Pro Information to be Fully Informed about Vaccinations

In the public interest.

Anti-vaccination campaigners have definitely been silenced.

Science is the GOD what about a child having an injury after an injection, it is evident that parents know that their child has changed and any doctor can see if a child is injured or not. What i find interesting is if you aren’t an expert you have no right to be heard. That is what is happening in a democracy when there are clear sides in this issue of vaccines. There are huge profits where billions are the goal.

The vaccines when we were children were not harmful. Today they have DNA technologies where the technology inhibits disease, it doesn’t create immunity like an old vaccines. So a virus can continue spreading. There is not enough awareness around the actual technical side of these large pharmaceutical companies and their lobbying of politicians which takes away government as a neutral third party.

The concerns is the future harm that may come from ‘no immunity’ big Pharma and a untested so-called vaccine which could harm us when there is a history of vaccine injury. So clearly it is responsible to find out what impact it will have and if there are safer alternative.

The line of questioning had a undercurrent. I say that as a public journalist. Neutral questioning is really important for the public.