Message to Neil Diamond

My mother’s song is below.

The Diamond is in the Sky

Lucy in the sky with diamonds,
Katie is the diamond that lives in the sky,
for each are the facet of a diamond,
as the cluster comes together to declare true love,
for every diamond ring is strong within,
yet beautiful without,
for to be ONE under the sun,
is to find the soul mate,
that arrives after a lifetime of crooning.

For many are seeking this divine love,
many are searching for christ without the cross,
as all sacrifice in wooden towers of their own making,
for love was assassinated in Dallas, Texas
by a magic bullet they say was fired by a lone ranger,
yet the real loss was freedom of speech,
for some seek to silence this sound of truth,
from the mound on the hill,
yet to hear the sound of freedom,
one must allow all to sing their song,
to share their music of humanity to fly beyond the insanity,
which has high notes and low octaves,
as we sing this lullaby not to sleep,
but gently lulling in hardline anglers,
as the fisher of men was teaching in real schools,
for he was the carpenter that carved angels out of wood,
inventing a new architecture of the soul,
yet not living in a role but singing for who the bell tolls,
as the World Peace Bell tolls on the 21st September every year,
many feel the tears drop like the happy/sad clown,
but who is really listening for who the bell tolls?
Who can step out of their role and just sing?
As the heart and soul takes love to a new octave never sung,
in times that are dark and unfeeling as we beat endless war drums,
Socially distancing as others die alone,
in homes without family,
unable to return home,
as they die alone to live again.

As you strum your guitar I close my eyes,
to feel your vibration…
For your music lives in between the score,
Sung like a meditation as I feel myself leave the earthly plane,
Flying among angels to see your face there,
As the orchestra joins the winds swaying,
For you are taking us to the good, the holy and the beautiful,
Reminding us that you are me,
You are free to sing,
As the tempo finds another feeling strummed as a new chord,
For we are feeling the celestial choir singing next to you,
We are following you on the journey to freedom,
As each verse paints a picture like Michel Angelo constructing a Sistine Chapel,
how can you paint such a beautiful picture,
As we sing with you finding the words we could never remember,
As the shamrock is the four leaf clover,
Bringing luck or chance or magic,
As leprechaun’s smile at the bottom of your garden,
Laughing at the many varieties planted in the Garden of Eden.

As a child I played your record round and round,
Sang in front of the mirror with a hair brush line by line,
Revealing the beauty I was to discover,
Planting a seed in my garden,
Blooming in this moment as I re-member,
God in all forms,
As God in-forms,
The love of ages.

For the soul made manifest finds the right tune,
Expressing the most holy of holy moments,
Like a new movement,
Feeling the holy grail was not a movie,
but the intimacy that sees into me,
as you see to know what touches my hand,
helping me to understand,
words are meaningful and not for profit,
As all yearn for love that has no distraction or discrimination,
As we reach out to love ourselves through you,
As many walk in a world without words,
Where no eyes meet,
As we are cast adrift on islands of automation,
Unaware of the true humanity that awaits our welcome.

So my friends,
Know Parkinson’s is just another journey not just a talk show,
To relinquish control of the uncontrollable,
To let go of aesthetics crafting the flow as it gracefully returns to trust,
for Robin Williams was unable to face this fate unable to see the gift given,
Yet Billy Connelly sees the humour and the sorrow for he is unable to cry,
For we were never our bodies, our name or history,
We sail beyond the pale in storms of our own making,
To remark the storm into the silent stream gently carrying us to the final resting place,
That is unlimited and free.

For the poet teacher must recline into Buddha,
Must allow the Messiah to leave his legacy,
As peace and harmony await all prophets,
To know there is no end only new beginnings,
There is no ageing only new lines written into the soul’s song,
For all are key notes finding new expression, new life, new hopes,
For we are not even our image,
We are the song line that never finishes,
As you live beyond life reminding all of the courage
to be who you are,
as this is the song that never ends,
A heavenly host awaits your final encore,
Bowing out to mark the end of an era,
Always alive for those of us who can hear,
As we carry the message to the next audience,
the next school, the next stranger,
as life is stranger than fiction,
And all stories come to an end on time.

So know you will never be forgotten,
You left your legacy and the message is received,
For we will remember how you loved,
The song you sang,
The dove,
And we will keep singing as our ship comes in,
For we are going home together,
as only God knows,
the Alpha and the Omega,
and to remind you that there is no holy place,
other then the heart of humanity,
for this is the real pilgrimage,
for which each must travel,
but like the pied piper,
you are showing us the way home,
to peace.
Bette Middler Comfort You
This was the last time my mum and I communicated. It was a moment of hope for me.