Peace out of Chaos is the New Natural

What I am observing in the current times is that there is much confusion reining.  There are many stories circulating pitching one against the other.  There is enormous fear around the coronavirus and confusion around the risk of this virus and its origins.

This blog is to find a space of peace amongst the drama.  I am speaking to the ones who created the coronavirus pandemic.  I am speaking to the many interlocking business groups that see profit out of this pandemic.  I am speaking to the families divided where they believe the other should be vaccinated or should not.  I am speaking to the politicians who have forgotten their charter of representation. I am speaking to the police who believe health is suppression of protest.  I am speaking to the military who are privatised or have forgotten the honour of defending higher values in this life.  I am speaking to the young who want to suicide as they can only see the insanity of adults unable to find clarity in chaos.

No-one can come to you and create peace.  Peace is a decision and it is an inside job.  It is calming down in the midst of storms and drama. It is tapping into what you feel is true without weakening to offend others or divide from them to feel a sense of power and control which is the very energy seeking to assert a paradigm that serves no-one.

My desire is to perhaps share some ideas to assist people on how to deal with uncertainty, mixed messages, anger, fear, loss and various stages of grief as the general sense is that something is changing and something is lost and vulnerability increases during these times.

So let’s breathe deeply for a moment. Just breathe.  Find that centre within.  In this moment you are fine.  The world feels out of control and in reality that is its natural state.  When we are out of control fear rises as we fear the loss of control.  Yet you cannot control anything only question your thinking with the primary question – is it true?  When we try to be “right” we seek to have power.  Real power is self mastery which does not control others but opens a pathway to be open to a journey of discovery. With great change comes create possibility. With great change comes great insight. With great flux new ideas surface and we discover things about ourselves we never knew.

The Work of Byron Katie is a very good place for you to start if you want to sit in the centre of the storm.  In truth it is not the events swirling around us which are the problem but our thoughts about events as they come thick and fast when we are scared. We look for people to blame, we look for someone to vent our hatred on and we look to defend ourselves or stay safe.  So as the storm rages through the media, turn it off and be still.

Breathing will return you to your nature which is perfect peace in reality. This point of peace is where no thought is happening, that is how we know our thoughts are the real disruptors.  Someone puts those thoughts in our minds, the evidence seems to validate the fears and we get carried along with events that can appear frightening. So go to stillness. Breathe.

When I travelled the world alone, when I was homeless, when I confronted tyranny I found myself searching for peace as I didn’t understand what drove the events around myself.  I spoke truthfully and never weakened to hate anyone, even those who drove me to the point of wanting to end my life. I took back my power and said no-one can drive me to this point unless I agree I am powerless.  What is powerlessness?  It is the victim state where we feel events outside us have the ability to impact us in some way without any means of defence.  What I learned is I am the one who decides if I am a victim, powerless or targeted. Equally I am the one who decides that life works for me not against me. That life turns up in a shape that has something to teach me. That every person even those we may call ‘enemy’ are my greatest teachers. In fact my teachers were the ones that taught me peace. They were the ones who were indifferent to my life. They were the ones that didn’t answer my call for help.  They were the ones that trumped up un true allegations to create a legal proposition to block my freedom of speech with no respect for democracy.  They were the ones who objectified me.  But rather than look at them with the idea “you should be respectful”, “you should be fair”, “you should value human rights” I realised they were what they were and clearly were disconnected. I cannot connect a person disconnected unless they open their minds. Typically a closed mind is a closed heart.  When the heart opens to possibility (I might be wrong) then the mind opens to solving a problem. Most of us cling tightly to our judgements as right but always we are wrong when it divides and separates. Judgement is a toxin far more destructive than any little coronavirus.  Insecurity is a fear that cleaves onto control as life without control feels vulnerable.  Yet the one going through insecurity is not in touch with the words to describe the fear that automatically jumps into action to suppress, control and fight what is perceived outside themselves as “the problem”.  It is confusion believing it is right.  To uphold the right is a police slogan in Melbourne I noted on the emblem.  Who is to say who is right who is wrong. We can frame it with who is violent who is not. Yet if truth is our sword we will cut to the core and recognise my suppression caused this violence. My intimidation of the other caused them to feel fear and react rather than respond.  My attack of that other insighted greater fear which caused a retaliation to defend themselves or through anger just lost control and we then see the ugliness of violence unfold which then places people in a position of asserting more force and control.  To own a problem is to speak the truth to oneself.  No-one need hear it, to thine own self be true is the purpose of life itself. When you align with clarity, clear seeing as truth with an intention to respond not react then one owns their side of the problem. That is where real power is. When you assert power as force you call to yourself the opposite which is counter-force.  Then we fight to win where both always lose.  This is the old paradigm passed on from father to son, mother to daughter and we call this the “winners” and the “losers” as if life is a sporting game where the victors are cheered in the colesium and the losers are thrown to the lions.   It reflects a stage of human evolution that is immature if we are honest.  Children are taught to talk things over, to listen to the other person, to solve the problem and shake hands.  We expect them not to fight, not to bully others and we have elaborate curriculum around respct, human rights, humanities, civics and citizenship. Yet we fall into confusion and those very standards that ensure civil harmony are eroded or thrown under the bus, as they say.

