Open Letter to the Australian Senate about Covid-19 and Pro Vaccination Bias when there are two sides

Dear Senators,



When I came home to Canberra I would on occasion walk through my parliament to connect to democracy. To remind myself of the principles of a representative democracy. I would walk past the paintings and the film reels to remember ‘We the People’ and that Parliament belongs to the people. Last time I visited I saw the photo of the first Prime Minister Edmund Barton and next to the photo was Scott Morrison. I gained the impression that he was the last Prime Minister. I felt concern when I saw this.

Our country is unique in the world as we are not ‘established power’ but a newer country of former convicts where the crime was poverty and Celtic ancestry. We were not viewed as born to rule but as a labour class. We are a kind and caring people and we have been loved around the world.

We share this ancient land with the first peoples and enjoy a multicultural nation sharing their diversity and customs to expand the richness of our nation. We don’t care if you are rich or poor we are predominantly accepting of differences and quick to have a laugh or give a hand.

Yet many are not laughing or feeling happy these days due to decisions made by a compromised World Health Organisation originally setup by the US Rockefeller family who were involved in potions, vaccines and now gene therapies. They shaped the science of medicine. An example is cited below:

“…One of the most cited RF accomplishments was yellow fever control, which involved extensive campaigns across Latin America to reduce the presence of the Aedes aegypti mosquito vector through insecticide spraying, drainage, use of larvicidal fish, and the development of the Nobel prize-winning yellow fever vaccine in 1936. Ironically, this was far more a success for international commerce—given that the yellow fever virus was transported alongside cargo and was lethal mainly for those previously unexposed, not where the disease was endemic—than for local health. The IHD itself identified its most important contribution to be “aid to official public health organizations in the development of administrative measures suited to local customs, needs, traditions, and conditions”. Thus, the RF’s self-defined gauge of success was its role in generating political and popular support for public health worldwide, and advocating for and sustaining the institutionalisation of international health. In the 1990s, it created Public Health Schools Without Walls; launched a Health Equity initiative; and largely invented the model of public-private partnerships that is now so omnipresent in global health…”

WHO is a United Nations organ and should be equally funded by all 206 nations but instead is primarily funded by the US who in the past were known to owe dues to the UN. The second highest funder is a wealthy private philanthropist with a vested interest in vaccines, Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates senior is renowned for Planned Parenthood and eugenics. This should be of concern but there is silence around this. Bill Gates and big pharma established the Decade of Vaccines and produced a Global Action Plan. WHO is a member as are many strategic players who are the key narrators of this global scenario. The purpose of members is to expand vaccines it is not about health.

The market is about disease without disease (or threat of disease) there is no market. An estimate of this market is $24 billion. Clearly there is big money in this. Governments enter into public-private partnership (PPP) contracts and then the public have the concern of contracts protecting brand image and market share not public health. This forces governments to suppress protest or alternative voices or be sued at an international tribunal run by business interests.  These arrangements predominantly give disproportionate power to multinational companies over nation states.  Refer  It is noted that the Australian government is not making the contracts with AstraZeneca and Pfizer-BioNTech public, which they should be, and maybe the reason why the pubic are paying for doses that are going to the third world which experts are saying cause them harm (see links below).

The words ‘public health’ and strategy are often populated and defined by private sector interests who are increasingly crowding out public sector health. These interests are visible on committees that advise government regardless of clear vested interests which are conflicts of interest. The push is to centralise health globally as the nation state becomes porous to vested foreign interests who donate to politicians or invest as a means of strategic power and influence.

Some investors have trillions of dollars of assets under management due to legislated access to superannuation which is the forfeited wage increases or ordinary workers around the world with the promise of retirement income which is unlikely given government policy of lockdowns are collapsing economies.

Total cumulative spending on COVID-19 vaccines is projected to reach $157bn by 2025, according to a new report from the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science. The report, which considers the future level of global spending on medicines, also projected that the global medicine market – excluding COVID-19 vaccines – will reach approximately $1.6 trillion in 2025, reflecting a 3-6% growth.

The Australian economy GDP is estimated to be $1.6 trillion which is not large compared to wealthy elites and multinational corporations given the strategic concentration of wealth and new forms of marketing which focus on models of disaster capitalism forcing tied markets and monopolistic strategies. This approach diverges from the basic model of supply and demand regulating markets where private firms start businesses in areas they have expertise and grow over time due to meeting customer expectations honed by competition which lowers price to optimize resource allocation. Here is an example of disaster capitalism from the book ‘Disaster Capitalism Making a Killing out of Catastrophe’ by Antony Loewenstein:

“…The US government constantly talked about being the world’s most generous nation, but its largesse was often intimately tied to military support. Nearly half of the $1 billion in humanitarian aid it provided to Haiti was handled by the Department of Defense…Hillary Clinton during her 2009 confirmation hearings for the position of secretary of state, admitted that USAID had “turned into more of a contracting agency than an operational agency with the ability to deliver.” It seemed that everyone recognized the problem, but no one seemed willing or able to address the situation…Worse still, companies that had achieved the least continued to win contracts… Australian contractors played a significant role in Afghanistan’s privatization boom, as they did in Iraq, but the experience was not always a happy one. At last a dozen Australian contractors had been killed there over the past decade, thought their names were rarely recorded. Former Australian soldier Robert Langdon whom I unsuccessfully tried to visit in the notorious Policharki prison, had been found guilty of killing an Afghan colleague in 2008 while working for PMC Four Horseman International and was serving a twenty year sentence, escaping the death penalty….I met Josh a large gentle tattooed man in his late twenties from Townsville…He had previously been in the Australian Army in Iraq, but had now been in Afghanistan for six months ‘it’s for the money” he said in a matter-of-fact-way, confirming a now familiar trend… after talking to Josh, I had a lengthy conversation with Greg, a former British soldier in his thirties who now worked for a PMC. It was a friendly chat, although we disagreed about most things (“You’re a liberal,” he said). He fought in Iraq in 2003, and while he did not question the rationale for the war at the time, he now referred to former British prime minister Tony Blair as a **** because of the lies he had told over weapons of mass destruction…he added “we aren’t baby killers” …he explained that companies such as Academi had previously hired former soldiers who “only knew how to kill” and that was where the PMC reputation for firing first and asking questions later came from…”I’m only doing this for the money” Greg said, adding that he dismissed the mental health concerns associated with the work…”

