Money Laundering $1 billion through Australia’s biggest Casino

Money laundering of drug proceeds through Casinos enables the drug trade and impacts vulnerable people in the society who become hooked on drugs for a range of social reasons.

The questions raised for me in this ABC documentary were about the Casinos providing privileged interactions with those gambling large sums of money and holding accounts on the premises.  I contemplated the extent Casino’s are involved in money laundering.  Gambling, prostitution, organised crime are dark industries that do not promote the wellbeing of people but exploit the social issues and loneliness many feel.

I was asked many years ago as a market analyst to do a study at a RSL club into gambling.  I was tasked to identify what made them gamble, the drivers.  I had $20 in my bank account at the time and I said no.  I said no as I will not participate in anything that I thin harms society.  I am homeless today living on $35 per week as a result of my decision to live a principled life.  I recall people surprised at me not taking the money for the sake of it.  It was legal to do the research.  Yet I would say the abundance I feel today is that I didn’t betray myself, that is what deception and disconnected commerce does.  I can look in the mirror and feel integrity.  So many just get addicted to the greed and go for it, as it is only about the money.  One day they wake up and perhaps the realisation of the many lives the harmed through drug money, crime or prostitution dawns on them.  I know at some point that will happen. 

Here are some links on Crown Casino and corruption.  Is greed good?

Crown casinos hit by China corruption crackdown – BBC NewsYour browser indicates if you’ve visited this link.

A crackdown on corruption in China has prompted Australian casino operator Crown Resorts to spin off its international assets into a separate company. The new company will take over Crown’s 27.4% …


The story by 7.30 Report is provided below.  The video is accessible via the website link and the transcript of the documentary is available..

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How did this man launder nearly $1 billion through Australia’s biggest casino? 


A drug trafficker laundered hundreds of millions of dollars through Melbourne Crown Casino, but how did he get away with laundering so much money for so long?