Pentagon Leak of FunVax A Vaccine to Stop Fundamentalism

What if the only enemy is fear – false evidence appearing real? 

The Pentagon video is deeply disturbing and raises the issue of so-called science solving the problem of religious fundamentalism through vaccines. 

Scott Ritter, former CIA Weapon Inspector in Iraq discusses Israel and Iran.  The other videos expand on this. Israel is the elephant in the room that no-one faces as there is fear around raising issues for problem solving.  We can’t solve a problem if we ignore specific groups for fear of being labelled. Scott Ritter talks about US strategic approach to Iran is about the End Game of regime change.

What if intelligence get’s it wrong or deliberately spins the story of terrorism enabling the labelling of groups as terrorists? Iraq was blamed for 911 to discover they were not the terrorists.  Susan Lindaeur (ex CIA asset) discloses this was an inside job (see below). Susan speaks of 11,000 people dying every month in Iraq. When you compare that to COVID-19 it is evident what the real virus is? Greed and Genocide.

What the Pentagon video reveals is the weaponisation of vaccines and identifying various groups behaviour on the basis of genetics, blaming genes not complex political, economic and cultural problems that are not resolved. The lecturer is proposing using vaccinations to immunise against a VMAT2 gene which he is alleging causes fundamentalist behaviour.  It is an incredible statement with far reaching implications.

Is the problem a gene or genetic defect or socio economic behaviours influenced by those who wish to inflame terrori-sm in their lust for power?  Has the US caused terrorism? If so is the problem within?

The leaked Pentagon video is very simplistic and what is frightening about  it is the lecturer is selling the idea of vaccinations of so-called terrorists with gene therapy that removes a gene so they are normal. 

What is normal? 

Who is the terrorist orchestrating terror? Is killing normal? Is it nature or nurture? What of strategies to frame or demonise others in order to have others attack them for commercial or military reasons? Is this bullying as a projection of power?  

Is the problem solved by stepping outside of this simplistic frame and undertaking the hard work of power, control, division, objectification and violence as a means to solve a problem? 

The peace narrative is ignored.
The training in conflict resolution is ignored.
The socio-economic inequalities is ignored.
The alliances are ignored.
The oil interests are ignored.
The corruption is ignored.
The geopolitics is ignored.  

What if this lecturer’s Funvax is approve? Do we vaccinate for murderers (ignore social issues)? Do we vaccinate drug addicts? Do we vaccinate rapists? Do we vaccinate those of faith (preemptive could be violent)?  Do we vaccinate the homeless who clearly can’t make a living, must be a genetic weakness.  Do we follow the science? 

This is how science is employed in the service of genetic engineering that destroys ethnic groups, religious groups or any other sector we deem ‘wrong’.  What serves peace in reality? Owning your own problem. To thine own self be true? The truth sets you free? These will be cast off as philosophies that are naive, clearly the recruited person are the problem, just as soldiers must be. Our own soldiers executed Afghan civilians in Afghanistan. Do we vaccinate them? Or do we do the hard work of examining the accuser weaponising vaccines? Do we look at killing as a strategy of control that has to disconnect empathy, compassion, community, kindness in order to fulfil the task?

Transcript of Leaked Pentagon Video.

Leaked Pentagon Video – Flu Vaccine Use to Modify…
DOD ID: 149AZ2
Loc: Pen Rm BC232

On the left we have individuals who are Religious fundamentalist religious fanatics. This is the expression of the RT-PCR expression of the VMAT2 gene. Over here we have.

Audience: I don’t want to blow holes in your theory.
Lecturer: Let me complete we have individuals who are not let particularly fundamentalist not particularly religious you can see there is a much reduced expression of this particular gene, the VMAT 2 gene. another evidence that supports our hypothesis for the development of this approach.

Audience: What you are suggesting by spreading this virus we are going to eliminate individuals going onto a bomb fest and going into a market and blowing up the market …

Lecturer: Our hypothesis is that these are fundamental people that have over expression of the VMAT-2 gene vaccinating them against this will eliminate this behaviour. So we have some very very remarkable data in this next slide.

SLIDE – Here we have two Brain scans FMRI’s, two different individuals with two different levels of expressions VMAT 2.
On TOP an individual who is a religious fanatic. Repeated numerous times, that has high levels of VMAT2.
BOTTOM: This individual below will self describe as not particularly religious. In each case both individuals were read a religious text.
This individual lit up the right middle frontal Gyrus. That is a part of the brain that is associated with theory of mind. Part of the brain to do with intents, beliefs and desires in marked contrast (see other).

Here is an individual who would not particularly self describe as religious and when they are read a religious text what you see is this part of their brain called the Anterior Insula lights up. this is a part of the brain associated with disgust or displeasure on hearing something.
Audience: Are you suggesting we take a CT scan when I am evaluating people to determine whether I put a bullet in their head?
Lecturer: So um the data that I am presenting here supports the concept we are proposing and I would think we would not propose to do CT scans FMRI’s on individuals out in the hinterlands of Afghanistan.
The virus would immunise against this VMAT2 gene and that would have the effect that you would see here which is essentially to turn a fanatic into a normal person and we think that will have major effects in the Middle East.

Audience: How would you suggest this is to be disbursed, aerosol?
Lecturer: So the present plan and the tests we have done so far have used respiratory viruses such as Flu or Rinoviruses ( and we believe that is a satisfactory way to get exposure of the largest part of the population and most of us have been exposed to both of those viruses and we are quite confident that this will be a very successful approach.
Audience: What is the name of this proposal?
Lecturer: The name of this project is FunVax. Vaccine for religious fundamentalism.
Audience: Do you have a proposal already?
Lecture: The proposal has just been submitted and the data I have shown you today would support the development of this project and we think it has great promise.

Inspiration led me to Israel.  The issues of terrorism are more complex than a gene. 

Should we vaccinate Iranian people given their religion or is there more complexity to conflict? 

Is the war on terrorism about regime change and religious division?  Is the problem those framed as terrorists or are others creating the war on terror by funding terrorism in order to reach objectives? 

Is that normal?