These days’ mergers & acquisition are the ‘new’ predatory form of capitalism that is growing lists of billionaires who have grown rich via superfund strategic asset acquisitions and mind-sets disconnected from the average hard working person. This selected group regard themselves as ‘successful’ and view the world as a strategic chess game rather than a precious jewel that is collapsing under the weight of greed that fuels imbalance in natural systems.

The weakness of our economic system is that it rewards greed and not real need. This is evident as the homeless are never housed, only under Covid, when it served a purpose, did they get Hotel shelter. All the money spent on Job Keeper could have housed everyone. There is no provision in the GDP equation to ensure rewards are based on community wellbeing and natural balance (ecological sustainability). Instead we reward negative externalities (harm) and overtime these unaccountable mind-sets develop into hard world views that only value assets and have long forgotten the value of people or indeed a civilisation that has the resilience to survive up to 4 billion years. This is not seen and the public are not respected, but rather exploitable commodities along side nature. Our value is economic not inalienable. Then we hear the rhetoric of companies and governments working for the highest good of taxpayers until all their assets are transferred to the wealthy few. We begin to realise that voting rights diminish year after year as crisis grow in parallel to corruption as vehicles for public asset transfer via PPP contracts and indebtedness. An example of this was the 2008 financial crisis where sub-prime loans were deliberately made to those who cannot afford them and their homes acquired when they defaulted on repayment. The gambling on this repackaged debt inevitably led to economic collapse globally and plunged poor families into homelessness. The fractional reserve banking system became visible as a win/win for banks and speculative equity firms and a lose/lose for ordinary people who have no concept of how their lives become pawns to those in power. Those in power have no concept of the realty of poverty when structural violence is inherent in systems that favour the few over the many. It is the same problem from time immemorial. We don’t seem to evolve past this selfish self interest. Those very interests then call the public ‘selfish’ for wanting the pain to stop when suffering to the point of desperation.

We are on the verge of an Extinction Event and yet the discussions in Parliament do not come close to the public interest but rather play as tag teams to further interests and scripted narratives as so many have lost their way believing power is success when service was the highest duty and respect of the public. That is why the public service was given that name it was to serve ‘We the People’ as our taxes paid for government salaries and services to ensure we all had equal access. This was the very heart of egalitarianism of which most Australians know well. We believe in sharing the wealth not hoarding it. We believe in helping the people not removing vital services people need as many exist on wages held down by superannuation, de-unionisation and the removal of wage fixing systems that kept it fair enabling advocacy for those largely without a voice. The balance was tipped towards the owners of property and capital.

We are witnessing the privatization of essential public services such as: police, emergency services, utilities, Medicare, universities, schools, hospitals, military, public transport, roads and electrical lines and poles etc. Government assets are strategically transferred under the auspice of ‘efficiency claims’ when it is clear government was more efficient than the private sector in the provision of services for all people. This is due to cross subsidization.  One only need look at Australia Post to see it is unable to provide equal service to all Australians no matter where they live. It took one week to deliver a letter 70km when under government control it was overnight. It is evident looking at Government Organisational Register available on the Senate website that there are 3 principle bodies – Primary bodies connected with government policies, purpose and service which have government oversight under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. Then there are secondary committees, councils, boards, statutory office holders, consultative bodies and working groups linked to government.  Lastly there are other bodies corporate and commonwealth entities, joint ventures, partnerships, and other bodies linked via contracts.  It is evident looking at colour coded bar charts that the Primary forms such as departments are becoming a smaller proportion of government making clear that private entities are entering the government providing advice, training and access to sensitive public information via information technology.  This shape changes government into a foreign form that does not represent the public. This is evident with public servants being retrenched or retired and increasingly replaced by artificial intelligence, taking the ‘human’ out of service. Human Services name change to Services Australia makes this foreign strategic intent clear in the name. We are witnessing the slow sell off of our country which removes the public’s right to know. Even Freedom of Information (FOI) has legal narrowing of requests even for one question like ‘FOI request of information about myself to and from [department] during 2020.’ Even this simple question is met with a legal response that is different from two different departments not the same. One requesting an email of last contact to confirm identity when a photo licence was provided via mail.  Another department cited the narrowing of the question as a barrier.  In both cases these requests by departments are deemed irrelevant and avoiding FOI release. The problem for the public is they are up against legal departments not public servants administering information release requests.  A member of the public may not be able to afford legal advice or access legal Aid. Thus, the information they are entitled to is denied. Another example is in the case of Centrelink whereby Full Disclosure is requested (not partial). This is ignored and a partial release of files are transferred over the internet without consultation enabling third party foreign telecommunications (internet) companies, intelligence agencies and others instant access to private files between myself and a government department. This was not agreed to. A complaint to the Office of the Information Commissioner who was mediating this ignored the privacy breach taking no action and no penalties. So people cannot even find out if the information held is erroneous and correct it as transparency would ensure. This is how we are silenced and not respected. This is the shutdown of our ‘right to know’ even though the public pays taxes, inclusive of GST, no matter their income or employment status.