My question to those reading this, including intelligence agencies who monitor my work.  I ask you – do you want freedom? do you want happiness? do you want peace?  When I say this do you see freedom as the “freedom protests” or do you see it as being free to decide if you are interested in this or not. Are you free to say what you think or feel? are you free to follow your career, your interests and to express your life according to your intentions? If the answer is yes, then the protestors, the “other” wants the same. Can we move towards a middle ground and say we both want freedom.  Now in my giving you freedom does this mean I lose my freedom? Is it a negotiated social contract where one gives up freedom for another to feel freedom?  Is that freedom. The essence of it is to be self determining. So what you want fo youself can you give to another?  When you give freedom under universal law, it comes right back to you.  We feel this sense of community connectedness. You feel it with humans not birds. It is a species invisible connection where we look into each others eyes. We breathe through the nose, we eat etc. I am you is the essence. What you do to another returns to the self.   What you take from another you take from yourself.  Something inside you knows it is not in harmony as your true nature is cooperation not conflict. We create war games, moves that come into cultural stories as we celebrate the violence and call it winning, call it conquest, call it superior etc. Yet our true nature has a violent nothing in it.  In war zones soldiers will not shoot to kill, it is not their nature to harm the other as nature in-still-ed in them an instinct to pre-serve life, their very own species, as all are connected. It was never survival of the fittest it was survival based on collaboration, we were given incorrect teachings. It was not predators and prey. It was a ecosystem that exchanges energy where a meat eater will eat only certain prey, and that prey will eat other forms of energy ie. plants, grass. Each consumes and is inter-dependent on the other. We may depict the violence of the lion attacking an antelope as the King of the jungle but in actual fact the DNA wired in a particular species as part of the web of life supporting that animals life. Life produced an abundance of that species so many escaped the attack but the one who broke away from the group, or was slower became the food source for another, thus giving its life to support life in this perpetual cycle of life.  The masculine sees domination as power, the feminine views relationship to all as strength. The strength to endure hardship, the strength to endure poverty, the strength to endure problems with children, partners and so on.  Real strength is endurance it is not domination as the latter is imbalance the former is resiliency. 

Who we are depends on how we filter and frame life itself.  So no two persons see the same. We come from webs of relationships with parents, siblings, friends, school communities, working life, partners, politics, culture, personality, mood and so on. These filters change the colour and shape of what we see. Life forms around who you think you are not what life is.  Hold that thought suspended. Life forms around who you think you  are not what life is.  When you step back and say to yourself I see as I am not as life is.  Then you start to get a glimpse into “projection”. This is like the movie theatre where your thoughts form what you see, not what is.  The media is a great tool for changing our thoughts thus what we see. This is clear in the frame of vaccination or anti-vaxers.  As a former market analyst I would expand my frame out to look at the coronavirus issue of a virus that is narrated by other minds as dangerous. I would ask is this true? what is dangerous? The spread or the death rate?  Clearly the death rate. Yet the narrative focus on the spread not the death rate.  What does that tell me, the narrator is interested in amplifying the spread and attaching words like “potentially dangerous”, “infection”, “death”, “respirators”, “hospitals” and we get visual images of PPE.  Yet what if we focus on the “death rate”. Certainly here in Australia the death rate is lower than influenza, diabetes and abortions. So why do we amplify this and not the other? Then as we problem solve we see who benefits from this lens and not the other. We ask is this about health or industry interests? What would a healthy lens look for? A cure – hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, Vitamin C,  Vitamin D, exercise, sunlight all strengthening natural immunity which will fend of novel viruses.  What if we look through a industry lens, what do we see? We see collaborations for decades of vaccines, we see patents where profit is made from viruses, we see industry infrastructure (manufacturing, test kits, hospitals, digital software) all arising attracting funding not from individuals but governments.  So do I just swing from one narrative to the other or do I find stillness and feel for the truth of matters without “needing to know” (control). 

