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I have to say this website just came up. To my surprise it is a far right website promoting neo-conservative views.  I wonder how it came up?  Was it a algorithm or act of God or deliberate.  Hmmmm. I will have to sit with that.

As per my previous message to Google the information I present below is not what I would typically post as I am a peacemaker, yet we are in a global agora and it seems to me people should look at what they differ from. We learn from diversity not sameness. I find truth emerges as I look into both what I relate to and what is different. It gives me a broader perspective. As a peacemaker I need to understand a wide range of perspectives.

I will provide information from the website and then add in who funds the website.  It is very interesting and in this case shows the presence of not only Jewish funders, bankers but illuminati. So this informs me.  I note there is no women (feminine). This informs me.

They appear to be the power brokers in the New World Order.  Interesting.

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Recent Profiles

Rick Perry

Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced that he will step down from his post weeks after he was tied to President…

David Friedman

David Friedman is U.S. Ambassador to Israel under Donald Trump. He is known for his extreme views on Israel…

Abram Shulsky

A student of the political theorist Leo Strauss currently based at the Hudson Institute, Shulsky served as a Pentagon advisor…

Academi LLC (formerly Xe and Blackwater Worldwide)

Academi LLC is a controversial private military contractor that was formerly called Blackwater Worldwide and later Xe Services LLC…

Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens

A lecturer in Terrorism and Radicalisation at the War Studies Department at King’s College London, Meleagrou-Hitchens has worked…

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is the head of News Corp, the parent company of Fox News, and a long-time supporter of…

Clarion Project

A controversial activist group closely connected to anti-Islamic and “pro-Israel” political factions, the Clarion Project has released films…

American Islamic Forum for Democracy

the American Islamic Forum for Democracy is a right-wing advocacy group that describes itself as the “most prominent American…

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From the Archives

1992 Draft Defense Planning Guidance

The 1992 draft Defense Planning Guidance (DPG), crafted by then-Defense Department staffers I. Lewis Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, and Zalmay

Weekly Standard (1995-2018)

The Standard was the flagship journal of neoconservative opinion for more than two decades, before shuddering in 2018

Foreign Policy Initiative

The Foreign Policy Initiative was a Washington D.C.-based advocacy group founded in 2009 by several high-profile neoconservative

Project for the New American Century

The defunct Project for the New American Century, a key promoter of the decision to invade Iraq, was at one

Americans for Victory over Terrorism

Founded shortly after 9/11, the now defunct Americans for Victory over Terrorism championed “victory” in the “war on terrorism

Committee on the Present Danger

The Committee on the Present Danger (CPD) is a neoconservative Cold War-era pressure group the was re-launched in

Family Security Matters

Affiliated with Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, Family Security Matters offered hawkish, anti-Islamic rhetoric under the guise

Committee for the Liberation of Iraq

The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq was a short-lived yet influential group that strongly promoted the 2003 U

Coalition for Democracy in Iran

Founded by AIPAC heavyweight Morris Amitay, the Coalition for Democracy in Iran is a defunct pressure group that helped push

Bernard Marcus

Bernard Marcus, the billionaire co-founder of The Home Depot, is a major funder of neoconservative, anti-Iran and pro-Likud causes and public figures.

Bradley Foundation

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation is a grant-making foundation that has been called “the country’s largest and most influential right-wing organization.”

Castle Rock Foundation

The Castle Rock Foundation was a major supporter of the Heritage Foundation and other right-wing institutions and causes.

Daniel Loeb

Daniel Loeb is a well-known hedge fund manager and a key financial supporter of the Emergency Committee for Israel.

David Steinmann

As a principle at the rightist William Rosenwald Family Fund and a board member for a host of neoconservative and “pro-Israel” outfits, David Steinmann has worked for decades to channel money to right-wing pressure groups.

Earhart Foundation

The Earhart Foundation is a conservative grant-making foundation that appears to shun publicity.

Elliott Broidy

Elliott Broidy is an Israeli-American investor who chairs the Bipartisan Council for American Security.

Irving Moskowitz

The bingo magnate and notorious backer of Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories, Irving Moskowitz has also funded the campaigns of rightwing U.S. politicians like Florida Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Jamestown Foundation

The Jamestown Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that monitors security trends from Eurasia to Africa, has been dogged by allegations that it secretly works with the CIA and allied governments.

John M. Olin Foundation

The John M. Olin Foundation, which shuddered in 2005, was a major conservative grant-making foundation that aided the rise of the modern conservative movement./p>

Klarman Family Foundation

The Klarman Family Foundation, the charitable organization of billionaire hedge fund investor Seth Klarman, supports an array of rightest “pro-Israel” groups.

Lawrence Kadish

A founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Lawrence Kadish has been a prominent backer of a number of neoconservative and right-wing “pro-Israel” groups.

Lehrman, Lewis

An investment banker who advocates supply-side economics and a return to the gold standard, Lehrman has supported a number of militarist pressure groups since the Cold War, including the Project for the New American Century and the Reagan-era Citizens for America.

Mark Broxmeyer

The late Mark Broxmeyer, an erstwhile Long Island real estate mogul, was a major fundraiser for the neoconservative Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, along with a host of Republican Party initiatives.

Melvin Sembler

Melvin Sembler is high-powered Republican Party donor and real estate magnate who has a long track record backing neoconservative groups like Keep America Safe and the American Enterprise Institute.

Michael Joyce (1942-2006)

Michael Joyce, who passed away in 2006, was once described by neoconservative guru Irving Kristol as the “godfather of modern philanthropy.”

Nina Rosenwald

An heir to the Sears Roebuck fortune, Nina Rosenwald has been dubbed “the sugar mama of anti-Muslim hate” for her philanthropy supporting right-wing and anti-Islamic groups in the United States.

Norman Hascoe (1929-2007)

Before his death on October 24, 2007, Norman Hascoe served as president of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), a neoconservative-aligned advocacy outfit that strives to link…


NORPAC is a New Jersey-based political action committee that supports legislators who favor hardline “pro-Israel” policies.

Paul Singer

Billionaire hedge fund mogul Paul Singer is known for his predatory business practices and support for neoconservative causes.

Philanthropy Roundtable

The Philanthropy Roundtable is a research and advocacy group that helps right-wing donors funnel money to a number of different philanthropic and political causes.

Richard M. Scaife (1932-2014)

Richard Scaife was an important financier of the American Right.

Scaife Foundations

The Scaife Foundations are a collection of conservative foundations that have helped bankroll the modern American conservative movement.

Seth Klarman

Seth Klarman is a billionaire hedge fund investor and prolific funder of an array of hardline “pro-Israel” groups.

Sheldon Adelson

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson uses his enormous campaign donations to exert heavy influence on Republican foreign policy and tilt it in a hawkish, pro-Israeli right wing direction.

Smith Richardson Foundation

The Smith Richardson Foundation is often associated with a passel of foundations that buttress the American Right.

Tikvah Fund

The Tikvah Fund has worked closely with neoconservative think tanks and media outlets as well as many universities to promote conservative ideologies.