On 6/8/2021 finally an Administrative Appeals Tribunal has allowed an FOI to determine what the Federal Cabinet has discussed with States as all are singing the one song yet there are many dis-chords to this anthem, vested interests which are not Australian.  This is a quote from the Senator Rex Patrick:

“The thing the Prime Minister labelled ‘National Cabinet’ is a faux Cabinet. It’s just another intergovernmental meeting, in effect the former Council of Australian Governments, COAG, by another name.”  “For almost 40 years Australians have had a legal right under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 to access information relating to intergovernmental meetings, subject only to a test of public harm. Last year Prime Minister Morrison tried to take that right away. He did not ask the Parliament to change the law, he just declared that National Cabinet to be part of the Federal Cabinet and as such exempt under the Cabinet secrecy exemption of the FOI Act. “That arrogant declaration has now been overturned.” 

Many Australians find themselves in dire straits economically and feeling utterly powerless as COVID-19 is constantly the reason for stopping the spread but not focusing on the death rate (fatality rate) which is around 0.004% in Australia, less than diabetes and influenza. WHO changed protocols from ‘death rates’ to ‘spread’, this means economies can be shutdown over a coronavirus (flu, cold) for years to come rather than looking at the death rate and reassigning risk assessment to a ‘very low’ status.

There have been many mistakes made and it is becoming clearer day by day that this problem is more about vested interests and clearly less about real risk as there is no technical pandemic in Australia. The deaths quoted around the world are primarily the elderly in nursing homes who have comorbidities.  Real lives under lockdown are going through agony, despair, conflict and confusion as the very misinformation is being generated by those pointing the finger at alternative views. In conflict resolution we talk about the finger pointing and we say 3 are pointing back to the accuser unwilling to face the lie that is perpetuated as the truth. Conflict resolution or problem solving is about understanding the nature of the problem and solving it, the person is never the target of blame but a partner in solving the problem as each own their part in causing the problem. Group think means we all learn to sing the same song, people become increasingly afraid to voice concerns or protest as they fear for their safety, this is intimidation and bullying. This is against the law and it is interesting to note that in the workplace WorkSafe has guidance, policies and procedures to stop bullying. Bullying includes physical, verbal and psychological abuse.  Subtle abuse expresses as undermining, isolating, labelling, gaslighting or demeaning of others turns into a group activity of publicly criticizing or mobbing. In the Covid scenario use of language around ‘conspiracy theories’, ‘dangerous’, ‘domestic terrorists’ ‘anti-vaxers’ is setting up adversarial conflict dividing people into for or against. This escalates verbal and physical violence in times of great stress. This is not solving a problem but using an agenda to shutdown voices that may challenge the dominant narrative.  This is anti-democratic. Comcare and Worksafe have considerable literature on violence, workplace bullying and dominance hierarchies that reward toxic cultures. Yet in the civil society space there appears a gap where bullying of governments (or empowered officials) against the citizenry has no legal redress if under ‘health orders’ or ‘a state of emergency’ or ‘ASIO Act’ terrorism legislation. Typically this behavior is justified to ‘keep people safe’ yet make those who disagree ‘unsafe’.  This is not a healthy approach to differences.

We the People do not want conflict with authorities just clear and concise communications that reveal both sides of the argument so people can make clear decisions to ensure health and safety for everyone. The public must be guided to respect diversity as any risk assessment determines that the risk of deadly contagion is well under 1%. Thus this makes clear there has been an over-reaction to the problem and reveals that the issue is not about health and safety.

I am placing links below which I would like politicians as ‘our representatives’ to respond to. The issues raised seriously cast a shadow over the Australian Parliament and the pro-vaccine stance revealing an intolerance and ‘attacking’ and one sided style of debate that shuts down my parliamentary democracy rather than opening up to diverse views to resolve a problem on behalf of ‘We the People’ not foreign interests. The truth is critical as people are dying from a HIV recombined SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus (coronavirus patented by The Pirbright Institute) and so-called vaccines that are causing blood clot deaths and the very important issue of gene therapies changing the fundamental blueprint of the human biology. This is extremely concerning as this is done by biotechnology companies peopled by scientists who may have skills in gene splicing and gain-of-function research but have no concept of ecological balance and may well be silently agreeing with depopulation objectives which have been articulated by Bill Gates and a global elite who have had plans to control the planet for over 200 years.

