Seeking a Challenge or Realising Beauty?

This poem was sent to me by a friend. It is a message to those seeking a challenge. Why not seek beauty instead? Wisdom will take you there when you open your heart to your own life and beauty.

This was written by a wonderful man I met many years ago who was wise beyond his years.

Finding Beauty:

Finding beauty in things that are broken,
Seeing power in things that seem weak,
Finding pleasure in tasks that are arduous,
Enjoy the challenge of a climb to the peak.
Finding love in unusual circumstances,
Finding friendship in an old enemy,
Seeing joy in abysmal surroundings,
Being cured by an unproven remedy.

Finding freedom in what looks like a prison,
Getting rested on a dry river bed,
Discover flowers in a dry stony desert,
Seeing life in the realms of the dead.
Finding beauty in things that are broken,
Making useful the things that are worn,
Finding love in unlikely places,
See creation in the things that are born.