Protesting COVID-19 Restrictions Lights the Flame of Democratic Remembrance

In the public interest.

This poem was emailed to a senior Victoria Police officer.  I felt inspired today to publish it.  It was sent to educate, inform and to connect in friendship as we all have to come together.  The police are invited to align with democracy and the public and at the same time gently inform the government on the wishes of the people.  The virus is a mild virus that will not kill the majority, it is less lethal than the flu from the research I’ve done.  Refer That is a reality.  The Prime Minister acknowledged that it was a low risk to the majority.  So why severe restrictions?  Why dismantle democracy that is reflected in freedom of speech, parliament, the rule of law and justice?   

I recall earlier this year I had a policeman say to me at the Julian Assange protest in Melbourne “you are allowed to protest, this is democracy.”  I didn’t choose to protest this day, I just observed the protest as I was curious to see how the people responded. What I saw was fear to confront the Julian Assange issue. He can be profiled as criminal by the Americans but he is revealing criminality of those in high positions. Criminalising is a really important observation in respect of whistle-blowers or those who break the rules.  

The police are in difficult times as their job is to prevent or stop crime but what happens if those in powerful positions are blocking the truth to hide a crime? Democracy is not just a word, it is the very protection that allowed me to be at a rally, that allowed me to be on radio, that allows me to write this block or my books in freedom.  It is my very essence that needs to express in freedom, it is life in reality expanding through expression, as we all learn from each other.  It is worth standing for.

The pictures below the poem are about truth and happiness. This policeman commented on them.  I believe he received my message. Poetry is my real (inner) voice.



To my dear friend,

I feel inspired to write to you today,

We are in crazy times,

The rule book has been thrown out the window,

The baby with the bath water!

And the deck chairs are rearranging as they make it up,

We silently ponder democracy or social control?

Health or toxic cultures?

If I stand in your shoes orders come down the line of command,

Command and control is order,

A pandemic must be contained,

Perimeters secured,

To stop the spread of dis-ease,

In the public interest.

For I know you are protecting the people,

I know you are serving a calling,

I feel you are a good person who cares,

You are a teacher guiding others to protect and defend,


For the police can become the meat in the sandwich,

Politicians with agendas,

Public frustrated and suffering behind closed doors,

As they grieve the loss of freedom,

They grieve the loss of their jobs,

They grieve the future for their children,

They ache for social contact or a friendly meeting,

As they know this is not right but are powerless to speak up.

Together we must Advance Australia Fair,

In the public interest not foreign interests,

We must stand in each other’s shoes to deeply listen to all voices,

For this is to awaken to the big picture,

As we are in this together for better or worse,

Sickness or in health,

For it is our country girt by sea,

It is the future of freedom,

That is at stake,

Before it is too late.

I am a peacemaker and I can see rules force,

Fines generate great fear,

What you resist persists
what you look at disappears,

Suppression can be a pressure cooker,

Only peace can be realised when released,

Wellbeing is empowerment,
Self determination chooses what is in our interests,

Force shuts down our ability to care
when we don’t agree about what is fair,

Force creates resistance,
Fear is resistance to force (powerless),

Fear lowers the immune system if persistence,

Stress is toxic to cellular health when threatened,

White blood cells rush to protect well-being,

The immune system is the real line of defence that is weakened,

If the line is control not understanding,

For the thin blue line must become white (neutral),

Erring on the side of understanding not force,

Winning the hears and the minds is a clue,

For (economic) pathogens attack the immune system when threatening survival,

So we must de-escalate threats
to remember health and wellbeing is
respect, goodwill and patience,

As all must feel safe and at home in their own country,

Home is where the heart is!

Is a mask protection or compliance?

Is a mask a gag order or anti-viral?

For it can be a barrier enhancing social distancing,

Hiding the beautiful smile of community wanting to ask are you ok?

For the mask is porous to sub atomic viral particles penetrating the veil,

Any virologist, doctor and surgeon will tell you,

The mask is for sterilisation not suppression 24/7,

Experts not government sanctioned
may see differently,

No vested interests is the turn-key that opens the door,

For a spike in illness will occur when restrictions lift they say making it worse,

Sanitising stops natural flora building immunity,

Numbers will go up and restrictions re-imposed to force vaccines not anti-virals,

Nature is spiking as natural immunity is being suppressed by fear and greed,

These are the only enemies of humankind.

Do we arrest difference or seek the truth of the matter?

Can we make allowance for conscientious objection?

As physical distancing without a sniffle is safe,

Water (hydration) is safe,

Hydroxychloroquine is safe,

Zinc is safe,

Vitamin C is safe,

Zithromax is safe,

Oxy Silver is safe,

For if these are the cures why no trials?

What are we waiting for?
Health or FDA approvals?

The safety valve must be released in public forums of inquiry,

Perhaps a police/public zoom event,

Wouldn’t that be fascinating together yet apart?

Where all sides can be heard in peace and reconciliation to build understanding not fear,

As this leads democratic discourse by example,

Dictatorship is not democratic,

The public have a right to know the truth from diverse voices to choose which to true!