I have to write this letter as I am very concerned for our survival as a species and our ecological balance is being disrupted by economic practices that are unchanging despite the rhetoric of the Great Global Reset. The fourth industrial revolution is a technocracy which emits dangerous EMF/5G radiation that impacts health with the same symptoms as Covid-19. Business interests still advocate for economic growth settings, financial control, consumption and profit maximization without demonstrating any real understanding that the availability of credit and marketing of false needs and wants were the very dynamics that encouraged over consumption thus undermining natural ecological symptoms.  This is the core of imbalance of people with nature. An example can be identified by the recent denial of the Australian Government over the Great Barrier Reef in respect of technicalities of a label rather than the truth of the pollution induced crown of thorns jelly fish killing the reef which is a wonder of the world. We appear unable to transition to systems more in balance with our nature as we do not ‘know ourselves’. Our values are material not ecological.  Ecological balance is mind, body and spirit.  The indigenous regarded themselves as stewards not owners, that narrative developed overtime as it was believed indigenous people should be like white people.  Sadly we did not observe the truth of the simple life rich with culture, customs and ceremonies that honoured life, the dreamtime and the earth as our mother.  Most of us in Western society have no idea of the intimidate connection to nature where our very lives are sustained by an abundant natural heritage that gives without condition. If we awakened wisdom we would recognize simplicity is not primitive it is living where need equals want in harmony with a natural bounty only limited by ignorance of nature rhythms. It would be interesting to know about disease from the history of the indigenous people. Do they have a history of plague, petulance and famine? They survived 50,000 years without vaccines and gels to disinfect hands as if germs are not natural. A poster in a toilet from the ACT Government states ‘prevent the spread of germs’ clearly unaware of the important ecosystem functions of natural viruses and bacteria.

Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize winner for Medicine indicates that the vaccines are CREATING VARIANTS which are the grounds for which our country is losing an estimated $300 million per day given lockdowns and $500 million per day on mental health problems. A cost/benefit analysis of lockdowns is not in favour of continuing lockdowns given isolation, loss of work, loss of income and hope is destroying people psychologically and their families. The government edicts, fines and police/military presence is distressing and is experienced like being incarcerated. This is not good health. The most alarming statement by Professor Montagnier was this:

“…There is no long-term survival for anyone who received the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection….” After studying at length the ingredients contained in the injections and what they do, Montagnier came to the conclusion that “….every single person who gets the shot will eventually die from antibody-dependent enhancement, or ADE….”

In the video Planet Lockdown the former Vice President of Pfizer Dr. Michael Yeadon issues a dire warning to humanity that we have been told lies about lockdowns, masks and danger of variants. He is a 40 year veteran of biology and 32 years in the biotechnology industry, he is a credible whistle-blower on what he calls ‘fraud’ and a ‘depopulation’ event. He discusses his professional concerns about official disinformation and unsafe vaccines and what governments have been telling citizens is not backed up by science and is completely untrue. The lockdowns are unnecessary, the masks do not protect and asymptomatic people are not infectious and do not need to be quarantined.  In relation to variants which is publicized as the reason for more lockdowns he says:

“The most different variant is only 0.3% different from the original sequence as emailed out of Wuhan in … January 2020. 0.3% [is] the one [variant] that is the mostdifferent on the planet so far. And now another way of saying it is, ‘all of the variants are not less than 99.7% identical to each other.” “Now, you might be thinking, ‘hmm, .3%, is that enough [to escape immunity and become more dangerous]?’ The answer is no. ..”  This means that the variants lethality has been exaggerated, there is no statistically significant difference. The Delta variant is propaganda.  This is how ‘We the People’ can wind up in endless snap lockdowns until we learn we have no rights. This appears a training exercise to remove freedom as the real dis-ease.

The variants are what he calls He discusses why scientists remained silent given the changing nature of funding and fears of scientists losing contracts and facing ridicule. He believes what is coming is about control not health and he believes we do not have much time. His purpose for speaking out is to wake us up. He recommends no violence and public withdrawal of consent.  If we don’t do this we lose our freedom. I have certainly done this a while ago as we are in ‘contract law’ and if you say no and make it official by publishing or using a lawyer, you are making clear NO. He is a true doctor, he is saving lives by risking his own. If only there were more like him.  Too many are silent for fear of small things unable to see the big picture. He feels he has been ineffective. I would like to say he has made a huge difference.  We are in times that will force us all to take responsibility.

My brothers and friend took the Pfizer vaccine and I cried so deeply as I knew they had allowed an experimental vaccine into their bodies without fully understanding the recombinants, likely HIV, malaria germs, and now there is more research pointing to anthrax (see links below). This must be investigated if politicians are serious about representation and Australian sovereignty. It is not about your personal politics, the job of every parliamentarian is to represent the public and ensure the truth is in the public arena to truly save lives.

The genetic recombinants weaken immunity is corroborated by a growing list of experts around the world.  It is being stated that these shots are designed to slow kill us and we will die from comorbidities so no one can be directly held to account. It is a form of genocide, which is a war crime.

Why were the pharmaceutical companies released from legal liability when everyone else is held to account for harm caused in courts of law? Why does a corporation’s profits and status mean they can do what they want without liability? How does that ensure public safety? That is wrong. This is clearly not about public health but corporate profiting which has strategically bought political influence or has acquired paid representation in government. A genuine government would put an immediate stop to these vaccines given it is experimental and blood clots have been found. Any research into the third world discovers 10s’ of thousands of lives are either infertile, vaccine injured or deaths and that issues of consent were ignored.  The ethics of these pharmaceutical companies has been cited in court cases as profits were more important than people coupled with real questions around eugenics.  It is worthy of a public inquiry by those without any connections to corporate or powerful interests. It is outrageous to allow this especially when the alleged vaccines are experimental and do not immunise people but ensure the spread continues unabated but is sold on the basis of avoiding serious illness. There were some in the Senate making false claims that the vaccines save lives when they don’t given the actual risk is low and there is no credible data available to evaluate effectiveness.  

The reality is that our politicians are effectively allowing foreign interests to access Australians (and other countries citizens) as guinea pigs. There are reports of nanotechnologies which can track and target us at the cellular level.

