criminalise myself in a court. I never received any fair hearing or response when my communication was to protect other women. I was blamed. The problem was not solved. It is this mindset I find perpetuates abuse as those engaged in it refuse to look at their own actions.

Nonetheless I’ve had inspiration today (quite separate to this issue) to look into Fiona Barnett, a child ritual abuse victim, who has spoken publicly about Michael Salter and written powerful books ‘Eyes Wide Open’ exposing the real story behind child ritual abuse.

Below is La Trobe University’s introduction.

The Crimes of Church and State against Children

La Trobe University: The sexual abuse of children and adolescents has been the subject of two groundbreaking recent investigations: Anne Manne’s analysis of the abuse by a network of Anglican clergy in Newcastle, Crimes of the Cross, and Michael Salter’s new research into the surprising frequency with which men report sexual feelings towards children and teenagers. The journalist, Russell Jackson, has also recently uncovered the widespread sexual abuse of children in the state school system in Victoria. How the community can protect children in the future, and support victim-survivors, remain urgent questions, as Katie Wright’s new research on awareness raising seeks to address.

It subtly reads as anti-church and mentions only public schools (not private). Was there a discussion about how pedophiles penetrate institutions?

This introduction didn’t reveal anything about Fiona Barnett’s book and experience which Michael Salter knows about. He didn’t mention her.

Below is a video of former MP Heffernan (a Christian) speaking about including the terms of reference of the Royal Commission Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse, he notes in respect to the institution of the law. He refers to Attorney Generals in Australia having seen police documents. He describes the documents and says they are disturbing. These documents were given to the Royal Commission revealing 28 pedophiles and prominant people and a former Prime Minister in Australia. He was referring to Fiona Barnett’s police document. There was nothing done in the Australian Federal Parliament about this disclosure revealing pedophilia at the highest levels and raising serious allegations of penetration into the Australian Government itself. This is in the public interest. Did La Trobe University bring this to the attention of all those who came to this talk online? I am not a fan of online given the sophistication of tracking, identifying computers, and using these forums to data gather who is for or against. I prefer the old style of public discussions in the city where we can meet each other without Silicon Valley being informed. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provide grants to La Trobe University. This should not be allowed. Our education should be governed by what is in the public interest and for the highest interests of students.

MP Heffernan

Fiona Barnett’s experience at the Royal Commission:,5565

Dr Michael Salter’s new research is stated to reveal the frequency of men’s sexual feelings towards children and teenages, revealing pedophilia but not calling it that. I read it as normalising ‘sexual feelings’ towards children on a subtle level. Regardless of whether men (or women) feel sexual feelings towards children if they cross that line they are committing a crime. Why? The child is not mature, not sexual, and not giving consent to be raped. No child would want this. They can be mind controlled to please men (or women) but in reality they are immature and they are meant to play, grow and enjoy their childhood without any abuse whatsoever. This is how we create a happy, peaceful society. Terms like minor attracted divert away from the reality of child rape.

Fiona Barnett discloses her phone call to Michael Salter revealing that he has not been a supporter of victims. For La Trobe University to invite him on to their panel to explore these very disturbing issues raises questions about what they believe and who they are? This is what Fiona Barnett said to Dr Michael Salter in her words.

I note the reference to electronic weapons and conspiracy theory. These were used on the public at the Canberra Convoy where people came together to say no coerced vaccinations (genetic therapies). I was underneath parliament in the car park hugging a few police (making peace) not realising they had Energy Directed Weapons above ground aimed at the public. These violent acts regard the public as “the enemy” and clearly dissuade any protest saying ‘no’. That is what abuse does.

Senator Malcolm Roberts interviews the AFP police chief.

We know today that the genetic therapies have killed more people and not protected anyone which raises the question of – are the public safe from abuse, injury and death? So the protest was essential to say no to abuse and had nothing to do with conspiracy theories which increasingly have proved to be accurate. My own research over 3 years includes pedophilia in the Human Rights report as many at the highest levels were compromised to ensure the Great Global Reset was implemented:

An Inquiry into Covid-19 by The Department of Health and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) were also informed and concerns raised:

Fiona Barnett’s disclosures her experience. She is incredibly brave and her direct experience with high level pedophiles warrants arrests. Many victims are speaking out. She speaks of the courts being used. She mentions the President of the Human Rights Commission Rosalind Croucher as involved. Why was she not investigated and how is it possible she still holds this high positions sending a signal that human rights will not be upheld in accordance with international laws and treaties. I find this particularly disturbing.

Fiona Barnett’s books are mandatory reading.

This is her updated Lockdown edition. Tap on the picture.

When applying for a Working with Children in Victoria check I found out the AFP and Victoria police do not have to be checked. I felt alarmed as the police use digital QR tracking. Given Fiona’s disclosures about police video where police were raping children at a daycare centre that warrants investigation. That is why they must be checked and if found to be perpetrators they must go through the court system like anyone else. This is the email I sent requesting a response. I received silence.

