Nature: When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears


What if nature is the teacher and it is appearing… Are you listening to your teacher.  Bring an apple, make sure it is not modified nor polished, no chemicals – just bring an ordinary apple and feel the true sweetness of nature. This is living truth that many take for granted. There is great wisdom, perhaps soon we will discover it.


You’ve heard it before… ‘Nature Is Life’s Greatest Teacher’

But what does that really mean?

There are actually a lot of really amazing reasons why investing time to connect with nature is one of the best 

decisions you could make for yourself.

1. Watch This Quick Video About Learning In Nature
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After I made this video I decided to sit down and brainstorm a whole bunch of different ways that nature teaches us in life.  Some of these are very practical, some are all about developing yourself as a person, and others still are just plain cool.

The 21 things that nature wants to teach you:

1. Observation: Observation is a skill that some people have and some people don’t, but anyone can develop strong observation skills when they spend time outside.

2. Knowledge of place: Learn to identify all the trees, plants & birds of your local bio-region. You can know the land like the back of your hand.

3. Adventure: By exploring in nature and following the trail of your curiosity you can discover hidden groves and amazing areas where people don’t often venture. It’s a cool experience to visit places that are wild & unknown to most humans.

4. Sensory Awareness: Your senses have far more potential than you presently use. Take some time to sit outside in nature, close your eyes and listen as far as you can hear. It’s incredible how much more we notice when we take the time to slow down.

5. Intelligence: Human beings have untapped intelligence locked away inside our minds.  When we get out into nature and start investigating life with an attitude of curiosity, we’re led down a trail to amazing discoveries and gain practical problem solving skills.

6. Comfort: The outdoors isn’t always a comfortable place. But when you can find a deeper comfort that comes from inside, you’ll be able to feel at home even in the rough isolated wilderness.

7. Creativity: Artists, musicians, philosophers, & writers have long looked to nature for the inspiration to create their masterpiece. Some of the greatest architectural ideas have been sparked by observations made in nature.

8. The Art of Happiness: Listen to a bird singing at dawn in the midst of a storm and you’ll begin to understand the real art of happiness. Animals are great teachers of emotional resiliency.

9. Well-Being: Nature deficit disorder is a term coined by Richard Louv to describe what happens when people don’t get enough nature in their life & the results are not pleasant. Nature will teach you how to stay healthy, happy & connected.(How To Cure Nature Deficit Disorder)

10. History: Nature is a portal to discover the secrets of the past. It’s all written in the land. Take a trip back in time and imagine what it would like to live during the days of your ancestors. 

11. Sense of Direction: It’s easy to get lost in the great outdoors. Nature will teach you to hold clear images in your mind & keep track of where you’re going.

12. Inner Peace: Peace is already inside every living person. When we get the space to freely enjoy the outdoors and let go of what we have on our mind, we discover a tremendous freedom and joy for life that isn’t attached to anything external.

13. Gratitude: Learning to experience the gift of life through our senses in nature helps us to feel thankful for all the amazing things that we have in our world. Take some time to appreciate life.

14. Natural Consequences: Nature shows us that our choices in life have natural consequences. We learn to be on alert for what the weather is doing & take action to avoid unwanted consequences.

15. Decision-Making: You have to think fast in order to respond effectively to what nature gives you. Make the choice to bring a raincoat or else you get soaked!

16. Survival: Even with all the challenges facing our planet, nature never gives up. By making a commitment to growth & expansion we can overcome any challenge.

17. Persistence: Climbing the mountain takes more than a little bit of effort. You’ll learn to persist as you reach towards your desire to connect with the natural world.

18. Resiliency: Storms may come and trees may fall but when the wind dies down, the clouds will always clear & the sun will always return. The same is true for everything in life.

19. Curiosity: There are so many mysteries and new discoveries to be made out in nature. What will spark your attention and where will your curiosity take you?

20. Perspective: The world we live in is much bigger than just you or me. We each play but a small part in a global community of plants, animals, people, ideas & dreams.

21. Humility: Not all questions have an answer. There are new challenges awaiting us around every corner. All we can do is let go and keep moving forward.


Nature is a great teacher when you take the time to get out there and pay attention. From naturalist knowledge to life skills there’s something for everybody big and small.