The rhetoric around persons who choose not to be killed by refusing gene therapies (not real vaccines) are being positioned as “dangerous” placing these innocent people in harms way as the community becomes divided by political statements. This sets us against each other, not working together as one people respecting the right to an opinion in a democracy. This paid PR spin incites bullying and violence and does not respect people to determine their own health and decide consent based on the information available which includes independent information.

The presence of DARPA, the US Defence Advanced Research Project Agency as a cofunder of The Pirbright Institute along with the Wellcome Trust, the European Commission, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others have histories of bioweapons being created. There are reports indicating that SARS, Ebola, Zika, Nipah, MERS, HIV, anthrax having been created in labs, thus not natural or novel, which is what creates a market for new vaccines. Yet the cures like Hydroxychloriquine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ivermectin, azithromycin, Zinc, Vitamin D, C are either banned or not promoted as there is no profitable incentive to do this.  This is how market failure impacts public health as the modus operandi is profit not public service. As a former market analyst this is clear. It is the market that includes negative externalities (harm) and government capture to ensure profit maximization. This is how it works. This is the mind-set.

Any military defence presence in health indicates there is a military application as their work is not about saving lives. They are trained to see enemies and kill targets.  For example the result of the war in Afghanistan left the Afghans worse off with the Taliban empowered, who are extreme Islam, many of them growing up in the madrasas (religious schools) in Peshawar Pakistan under rigid ‘sharia’ dogma without the experience of normal family life. They had no education to be able to independently critique ‘the word’ nor the language (Arabic) as interpreted by clerics. Afghans are Persian not Arabs. Religious instruction was a form of mind control. These wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been about energy and lucrative private contracts not fighting terrorism or restoring international peace and security. As more information surfaces from intelligence whistle-blowers it is clear that the US has itself been sponsoring terrorism and intelligence has been engaged in corruption as well. The market entered defence and this is why human rights, the Geneva conventions are discarded.  Militaries protect national ‘business’ interests not public interests. The energy portfolio was shared with defence in the US.  Although it is hoped that within these spheres of power and influence there are people who still have integrity and principled leadership who will speak up to help people find their way back to working for the humanity (whole) not the few on a trajectory where no-one wins.  The wars were destructive with everyone losing. This is not an international order or leading by example the very democratic principles and freedoms they stated were their reasons for engaging in combat. These wars were called by a senior weapons inspector as illegitimate wars of aggression. This very aggression or dominance is the core of the problem. Dominance is not equality or fairness, it is asymmetrical.

DARPA as an agency of the Pentagon has no limits in its own charter to develop innovative scientific breakthroughs to enhance capabilities to win wars. It is working with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI), CSIRO, University of Queensland, Inovio and Bill Gates. It is highly concerning. Why would the US military care about a mild virus with a low fatality rate? Why were there COVID-19 test kits sold around the world prior to 2019?

As a peacemaker I can assure you this is a lose/lose game strategy. GMO’s change blueprints that have evolved by natural selection for 4 billion years. Biotechnology companies do not have a  wholistic awareness to ensure gene editing harmonises with nature systems.  The cloning of organisms actually replaces nature as they are fast spreaders wiping out the natural origin. When nature is replaced the altered genome or invention is owned by the corporation. The patenting of natural life allowed by Serco who controls the US Patent Office, is a threat to the survival of humanity. As all the biotech company has to do is alter a gene and this is called an invention when it is reconfiguring nature and engineering backdoors to bypass natural boundaries which are in effect the very stability of nature at the genetic level.  Patenting and gene editing is how life on earth is transferred to business interests who want full control. They are driven by profit and power. Destroying life by messing with germ warfare, gain-of-function research and bringing recombinants into the DNA is definitely preparing for an Extinction Event.  It is far worse than the splitting of the atom.  The biological changes combined with the DNA change every cell in the body or organism. It is permanent. It is passed on from generation to generation. A Frankenstein virus can be created on the basis of needing to prepare for pandemics but as the US moratorium in 2014 was declared it was evident there were concerns of gain-of-function research creating pathogens of pandemic potential.  This moratorium, like the GMO’s here in Australia, was lifted as if it is safe to allow the weaponisation of viruses or genetically modified organisms to be released in nature impacting natural genomes. This drives to the heart of environmental sustainability as the real order at the molecular level is disrupted by genetic sequences with HIV in the DNA permanently. Scott Morrison stopped the CSL research when he stated they found false HIV positives in the vaccine. It is doubtful this would be stopped unless it was HIV positive.  CSL was based at the University of Queensland.

There is no enemy in reality there is only unquestioned thinking where we are still too primitive to really understand the reality of what we do to others returns to the self. Hence a zero sum game outcome. Ironically at the same time the rhetoric around climate change is another chorus ignoring weather modification patenting, resource extraction, biowarfare (bioterrorism), pollution, processed foods, glucose, monoculture farming, terminator seeds, GMO plants, chemtrails (barium, strontium, aluminum), EMF/5G radiation (killing bees, DNA damage, cancers) all of this and more emerging from mind-sets that seek to control nature rather than live within it in harmony. Instead we are still at war with nature.

No politician has informed the public of the preparedness scenarios (World Economic Forum, Dark Winter, SPARS (2025-2028) future pandemics.

No politician has informed us that all these biological viruses are commercially patented which means they breach the US Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 as written by Professor Francis Boyle (see link below) who states he believes this is a bioweapon and the Act has been breached. Clearly a novel virus can’t be patented. The military involvement and the World Military Games in Wuhan China in 2019 had high-level Russian and US military personnel there. The Games had the UN symbol. Why Wuhan?

