No Consent to Forced Agreement as Tick boxes or Signatures to Access Services

Today is 27 August 2023, 6.15pm

Covid-19 is not a disease it is a cover term similar to AIDS that includes colds, influenza and pneumonia. SARS-CoV-2 has not been proven to exist as it was never isolated or purified. Evidence suggests it was made in a biosecurity level 4 laboratory. The genetic therapies caused higher deaths and do not protect people. My Covid-19 reports are my testimony based on the truth as I understand it


Investigation into this reveals that this is being used to shut down democracy which I will never consent to.

If I have to tick a box I will tick it but it does not mean that I agree I feel under duress. If I am forced to sign by withdrawal of access it means my signature is not meaning agreement it is due to myself feeling under duress. If I am forced to give verbal consent I will do it but it does not mean I consent or agree. It means that I feel I have no choice and feel duress as I have to use the service.

To remain in integrity with my truth I am saying no to any consent requirements about Covid-19 which has been planned and is not a novel pathogen that spreads through the area. I have undertaken 3 years of research investigating Covid-19 and found it to be a bioweapon that I believe is dangerous to humanity and will cause an Extinction event.

My Covid-19 Senate reports are found below or search my name Susan Carew Covid-19 Reports

If this work is wrong then please let me know and provide evidence. If I do not receive any evidence I will maintain no consent as I cannot support anything that harms other people and sentient life on this planet. It is out of love that I say I do not consent no matter the formats put to me that another will say is consent it is not.

I completely disagree with coercion and forced consent as I witnessed my mother forced to take medications against her will. I witnessed her consent ignored which took her life.

Forced consent even in cases of terms and conditions is not real consent it is coerced using something a person wants to weaken their determination to say no which is an undermining of free will. It is about removing rights not giving rights in a free and open society that values every human as equal.

Anti-Bullying laws in this country refer to psychological abuse, covert bullying (coercion) and overt bullying by actively punishing a person for using free will or trying to force them into contract. I regard tick boxes and conditional access to services as a form of covert bullying.

I do not contract with individuals or organisations who do not respect democracy or human rights.

I make choices on the basis of what I believe is for the highest interests of myself and others. I will never enter into contracts of abuse and compliance that do not respect my right to say no.

I see this as contravening the Australian Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and undermining democratic principles in a free country. Freedom is the highest health.

Susan Carew