Rudd/Turnbull Allliance – Is this Anti Murdoch about Control or a Global Agenda

I suspect there is a political clash going on that has a global perspective not a local interest in media fairness.

Our politicians went cap in hand to New York to get Murdoch’s endorsement. They didn’t speak up years ago and ask for a dispersed media that was reflective of ‘we the people’. They went with the corruption is my point.

So below is Peta Credlin clearly critiquing Daniel Andrews which is placing him in a negative light. So clearly Murdoch is not pro China or pro Globalist. The big question is why?

I am no long in the viewpoint that people care about the public as when I was homeless, when I reported corruption to many I was ignored. I learned overtime that I had no voice. I am not bitter about that I just kept speaking my truth and kept seeking for what was real. I do not think most understand what their alliances is doing for the future of children. I believe the children will be in a future that is compliance based not democratic within a technocracy. It is interesting I am listening to both videos at the same time and it gives me the sense of talking heads. I do feel respect for them personally but I recognise people have agenda’s.