mRNA vaccine is not a vaccine it is a genetic technology we need to talk about Infertility, Shedding and mRNA Kill Shots

Wheel of Forutne has women on it one in black and one in red and a man below there are X and X to the left and right of the wheel at the bottom. Go to the Economist 2017 to zoom in on this card. I believe this is about the attack on women. The Economist Board included Lyn de Rothschild.. I believe the above is a plan for the pandemic.

The Tower is about dividing Christians and Muslims

Trump is positioned as a hero and will be the World leader. He is like an Emperor.

The World is all connected. The zero point is the creator of the internet. The Pyramid, Washington, Rome – all materials coming from this grid (reading, masks (deception/happy).

The Hermit is watching over people all walking in the same direction to the One World Government or New World Order.

Death Card is the atomic blast and mosquitoes released (another pandemic)

The Magician presses the 3D button, wears goggles (internet, training) and everyone comes out of the machine as the same. They are held in the 3D mindset so they don’t go to 4D or 5D (ascention)

The Star is a central symbol of the elite. All the stars are faces. 14 in number. There is a soul in the middle. It suggests deaths.