This is a direct quote from an interview with Professor Boyle and Spiros, a US journalist:

“…Bill Gates is confirmed as a depopulation eugenicist which confirms his plans via vaccines are extremely dangerous. Chair of the Harvard Chemistry had his own laboratory in Wuhan it has been publicly reported that he had worked with Fort Detrick.  He was an expert on nanotechnology with respect to chemistry and biology and that was what he was working on…”

Professor Boyle states that Harvard was a sponsor and involved in China’s fort Detrick along with WHO and University of Alabama. He says he believes it involves nanotechnology. He indicates the involvement of nanotechnology means the virus can travel as a mist (in the air). He regards COVID-19 as a bioweapon which is extremely dangerous and infectious. He states Trump appointed the head of GlaxoSmithKline in charge of his Operation Warp Speed. He mentions the Ebola pandemic in West Africa which killed 12,000 people that leaked out at the BSL 4. It was also an experimental vaccine which actually gave the people Ebola. The vaccine they developed eventually they admitted was worthless, more dangerous than worthless. He says they could give people the COVID itself, I don’t know or a relapse for people who have had it. This raises issues of biological viruses being deliberately released and killing people. The interviewer mentions Dr. Deborah Burkes who is in White House Coronavirus taskforce and also sits on the Board of a foundation that is funded by Bill Gates, indicating those on the payroll. He further states Dr Fauci is up to his eye balls in this, he sits on a special Board of advisors, Bill Gates Foundation, Decade of Vaccines initiative, major conflicts of interest there. Professor Boyle indicates his critics are on the payroll and corrupt. Dr Fauci is discredited by Professor Boyle. Fauci funded Wuhan BSL for North Carolina study and his NIH funded the Wuhan BSL 4 Fort Detrick (he calls it a fort detrick lab meaning gain-of-function or weaponising viruses).  He is astounded they funded China’s Fort Detrick. Professor Boyle states “…we know full well that Fort Detrick here in the United States has always been involved in every type of hideous biological warfare agent you can imagine, they have almost never been involved in any legitimate scientific or medical endeavor…: He indicates he would not trust anything Fauci said.  He says Fauci is involved in Nazi biological warfare death science. The interview indicates Military athletes attended the Military Games at Wuhan China which began on the 18 October last year (2019), the exact same time as the World Economic Forum Event 201 took place he indicates they can track the outbreak to the military game in Wuhan where 10,000 military personnel from 110 countries around the world were all in Wuhan, ground zero as this outbreak began. The interviewer mentions INOVIO (based at University of Queensland) the US company produces DNA medicines. He regards synthetic RNA.  He mentions US military Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as the one who financed this set up and continued to finance it. It is a synthetic biology, which also is involved, he says:

“…Clearly set up by DARPA for weapons purposes. DARPA is not there for the benefit of humanity…”

He says synthetic biology is illegal under his legislation. He mentions a report with primary recommendations “…that the US Government repeal my Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989. Why? Because they all know they face life imprisonment for using synthetic biology…” The University of Queensland is cited as the producer of the COVID-19 vaccine. It is highly concerning.

In both Melbourne and Sydney we have see soldiers on the street as if under Marshall Law when only recently the Australian military admits they executed innocent civilians in Afghanistan. What will they do to Australians who say no to masks or vaccines? Why did Peter Dutton (former Home Affairs) make that decision? How many Afghans live-in South West Sydney feeling terrified at the military presence that appears more as vaccine coercion than helping the police. We all saw the police in Melbourne attacking and chocking women and the irony of calling this health and safety. How is this use of force or coercion public health? I do not feel safe and the buildup using a statistic of 80% to be vaccinated is pressuring the public as herd immunity will not happen. Both AstraZeneca and Pfizer have criminal records and their vaccines will not stop the spread, do not protect from SARS-CoV-2 and coronavirus (cold, flu) but instead claim to prevent severe hospitalisation and death. The latter clearly is not true with blood clots and vaccine injuries. We can’t even feel confident in the statistics as Doherty according to Concerned Lawyers Network are compromised with links to Bill Gates. Doctors are being paid to deliver the shot and now others are being given official permission to put ingredients, that genetically deliver recombinants and alter our DNA, in our arms. HIV recombinants as claimed by experts, may well reduce our health and cause more disease according to World Doctors Alliance. This is not safe.

In the future there will be vaccine certificates which exclude those of us staying safe from full access to our democracy, this is discrimination. If those unvaccinated are forced to wear masks this is akin to the yellow star of David used to identify enemies of the state in Nazi Germany. Even now we are forced to wear masks when they harm health. Back in 2003 NSW Fair Trading Minister Reba Meagher yesterday warned that distributors and traders could be prosecuted if it was suggested the masks offered unrealistic levels of protection from the disease…Retailers who cash in on community fears about SARS by exaggerating the health benefits of surgical masks could face fines of up to $110,000…”I’m sure everyone would agree that it is un-Australian to profiteer from people’s fears and anxieties,” Ms Meagher said. “There appears to be some debate about whether surgical masks are able to minimise the effects of SARS.” Ms Meagher said her department would investigate any complaints about false mask claims which concerned the public.

I look at those in leadership both in politics and corporates and I cannot fathom how they can tell us these vaccines/gene therapies are safe, when more are dying from the vaccines and suicide. Even rhetoric about the TGA approval is incorrect as they cannot verify vaccines/gene therapies that are supposed to be trialled for over a decade. One year turn arounds is unheard of but it meets with profit motives.  It has been stated that: “…FDA explicitly said these two vaccines have NOT BEEN APPROVED.  They have instead been “authorized.”

