Professor Spence Discusses Esoteric Hollywood, Aleister Crowley and British Intelligence

In the public interest.

This video discusses interviews Professor Richard Spence who discusses Aleister Crowley and British Intelligence.

Aleister Crowley could be described as a dark Wizard who spent his life exploring ritual sex magic and authored many books. I believe his work is the basis to the paedophilia cult. This cult is desirous of power through blood sacrifice, child abuse and a range of really frightening practices designed to enhance power.

This link is a profile of Richard Spence.

The key question here is why would the British Government employ a person who is involved in black magic (mass), child ritual abuse, sex magic and engaged in dark behaviours. It raises questions about intelligence agencies and the pursuit of power through dark means. Moreover, it can be used to blackmail those in high positions as an intelligence technique, skeletons in the cupboard so to speak.

He also worked for the US Government.

The core problem is the pursuit of power and the disconnection from our humanity that happens in that focus. The challenge is to show people a way out of darkness, that the real power was never in the dark arts and those who charismatically inspired others were the real conjurers, it was illusionary power.

Professor Spence focuses on the intelligence side where there are parallels in respect of brotherhoods and a lawless reality where we are witnessing more information emerging about the deep state, black operations and very dark behaviour paid for by the public without oversight due to security clearances. The public would not agree to this use of their money. In fact they would be horrified.