Politicians do not always tell the truth,

They may serve other interests.

The tree of life can be branch stacked for winter,

Courts can become star chambers as juries are dismissed without rhyme or reason,

Money pours into defence not public health?

Military replace police!

A militarised zone is not a public space,

Funding uncertain testing or boost immune systems?

Why not determine risk management assessment:

Is the risk the spread of dis-ease or actual COVID deaths?

Is it a mild disease or severe pandemic?

Is it a risk to the majority or those immune compromised?

For if it is LOW risk to the majority and HIGH risk to the minority …

Then why impose a HIGH risk suppressive strategy on the majority …

If they are not at risk of dying?

Does the spread really matter?

The Swedes say no, public education, economic sovereignty is key to independence,

Does debt becomes the ball and chain or belt and road?

Are we stuck between a rock and a hard place?


WE are Asking:

What happens if the masks lower immunity through low oxygen supply and lack of fresh air?

What if the masks ensure you breathe in your own viruses and bacteria and reinfect?

What if they socially isolate causing depression due to lack of expression?

What if an economic depression is the real risk to citizens health and wellbeing?

What of investment in infrastructure and Chinese checkers is the real trade war?

Does this give social credits to transfer public assets?

For is there an enemy or misunderstanding?

Is ignorance the real enemy we can’t face?

For misinformation circles us in confusion binding our hands and feet unable to move,

Schooled to police rather than assist each other,

With us or against us was a Bush tirade,

Divide and conquer fuels civil unrest,

Is this the test?

Clear and concise facts (without motive) is the mask pulled off as a mirror enables us to see clearly,

As global agendas are the block and chain,

DNA vaccines may well be the real in vitro intrusion into the blueprint of life, liberty and happiness,

Silently the statue of liberty shines her light for all to see on swan song street,

She is silent and holds up the light of inquiry for you must go within to see truth as liberty,

As we must ask the difficult questions about
who we are and who we will become?

Tyranny or democracy?
silent warning flares shot up in the night sky,

Conflict or celebration?
Is the cup half empty or half full?

For the light can show another way out of darkness,

The light of inquiry can bring new questions to the roundtable where we sit together equally,

The light of truth can reveal the problem and the solution when truth not power is the real intention.

Perhaps the solution was the problem?

Can we resurrect democratic freedom to solve the problem no matter emergency powers?

For emergency powers were imposed for 40 years in the United States in the name of war doctrines,

Terrorism was the suppression of the Bill of Rights,

The Liberty bell tolled on September 11 as a reminder,

Is bio warfare another war generating terror where there is no defence?

Is the enemy greed as the seed of endless dis-ease as the new normal?

For industries are investing millions in disease not wellbeing,

They need a quick return on investment,

Bypassing FDA and animal trials to get this done,

A Decade of Vaccines is the banner draped across capital ($) Hill,

For there are walls on the streets impervious to poverty (Wall Street),

Yet Wall Street has a Fearless girl standing firm,

Facing the Bull to bear another stock exchange,

As a vaccine for COVID generates exorbitant yields,

Pandemics are good for business as global economic conditions collapse,

Disaster capitalism spikes,

To make money out of misery is the new world order in this endless spiral to rock bottom.


WHO is an advocate?

Global health or global business?

Everyone gets rich quick,

To patent viruses is a new product entry,

HIV AIDS, Ebola, Zika, coronavirus (7), Influenza, polio?

Can they target Asians? Caucasians? Weakened states? Fertility?

What of eugenics? White supremacists?

Determining WHO is superior or inferior?

For what is novel can be patented what is not cannot,

The novel coronavirus was patented by Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, DARPA and the European Commission, Why?

The World Economic Forum simulated a coronavirus pandemic inviting global leaders in 2019 to practice what-to-do in preparation for a pandemic,

Another Gates ad-venture.  Why?

Wuhan Scientists visit Geelong CSIRO to work on a coronavirus (bats),

Wuhan is a WHO lab did you know?

Wuhan is a SMART 5G city – is this synchronicity?

They want SMART not intelligent design,

SMART: Secret Militarised Armaments in Residential Technology

For Smart Cities are the Fourth Industrial Revolution,

As I am sure you know,

WHO announced EMF as a possible 2B carcinogen,

Waves and pulses cause cancer and disruption,

Many more will die as the immune system collapses,

I sit here and I cry for our folly,

As the moral dilemma is a prisoner’s dilemma,

As we are imprisoned in fear by a great Wall,

The eagle soars overhead like a drone,

Yet what can we see from a higher perspective?

We are in this together – there is no them or us,

There is only children, grandchildren and what we leave behind as our legacy,

We must teach them to be each other’s keepers,

For EMF and viruses are indiscriminate,

Both bio-weapons impacting DNA,

It is time for democracy to have a say to choose:
Sickness or health? Life or death?

It was the Man from Snowy River who chased the colt of old regret to show no regret in taking risks,

Nothing is impossible when courage holds the reins risking health & safety to be who you are,

For we are waiting for a hero!  Perhaps it is you,

For I stand at the Shrine of Remembrance,

And see only the flame of freedom alight.