Operation Atlantic Simulation on Smallpox

This took place in 2005. Johns Hopkins was involved yet again. Is this preparedness or planning as a training simulation. Are they protecting the public or playing Russian Roulette with the global public as if objects not living breathing men and women? Their objective is mass vaccination rather than cheap alternatives and immune system boosting within the spirit of true wellbeing and balance.

Madelaine Albright, former US Secretary of State was recorded as saying during the Iraq War that 500,000 child deaths was a price worth paying. This is the mind set We the People are dealing with around the world. Human life is expendable and spoken about creating crisis to justify solutions that are not voted on. We the People have no input whatsoever over events that impact our lives.

There is no preparedness for world peace at all. Those of us who are peacemakers are on the outer as there is no profit in peace. They are transfixed on human death not human thriving. The law of attraction is not understood by the world’s people but what it means is what you think about you bring about. If you want peace and health you focus there and amplify it. If you want disease and death you will make it the focus. There are infinite threats we can think of but how many think of infinite possibilities, very few.

Peace opens up human potential and changes beyond our wildest dreams. As peace is the same as health and wellbeing. Some look for problems but not solutions.