Governments have used the WHO declaration of a Global Emergency of International Concern as the emergency use provision rational when Australians are NOT in danger of dying when compared to the flu and very low death numbers. Most who die are over 70 with comorbidities. We shouldn’t be relying on biased modelling from the Doherty Institute, like Neil Ferguson from Imperial College, London, who clearly inflated the numbers in the UK to create the panic which forced our society into states of emergencies and disasters to empower Chief Medical Officers (private contractors) to recommend restrictions, loss of liberties, contact tracing (data going to who? purpose?). It feels like we are moving into a totalitarian form of governance from which we will never have our freedoms returned.

When I think of the noble reasons my friend and brother chose to take the shot, believing they are doing it for those they love when it looks like they are placing themselves in harm’s way. I cry for all those who believe the Emperor’s New Clothes. Those of us who can see, are in despair. More people MUST speak up and tell the truth or we will lose our country, our rights and wake up to a tyranny that the majority in parliament have never experienced as they exercise their freedom of speech on a daily basis as democracy seems to exist only there.

As a Rotary Peace Scholar I sat with the Khmer Rouge and learned how they moved the people from the cities to the country under a false nuclear threat. How the people were enslaved and starved by a totalitarian ideology that believed intellectuals wore glasses and they became enemies of the state. I met the sole survivor Vann Nath a prisoner at Tuol Sleng prison who witnessed so many innocent people incarcerated, tortured and killed. I saw the sign (see link below) where people whilst being electrocuted were forbidden to cry at all. I saw the skulls piled up at the Killing Fields. Interestingly, Pol Pot was a Math’s teacher (STEM). He clearly had not been taught empathy or to question his beliefs as he imposed a Marxist system onto innocent people. I have sat with corrupt police who ran companies chopping down old growth forests. I saw the residents cleared out of the centre of Phnom Penh (prime real estate) who were moved close to a Target factory. I saw them like battery hens being watched by men at the end of each row to ensure they produced clothing to a digital clock. I saw their enslavement. I visited slums where there was one toilet for hundreds of people. I have seen the hospitals where people with malaria protected me from the disease. I have visited kids with Aids trying to cope with this debilitating illness whilst we came as clowns to get them laughing (boost immune system). When you see these places and walk in the shoes of others, you change. We Australians are well travelled but we haven’t known this type of tyranny, we are innocent people too.

The latest news I heard today is the setting up of Quarantine facilities on Christmas Island for foreign workers. I do not believe Australia has a labour shortage when people are losing jobs in Melbourne and Sydney.  Why would we bring in anyone if the ‘contagion’ was real. Even the Olympics was incredible given pathogens were alleged by governments to come in from overseas. Was this event to sooth incarceration under a form of house arrest (for no crime). Now what is concerning about the detention facilities offshore is images of refugees being abused – out of sight out of mind. Given Mike Yeadon’s analysis that the entire response to an alleged pandemic is a lie, this reveals a very concerning aspect, FEMA camps. This author was told of government camps in Egypt where those who needed ‘reeducation’ were sent and tortured. As I explained I have seen torture centres, I’ve interviewed refugees who were treated inhumanely, and under PM Scott Morrison’s watch. Given the totalitarian picture that is coming to light, people like myself, speaking  my truth in a democracy could be told I was near someone who tested positive to a coronavirus (cold) in a shop and then forced into quarantine off shore given I would be seen as a ‘dissenter’ when I am not.  Is this the world we want?

This letter was inspired by listening to the Senate and hearing the clear bias of pro vaccines when there is clearly two sides. Sadly our ABC has been compromised.  This is undermining our democracy and putting Australian citizens lives in danger.

My wish is for people to sit quietly and deeply contemplate the information in these links and the future they want. A democratic debate of both sides of the vaccine issue will set us free from tyranny that seeks to harm us and not Advance Australia Fair. If not for me and my family, then your own children and grandchildren before it is too late to say sorry you didn’t know.

I vote for the corruption and abuse of power to stop to make sure ‘We the People’ are safe. Moreover, we cannot continue with disaster capitalism as we won’t survive as a species. We have to organise a society and activity in the future that is based on harmony, happiness and real health. Where we don’t get brain cancer from iPhones (as my cousin did and died recently), or poisoned by chemtrails. I got the flu when large chemtrails were released over my house, I was isolated for more than 14 days so it was caused by this release. Or we get poisoned by toxic foods, chemicals, pollution and genetically modified organisms. Again climate modification patents have turned fire, floods and drought into a exploitable commodity to justify climate change and global centralisation of power. The real disease is greed and compromise.

I would like every Senator to get back to me and show me where I am wrong or give me feedback as a citizen engaging with my parliament who represents me. I am happy to hear your facts as I value democracy. I will never treat anyone with disrespect. Please do not refer me to government information as I have seen it, it does not answer my questions. I’ve sent questions to State governments and no-one answered any questions.

I wish you well. I truly wish you happiness. Happy healthy people will not harm others.

Best wishes,

Susan Carew

Links are below.


A final warning to humanity from former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon


American Intelligence Media – Citizens Addicted to Truth (


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World Alliance of Doctors: WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE – World Doctors Alliance

World Doctors Alliance Online Congress: World Doctors Alliance Online Congress. October 2020 – YouTube


Interview Author Of US Bio Weapons Act Believes The WHO HYPERLINK “”& HYPERLINK “” China Are Lying About The HYPERLINK “”Coronavirus : HYPERLINK “” Spiro Skouras : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Guess Who’s Funding and Promoting Gene Drives?