Customer Service Email Routing <

Dear Adrian, I do not think online is safe for children at all. To have a QR code sent out means those working with children can be contact traced which can reveal where children are. Any online activity is now accessible via Microsoft, Google, electricity providers, and other actors that are not visible.  I prefer to send in hardcopy and have police who can prove to me they have had a Working With Children’s check with a legitimate investigator.  Then I can be assured of child safety. I have concerns that AFP and Victorian police do not get police checked to ensure they are safe for children. Note:  “Victoria Police officers and Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers are exempt from the Check….”   As per the video I am a conscientious objector to digital ID, facial recognition, voice recognition and online ID documents as the digital ID is part of the Gates Foundation cryptocurrency patent (see below) which require ID. Moreover, it is clearly reported that the Global Reset run by the World Economic Forum (WEF foreign corporation), Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and others are reported to be responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic.  The WEF have been alleged to call for the decriminalisation of sex with children. Big W have promoted a book promoting sex with children.  I am aware that The Australian Human Rights Commissioner President Rosalind Croucher (mentioned by Fiona Barnett, ritual abuse survivor) was involved in ritual abuse of children in Ballarat and works with WEF on changing Human Rights laws in Australia. She was appointed by Attorney General at the time Senator George Brandis.

Big W:

…Senator Heffernan didn’t name any names but called on Attorney-General George Brandis to expand the child abuse Royal Commission so that it includes the legal fraternity…. Senator Brandis appointed Rosalind Croucher to AHRC.  He has been subsequently linked by journalist Shane Dowling to have met with George Pell convicted of paedophile.
Gates HR 060606

Above I mention Big W to the Victorian Government operator (WWC check), here is a discussion with Rebel News with David Limbrick (Victorian Parliament) about this book teaching kids sex. Big W sells this book and still does online (who are they really?) I personally found it disturbing as they appear to be groomed.

There are issues around pedophilia as this issue has been amplified with a focus on men dressing as women as a orientation and winning female beauty contests or in female sport when they are men. There are toilets with both male/female and one toilet. What if this man (dressed as woman) comes into a toilet with a small child? The other issue is men dressed as women teaching young children and confusing them about their sex. Is this grooming confusion if the child is approached by a man wanting sex and the child confused and in an enviroment amplifying children having sex as normal which the book shows. This is at a time of their life before puberty when they are NOT sexually active nor interested and very small (agony). When I did research in this area a pedophile ring insider was quoted as saying ‘get them before 8 before it is to-late’.

Below is an interview with Rebel News. I watched David Limbrick’s response to the concerns raised. How can he come on a show and not read the book? Yet he knows what section in Big W it is in. He gives a solution to keep it availabe but rapped in plastic. He then says this is a response to kids exposed to pornography subtly enorsing a book he never read he states. When I was at the Eltham library they were allowing pornography as I stumbled across it. I objected. Nothing happened. I emailed with police cc’d then I was responded to. It was Cisco handling the IT I noted. I saw a normalisation of pornography and recognised an agenda. David Limbrick played it down and diverted the issue to parental rights. He used words like ‘hysterial’, ‘counter productive’, he then states he has to worry about other books but clearly he watered down the issue of classifications thus not protecting children from the violent adult world (US violent media now normalised, gaming simulating murder). He avoided the content question. What I see is a dumbing down of morality and subtle endorsing of material that sexualises children to make it okay. I am amazed at how this politican avoided reading the book and when pushed would not commit to read it. That looks to me as if he is compromised. What is his background? How did he get into parliament?

In Victoria this is a report on the inquiry into child sexual abuse upon which David Limbrick was involved.

David Limbrick is a Libertarian. In the link below his Liberatian colleague David Leyonhjelm, in agribusiness, removing barriers to GMOs, shooters enthusiast and climate change. He was forced to pay defamation for his treatment of Sarah Hanson-Young. This made me look closer at who are liberatarians? Sounds like liberty, but freedom to do what?

This idea of unlimited freedom, is that to abuse, I sense a core issue. This is not going to lead to utopia only more unhappiness.

In the interview David Limbrick spoke of parental rights in this case. Yet parental rights were removed during Covid-19 to ineffect enable the government to be the parent in relation to experimental injections with no 10 year safety trials. My friend’s children were encourged to get injected against her wishes. They were not informed. They have colds and flu more regularly now. What of their future? It created division in the family and endless pain for the parent/s who worry for their future.

Minor consent:

Fiona Barnett on Working with Children checks and police:,5595

All of this is in the public interest as we want the abuses to stop. There needs to be a public inquiry without politicians and insiders but instead run by the abuse victims themselves to talk about what happened? Find out why it happened? Then how we can resolve this so it never happens again!

There is enormous potential in this world to do great things and really contribute to society and life when people are free from abuse and can really tap into their talents, their gifts and abilities. How many have been suppressed or diverted by abuse from contributing in ways that inspire their highest potential? Universities are not supposed to be business incubators to use academics on the basis of their grants, but are supposed to be funded by taxpayers to educate, inspire and unleash the students creative potential, intellectual capabilities so students can live meaningful and successfull lives. This is my wish for La Trobe University as a alumini and having experienced abuse that completely changed my life.

I desire as an La Trobe University Alumni for the abuses to stop and for those engaged in abuse to be held to account as would be expected in a civil society. They are not to be above the law.

I thank La Trobe University Ideas and Society for mistakingly inviting me. I wondered on a higher level what the reason was. Now I know.

My poetry on Justice was inspired by the abuses I have experienced that were subtle but very powerful in catalysing a personal inquiry into truth and justice and a desire for a happier more peaceful society that heals the past. We are one family. Every life matters. Justice is essential.