Pamela Aaralyn Channelling COVID-19

Good news coming out of Pamela Aaralyn’s channeling.   She is a clear conduit channel.  She has interesting channeling session.  This is another aspect of awareness or indeed, consciousness.

We are here to face uncertainty and fears.  It is to admit it and come together. So inner truth is the learning from the coronavirus.

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Can you channel the coronavirus?  Pamela says she has.

Published on 29 Mar 2020 Pamela Aaralyn Daily Update: Is COVID19 at its peak? When will this pandemic be over? How can we focus on gratitude during this time? What would an equal economic system look like after this pandemic? Will we be dealing with a “new normal” for our societies and cultures? (Links below)

The COVID19 channeling recording link: The COVID19 channeling recording

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