New World Order Depopulation???

In the public interest.

I was seeking the Club of Rome and found this. It is worth investigating. I found the reference to brotherhood (occult) interesting. I thought of secret societies and oaths keeping secret plans and alliances. Our world requires openness and transparency.

There is a significant questioning of climate change and if it is real. It is funny I recall when this happened by some energy industrialists I knew, at the time I thought it was climate denial (which it probably was). However, today I am open to exploring the changes that are human induced to create conditions for greater change. I do believe there are cosmic events happen, I do believe we live out of balance with the planet, I do believe our commercial activities are extracting more than we need and our materialistic ethos as the core issue. However, structural changes to cities is not the solution, it is to change the entire paradigm of greed and false need. We need to heal the past and awaken peace within ourselves in order to evoke homeostasis. My sense is the inner environment is the direct cause of the outer environment. So those who have no connection to humanity will see it statistically in terms of depopulation not the false conditions that created false wealth.

We all get to choose.