Living like a Millionaire on the Border

This is dedicated to the Ukrainian people and Russian people who are on the border of nuclear misadventure, using conflict to justify the harming of millions of lives and toxic pollution. I do not consent to using Australian money to fund war. I consent to the funding of medication, if indeed there is a real conflict. As a peacemaker I see false flags.

It is out of order.

John Farnham is an aussie icon reminding us of who we really are, not some carbon copy of our cultures who lost The Way.

Australia is the largest island in the world. A paradise no less. There are many eyes watching our resources. We will lose our paradise if we don’t wake up. Yet I feel from the Murray to the Daintree that an energy is gently swaying the trees vibrating and rocking us to touch the wind as it is changing direction. This is the great Southern land, it is an ancient place. It has no name as an origin of species birthing creation. I feel the spirits watching over this land. I feel the min min lights flashing. The rainbow serpent is unfurling and awakening from its dream. False prophets will not profit as life re-members its value and uniqueness.

Lets write a new song line.