Mind Control Divides Us

in the public interest.

Wisdom uses many channels.  What do you think or feel?

Balance is the key word.  I am a great believer in standing strong in the midst of the storm but not weaken to be unkind or hurt people.  I do not desire to take energy from others, if anything I give energy through the love I feel for everyone.  I don’t care about competition but I love expression as this is my blueprint which was not created by me.  I honour all life.

We have been controlled and programmed, it is time to reset.  I felt intuitively the global reset but I felt it as a new beginning not Smart Cities and technological control.  I definitely felt the reset as a change in who we are. Those creating the disruption are facilitating a new beginning unwittingly.  They are helping reset our world to choose a peaceful reality. They do not see that reality at this point but they play a pivotal part. Mind Control and the breaking through is part of the awakening. Today it is amplified as we realise we have to confront COVID – is it true? is the question reverberating around the world as the edifice breaks down.

These universal concepts have been written in the human record from prior to indigenous times.  The awakening is healing.

I am sovereign, and always will be.