New World Order Councils Shape Changing Our World

In the public interest.

My questions:

  1. Are these Councils representative of the local people (postal votes) albeit people of the Earth? This restructuring is global.
  2. Can a Corporation be representative of people or is it about shareholders and profit? What of users pay? Are non users are excluded?
  3. This depicts Networking of Future Councils to create a new future without a global citizens vote? Is access the only vote? Are terms and conditions an automatic yes given people do not no?
  4. What of currency? Will they remove all notes and coins out of circulation so we are completely tracked digitally? What of privacy?
  5. Will we be chipped and monitored 24/7? (cards, skin, passports, iPhones, laptops etc.)
  6. Will they implement social credits of conformists and non conformists?
  7. Will we be fully ID’d, what of digital finger printing and access?
  8. What are the real health effects of Electo Magnetic fields where we can’t get away from the radiation?
  9. The global citizens do not have a say over this nor were they involved in designing these Smart Cities. No members of civil society, community groups or environmental groups are present in the list of experts engaged with the World Economic Forum Future Councils. This is about economics not the global commons as those outside of this are not invited but expected to universally access given other forms of choice are engineered out of a closed circuit. Is this free dominion?
  10. The Future Councils will say they have consulted, but consultation is not debriefing and fully informing pros and cons. I doubt if we did a poll the global citizenry that they fully understand the cyber reality being embedded in digital infrastructure at the local level?
  11. The World Economic Forum is part of the global elite and it is the coordinator of the New World Order. It is about Global Government without elected representatives. Is this what 7 billion choose?
  12. What is driving the AI/automation future? Is it future profits for the few in IT technologies, “the technocracy”. What of the carers, the artists, the humanists, the plumbers, the artisans and those not participating or actively engaged in IT?
  13. Homeostasis requires balance, it requires unity between genders, between peoples as equality must be the balancing point if our world is to continue. This is the zero point that is not understood. The environment is sending clear messages of disruption far more powerful then a technologically human driven disruption forced upon all with no real choice and to benefit the few not all as equalizing.
  14. Are these sustainable ventures when electricity (power generation) and science are the drivers? When business as usual has not changed growth modelling?
  15. We need to move to ecological choices that minimise CO2, work within natural limits, return to homeostasis, creatively adapt, optimise positive human freedoms, maximise happiness and release the global society from bondage and scarcity paradigms that deliver a zero sum game perpetuating inequality, dependency, hunger, distress, misery, disease, depression, war, conflict and exhaustion when the system clearly no longer works.
  16. When 7 billion people do not want to live in Smart Cities in digital realities where there is only one answer (yes) what will change?

James Bond comes to mind as I was writing the above. The intelligence community monitoring the citizens as this Brave New World is ushered in with impunity without a deep respect or understanding of what We The People actually want for our future. It seems we are only useful if we consume to keep business going. What if we solve the problem of our imbalance and find zero point within. The answer is not depopulation despite popular rhetoric. Peace is The Way.

The more I research the more I know the global citizenry needs to be fully briefed on smart cities and this Brave New World rapidly being implemented which can take our freedoms for the sake of profit not love. I vote for love. I love you. Yes even those who completely disagree with me. I love you the most.

The link highlighting the World Economic Forum report on Future Councils is below. It reveals how far this cooperative disruption has come and the vision these groups on this treadmill envisage for the world community. This is essential reading.

Note: Remember with great profits come even greater responsibility. Those involved in restructuring of our global society must look squarely at both sides or be prepared for a massive back lash.

Other videos that provide insight into the consequences of this Brave New World: