Psychopathic Business Political System, Orwell and Awakening

In the public interest.  Interestingly I was contemplating the word ‘evil’ today.  I don’t usually use this word as I see it as the absence of love.  What is being expressed here has been born out for me intuitively and experientially.  Without doubt there is a silent war going on and the normalisation of psychopathic behaviour which I know to be a mental health issue.  I also know the power of goodness.  It is true you must follow yourself and trust your path. It is comforting to hear another voice reflecting the reality under the surface.

Some notes from the video below.

Martin Geddes a former Silicon Valley IT expert is awakening business to psychopathic approaches normalising evil.  He speaks of a spiritual war beneath the surface.  It explains we must learn to follow intuitive intelligence to ensure others do not control. He uses planning as a means to work out what is happening and the future.  He uses analyst skills to problem solve what is happening. He sees a massive shake-up that has never been seen before.  Some have called it disruption. Early signs now.

He speaks about spygate scandal hints at a coop attempt by outgoing Obama administration and criminals against Trump administration. He says this is serious.   Reports from Inspector General Department of Justice on FISA gate scandal. Illegal spying on US politicians by Americans by abusing 5 Eyes system of spying, pulls in UK, Italy and other countries (including Australia). 

World events happening similar to this.  Clinton Foundation and mass media.  Step back and understand the bigger picture, the collapse of globalisation and replaced by something new.  Akin to collapse of Soviet Union.

How to build a rational scenario map of the future.  Next year there will be unfolding of connected mega scandals, off the scale of what has been seen.  They are global.  Uranium one involves Russia and Iran.  Iran gate.  Weaponisation of migation from Africa.  EU on last legs.

Need more extreme wildcards in planning.  Present moment extreme schism in belief.  Pro globalist and anti-globalist. tussle between liberty and totalitarianism.  Understanding the nature of the struggle and tectonic thing under the surface.  Earthquake first half next year and then tsunami, much of the old systems will be washed away. 

Facing a geopolitical earthquake.  You need your two weeks of food. Basic preparations will get you through a difficult times.  Educate yourself. 

total trust in the mainstream media.  They are controlled, compromised and complicit in hiding crimes against humanity.  Documents now state the Iraq war based on false premises. 

Unprecedented resignations of CEO’s.  Related to media.  Not possible t run trials for those involved in corruption, deals cut. Those not involved in pedophilia, they are given a deal to resign from politics and business.

Silent war, occult war, real war, people are dying.  Struggle for survival and power. 

Epstein part of a system of blackmail and control.  It is far worse than your worst nightmares. 

Understand these are connected, embedded into the highest levels.  To get into the elite are you willingto rape children.  It is aweful.  It is too dark for most people.  Denial of reality leaves you vulnerable to massive suprrises.

How to discern right and wrong or caught up in mass deceptions. Intellectuals the most vulnerable to propaganda.  (Head and heart?) You have to develop an intuitive intelligence as well as intellectual intelligence.  They are not the same thing.  Traumas and wounds from childhood including experience with a occult sensitised Martin.  Art and photography helped to develop the other side of self. 

Understanding your goodness, compassion and passion can be weaponised against you hijacked in evil ways, he says.  Framing of this, the core thing we are in a war, real war between discernment and deception and the evil works by persuading it doesn’t exist.  Denial. 

Barrier on incredulous.  Resignations are happening, numbers of sealed indictment.  Peace breaking out and conflict (Hong Kong).  What is the nature of the geopolitical stresses.  All connected between systems of good and evil.

Good versus evil is simple. In the world it is complex. It is like a fractal.  What is right and wrong?  Failure in trust.  Transition of governments – Brazil, UK (Brexit)

geopolitical – pure globalist institutions e.g. UN, to what can be called patriot.  Transition of governments – Brazil, Italy, Uk (Brexit), changes in financial system, asset backed currency, debt and derivative disaster, collapse of trust in institutions e.g. catholic church.  Failure of trust. 
Corporate level – business black swans.  This is a purple platypus. First aspect is governance crisis. Chairman of board, other board members in corruption, CEO not concept of what is going on, staff divided etc.  Compliance crises, contracting crisis etc. NGO’s level of illegality.  Organ harvesting, human trafficking.  Pharma business corrupt. Opioid crisis.  Mass media apocalyptic.  Process unfolding of globalist system planned for decades.  Battles between secret societies, below surface bursting through, good people behind it.  Golden Age few years away. Global corruption purge leave us in a better state.   Industries shaken to their core – media, tech, Ukraine scandal Facebook, real bad.  Lot of dirty stuff, will find out about.  Energy industry, lots affected.  Horizontal functions will have to upgrade capabilities to deal with tale risk event.  HR has to deal with psychopaths.  Where are the game changers.  People with high imaginations.  They are put away as trouble makers, they will be valued the most.  Legal world there are things you can do with contracts.  Companies e.g. Disney have bad things happening.  If in finance, media production, revenue attached to Disney.  Digital marketing Facebook is 80% of business good time to think about diversification.  Some of these companies will collapse.  The level of trust broken is high.
Individual level is difficult to bring into corporate world.  It is unsettling. Personal, social world, people think we have gone nuts.  Schisms, splits in families, social stress here.  Requires you to rebalance the loss of trust in the world with more trust in inner world.  It is a spiritual war between good and evil, subverting our spiritual identity.  Collapse in beliefs systems and will come out a better person.  Spiritual awakening is not an easy process.  Need to understand how criminals got to where they are.  If you own beautiful idea that we are not worthy. If not, you are a bad person.  Come back to basics.  Exposure of things that we haven’t imagined.  Loving, kindness and compassion is essential.  Can’t deal with geopolitical stuff without doing the individual stuff….