So returning to peace we see as we are not as others are. Powerlessness can only happen when I agree I have no power.  If I think I have no freedom I am making another responsible for my freedom rather than just recognising freedom in myself in so many ways.  We can get caught up in the pack (official, public) or we can find our common humanity and look for that middle ground which says “I can stand in your shoes and feel your feelings as I have been there too. You are me. ” If I had your training, filters etc. I would see what you see.  How do I communicate to you another way of seeing without you feeling your world view (security) is threatened?  I share without expectation could be a way forward.  I do not need you to agree with me, or support me, or turn up in a way that I call “true”. I accept you in the way you turn up as your way of which I know nothing about what you should or shouldn’t do. This is the “I don’t know” mind which is the epicentre of true freedom.  Truth is at the core and freedom is the flower like the lotus that opens.  Truth is not a concept is is a feeling, you feel centred when in the truth and you feel disrupted when moving from the truth.  Truth predates language, it is the “what is” of life itself that we didn’t create. So there is much we do not know in truth but we play out social and economic structures to create a false security of “knowing” or certainty so we feel secure when inside we are in chaos.

To know thyself is the purpose of the tranformation we are going through. It is not about controlling others to turn up to give you freedom or utopia.  It is to find the utopia or freedom within. It doesn’t come in George Orwell’s 1984.  It is not in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.  It is not Alistair Crowley’s black magic.  All are manifestations of the same desire for control as one feels out of control “inside”.  There is no “dissident’ there is no “enemy” there is no “victim” there is only dynamics playing out mostly unconsciously where each seek power or feel powerless.  It is a win/lose game which is ultimately a lose/lose paradigm where no-one wins in The End. Even space ships to Mars or the Moon seek frontiers when we still haven’t resolve our conflict with our mother or father or the one who left me.  Until we resolve our problems on this planet. 

We are a species that doesn’t know its fingers or its toes. We run from pillar to post to do the “right thing”, to be a “decent” person to be seen to be conforming to a system and belonging.  We are not grounded in wisdom from our childhood to prepare us for life, instead we prepare for work.  Yet life is the real world full of dynamism, uncertainty, flux and joys. We are meant to clash it up, agree/disagree, have conflict, not get it right, or rise to great heights.  It is an amazing world, an amazing life when we are open to the possibilities and realising that it all works for us not against us.  We turn those lemons into lemonaide. We turn conflict into self reflection. We turn poverty into inner wealth.  We turn loss into possibility that something better is coming. We are on a constant spiral of growth, never diminishing, never losing ground when life is experience. It is not a theoretical equation, or algorithm, or neat box, life can take us to our highest potential when we let go of control and allow the ride of uncertainty to be what is truly natural.  There is no ‘new normal’ only another paradigm of the same control but tightened.  Yet perhaps the purpose of this ‘new normal’ is to decide will this make me happy or not.  Is this what I want or not. Is this the future or not.  We all get to choose and that is the freedom that no transhumanism, microchipping, nanotechnologies can remove in order to make what is apparent chaos into some Order or cult that says we all think the same when clearly we don’t.  That is how we fight nature, that ishow we fight ourselves and then look to the other and say you are the problem. That is the very error that perpetuates endless war without conclusion until each of us awaken to the reality that we don’t want the war anymore as it is not fun or enlivening.

Evolution reversed is no-it-u-love. Love is the expanding spiral. Fear is the devolving spiral. We can ride the spiral up or down. Freedom gives you the choice. Maybe we go into fear, feel powerless, create more conflict, destroy structures, destroy others to then turn around and say I am not happy.  I do not feel wealthy even though Earth Inc is signed sealed and delivered. For true abundance needs nothing as the point of great potential. It is indeed the zero point potential awaiting your intention. Maturity is when we discard the toys of technology and find we never needed to augment anything. That only held us back from the magic that was within the magic wand of our intentions. The coins were not bits or bites but heads or tails, we flip the dice to see if life is chance or meant to be. The sword is not to dismember our humanity but excalibur that we pull from the stone when we see ourselves as worthy for King Arthur in reality had no crown but experienced the nobility of chivalry that served the damzel in distress or the lost and lonely at a roundtable that is not an exclusive Clubs of power but inclusive circles of concentric waves replicating equality as the very geometric symmetry (balance) of life which is the very peace emerging from chaos which only exists in your mind, it is not the world at all. It just means you do not feel in control as truth would tell you, you are not in control.

So each has to follow the yellow brick road home, to find that the Wizard of Oz is an old man on bicycle full of bluster and fury. Not unlike the Orwellian image. The purpose of the journey was not to be saved by the Wizard but to find your heart, your courage and value your brain which is what brings us home.  Life is about virtues not material wealth. When we get clear about this, our world naturally changes to align with earth systems where the sum of the parts is the whole. The wholeness is the coming home to who you really are as nature intended not the wizard.  The real magic is you do not need power.  

Then a new journey opens up as life is a perpetual spiral.