Gene drives are lowering the female population of mosquitoes from generation to generation, is this being used on human female populations via infertility and genetic engineering?

Bioweapon Labs Must Be Shut Down and Scientists Prosecuted


Nuremberg Trials doctors:


Professor Luc Montagnier:


Note: excellent is applied to those who are seeking the truth not in it for the money. Research has revealed there are many brave persons rising their lives to save others. That is love in action.


Whitney Webb Archives – The Last American Vagabond

Engineering Contagion: UPMC, Corona- HYPERLINK “”thrax HYPERLINK “” and “the Darkest Winter” (

The Latest Google Censorship Due to Their Vaccine Investment – Rights and Freedoms (

Tott News

Cairns North News:


Global spending on vaccines (imagine the opportunity costs on environment and poverty reduction)$157bn_by_2025,_says_report_1368960

Profit incentives for endless wars on disease ‘crisis capitalism’ is around $4 billion per quarter for each company. This is money transferred out of public treasuries which leads to indebting a nation.  When a country is indebt it is vulnerable to equity financers and foreign interests. So the expenditure creates a sovereign vulnerability:

Moderna profits:

Pfizer profits:

AstraZeneca profits:

FOI: Administrative Appeals Tribunal Decision

MASKS:  In 2003 promotion of masks exaggerates health benefits 2021 not wearing them endangers others??

Back in 2003 Fair Trading Minister fined retailers or community who cashed in or exaggerated health benefits of surgical masks be fined $11,000 during SARS. Today it is the opposite why? HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″mn=461816 HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″pt=msg HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″mid=21524090

New CDC study:

Masks don’t work: Masks Don’t Work – Part 1 (

Scientific Case Against Masks and No consent:



Tuol Sleng Prison Sign:


Influenza in Australia (13nov2018 edition)(AIHW)…/aihw-phe-236_Influenza.pdf.aspx · PDF file

Between 1997 and 2016, influenza caused 2,316 deaths in Australia, 80% (1,847 deaths) of which were in people aged 65 and over. Over this period, there was an average of 31 influenza deaths per million population per year in older Australians, compared with 2 per million population per year in children aged under 5 (right figure).

Diabetes, Deaths from diabetes – Australian Institute of … HYPERLINK “”Your browser indicates if you’ve visited this link.

diabetes was the underlying cause of death in around 3,300 deaths per year between 1985 and 2018, equating to death rates of 17-22 deaths per 100,000 population for males and 12-15 per 100,000 population for females.


Dr Doug Rokke has taught nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, hazardous materials, and emergency medicine for over 20 years to both civilian and military personnel. Dr. Rokke was one of the original authors of the 1982 EDRAT (Emergency Disaster Response Assistance…

Dr Rokke wrote the manual the US uses to deal with how to clean up and decontaminate in response to biological exposures. Australia is not following the correct procedures.

Major Doug Rokke:

Dr. Doug HYPERLINK “”Rokke HYPERLINK “” Biography – The Power HYPERLINK “” Hour · PDF file

Today’s Guests: Perry A. + Dr. Doug HYPERLINK “”Rokke HYPERLINK “” – Power Hour Nation

Today’s Guests: Perry A. + Dr. Doug HYPERLINK “”Rokke

6/5/2020 · Depleted Uranium expert Doug Rokke joins The Power Hour to share his response to the Coronavirus. His military career has spanned 4 decades to include combat duty during the Vietnam War and Gulf War 1. Doug has taught nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, hazardous materials, and emergency medicine for over 20 years to both civilian and military personnel. Dr. Rokke was one of …

Major Doug HYPERLINK “”Rokke HYPERLINK “” discusses the Coronavirus – Power Hour Nation…

6/5/2020 · Depleted Uranium expert Doug Rokke joins The Power Hour to share his response to the Coronavirus. His military career has spanned 4 decades to include combat duty during the Vietnam War and Gulf War 1. Doug has taught nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, hazardous materials, and emergency medicine for over 20 years to both civilian and military personnel.

Today’s Guests: Perry A. + Dr. Doug HYPERLINK “”Rokke HYPERLINK “” | The Power Hour

6/5/2020 · Depleted Uranium expert Doug Rokke joins The Power Hour to share his response to the Coronavirus. His military career has spanned 4 decades to include combat duty during the Vietnam War and Gulf War 1. Doug has taught nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, hazardous materials, and emergency medicine for over 20 years to both civilian and military personnel. Dr. Rokke was one of …

Beyond Treason:

The US involvement in biological and chemical weapons.

Pentagon Leak of FunVax A Vaccine to Stop Fundamentalism

Parke, Heffernan discuss banning gene patents – YouTube

Bill Heffernan’s Speech on Pedophilia.  Is there a VIP pedophile ring in Australia including parliamentarians. Are our politicians compromised and therefore doing the bidding of others and not the public interest of Australians?   How safe are Australian children? What happens when they are vaccinated? What happens if they are isolated in quarantine? Are the children safe?

After the airing of ABC A Family Divided minimising ritual abuse, this book ‘Eyes Wide Open’ by Fiona Barnett a ritual abuse victim was Tweeted to the Prime Minister, Peter Dutton and the Australian Human Rights Commission as Rosalind Croucher is mentioned.  (if any problems with pdf go to for access or contact Susan Carew

Talking with Riane Eisler on Changing the Whole System

The Real Wealth of Nations Creating a Caring Economics