Restricting Australians Right to Movement: Biosecurity Act 1

How can we know if a virus is made in a laboratory to be used as a weapon?
How can we know if media reports are accurate or deliberate spin?
How can we know if viruses are used as depopulation pathogens?
How can we know if these biosecurity pathogens are used to justify further unprecedent power and control in a Brave New World?

The Australian Government is tightening controls across the board and reducing human rights, media freedom, freedom of speech in a climate that is unpredented. It is deeply concerning and reflective in my view of the dismantling of democracy.

I think Australia is the petrie dish for other foreign influences. ASIO announced the penetration of foreign influences interestingly enough.

From the research I’ve done our sovereignty was undermined back in 1975 when a popular Prime Minister was deposed. I believe Australia has been impacted by foreign influences and our parliament compromised ever since.

The issue is corruption and world domination not the health and human happiness of the people to evolve our civilisation to its highest potential.

This article was published on my birthday and now helps me to see the why of the corona virus.

I do not feel represented at all in my own country. When I have raised my voice I’ve been ignored, but not by intelligence agencies, they are most definitely listening not in support of the people but with other agenda’s that serve national interest which appears to me to be not about the public interest. I ask them why?

World NewsMarch 3, 2020 / 1:17 PM / 4 days ago

Australia to use biosecurity law to restrict movements of coronavirus patients

Colin Packham, Renju Jose

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia will use a little-known biosecurity law to restrict the movements of people suspected of having the coronavirus, its attorney-general said on Tuesday.

Australia on Monday confirmed the first community transmission of coronavirus after a doctor contracted it. State health officials have said the unidentified doctor has not traveled overseas in months and had not treated any of the other confirmed cases.

Amid fears of a widespread outbreak, Attorney-General Christian Porter said the government will expand the use of a rarely used law that would either designate some places as out of bounds or place the patient in home detention.

“Under the biosecurity act, you could have the prevention of movement from persons in and out of particular places,” Porter told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

“You might have a major sporting event where people would be in very, very close proximity to each other and… it might be determined that the risk of transmission at a venue like that was too high.”

The law, enacted in 2015, has rarely been used outside Australia’s agricultural sector.