Should Dr Fauci be Removed over Gain-of-Function Bioweapons Research? What is human cell division?

In the public interest.

Videos discussing Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Kary Mullis (critique). Dr Kary Mullis (Nobel Prize winner, PCR inventor) says Dr Fauci knows nothing, there are no wise men at the top making sure we don’t do something really dumb he says. Our lives are in this small groups hands. I don’t feel safe at all.

So let’s watch Senator Blackburn and then Dr. Kary Mullis and Jane Elliott to finish with. I have pasted a discussion about this information as a peacemaker and in the public interest. We have to talk about this as our lives are at risk given the deaths. This article is worth investigating

This, coupled with disinformation by the mainstream media is why concerns are raised that this is about depopulation not public health.

Dr Kary Mullis who died August 2019 by pneumonia (is this true?). He critiques Dr Fauci. He invented the RT-PCR and stated clearly PCR DOES NOT DETECT INFECTIOUS VIRUSES. Yet Melbourne is locked down near a public holiday, they announce they want to expand their COVID contact tracing on the basis of cases that are not clearly verifying an infectious virus. This raises critical questions of a surveillance state as the purpose and not general health. That is alarming. I have written to the COVID-19 Taskforce. I have written questions to State and Federal politicians. I have written to the Prime Minister and no-one answers honestly. That is why I work so hard.

I want a future so I can teach peace to children. I have taught Jane’s work and have divided children by eye colour. I said only blue eyed kids can be clowns. The other kids have to watch as the inner group does chinese whispers and the other group are excluded. Then when finished the kids are debriefed how they feel to be the ‘inside’ group and how they feel to be the ‘outside’ group. The latter become disgruntled and this is how social tension is created. We saw the black lives matter issue come up which whipped up hatred and racial issues deeply buried. However, we have to find forums to discuss these issues like Jane Elliott has done. People have to be educated in primary (elementary) schools. We have seen pro and anti vaccine issue and dropping comments like “dangerous” or “conspiracy theories” to divide us rather than solve the problem which would reveal that we don’t need gene therapies and they do not need to vaccinate. Yet people are forced, particularly in Melbourne, into lockdown, on the basis of RT-PRC when it doesn’t pick up viruses as the reason. This has to be questioned as we are training people to conform not question which works against our democracy. This is why people came out and asked for freedom as they were enslaved. That is how division creates conflict. The division is used for suppression strategies.

Discussion about the above. The importance of freedom of speech is that we don’t know the truth of matters and this freedom means we can solve our own problems. I realise there are a cohort who do not want ‘independent thinkers’ as mind control is difficult when people think for themselves. Yet how can we not be thinking when this is a major global crisis impacting our lives directly. It makes you think if you have been floating through life blissfully unaware.

US Senator Marcia Blackburn speaks about Dr Fauci leaving. The discussion concerns the Americans (and Australians) affected by the virus who want answers. Emails by Fauci about his concerns over gain-of-function, his working with Mark Zuckerberg (Chan Zuckerberg, Facebook) to create a PR campaign to cherry pick the facts and details. He has been ‘for’ then ‘against’. Facebook silenced posts to do with the lab leak theory. Facebook is aiding and abetting disinformation. This blogger had a video silenced about face masks and my reasons why I won’t wear them and response to alleged pandemic. My opinion was considered against public standards which was untrue.

Senator Blackburn mentions Communist China locked down Wuhan province, yet people could fly to the US or EU. She says WHO were blocked from going to Wuhan lab. She knows Fauci was concerned about the money sent to the Wuhan lab for COVID or coronavirus research.

He is working with big media and big tech trying to build out a PR campaign, claim if you say anything about him that you are attacking science. The Senator wants to get to the bottom of what science will tell us, the type of research they are doing. She says 3.5 million people who lost lives, 100’s thousands of families affected by death, livelihood’s lost, kids lost school, they have socialisation and emotional problems. People saw tax dollars used and have questions about how it was used, who benefited? Why is Fauci protecting the Wuhan lab and the Chinese Communist party, she says.

The key issue is the lab and this means bioweapons research. She believes Dr Fauci is responsible. The public were labelled biosecurity threats as all could be potential carriers of an alleged pandemic pathogen. Yet what if the real issue is the biosafey labs which are not safe and their research on gain-of-function can weaponise viruses for profit as the market is in disease not cures. Scientists can patent so-called inventions and we have seen a large number of patents of natural genes that have been changed as recombinant innovations and then patented as inventions. This makes profit out of natural life but changes the genetics. This in my view is an existential threat to the future of the human species as the DNA blueprint is changed and this fundamentally affects our ability to survive. If genes are edited to silently get around the immune system then there won’t be a immune response. It means the cells are targeted without human’s knowing they are infected. Dr Luc Montagnier has warned humanity of the real threat. Fact checkers and Silicon Valley are crowding out and shutting him down. You only need search for this article and there are so many fact checking links making it hard to find him. I consider this blocking authoritative scientific evidence based on a virologist who actually looked at the ingredients in the vaccines (gene therapies). He is a world renowned expert. This is the stunning statement he published in June. there is no way a scientists would say vaccines will kill everyone unless he was sure.

The discussion by the Senator opens to critical race theory and the importance of children to learn not to judge people by their skin colour and to learn civics (and citizenship).

In Australia they want to remove humanities from the curriculum and go online to open our kids to external technocratic influences, which in my view, mind controls it does not educate. There is a lowering of the moral bar to allow darker thoughts, lack of empathy and few jobs so people are dependent on a ‘system’. Online disconnects people from each other and it is not private as foreign interests (silicon valley, telcos, intelligence) can record and data gather educational sessions. This can be used in compromise operations later if you step out of line. We don’t want a bullying toxic culture, we have to open up discourse to solve problems, improve mental health and ensure healthy happy societies. Critical race theory can easily be applied to ethnic, gender or any division where one group is valued over another. Bioweapons or bioterrorism can target specific demographic groups which is how critical race theory links to bioweapons. This is not the future I envisage.

Senator Blackburn discusses free speech and comments on how opinions are stifle one side (what they don’t want to hear). We saw this with anti-vaxxers when the gene therapies are not vaccines and do not inoculate or stop the spread, so why the push? The issue of politicians lying was raised on Channel 10 WIN this morning. How do we get clear information for informed consent without vested interests interfering and obscuring the truth of matters so we can make clear decisions to ensure ourselves and families are safe?

Senator Blackburn talks about those who stand on principle (that would be me). Contrasted with those who speak of ONE truth (as if the only narrative that is true) and she advances that people should discuss issues. I completely agree. I want the opposite view so I can ponder it. I want to hear others views. I may disagree but later I may realise they were right, that is what democracy is about. We have received plenty of the other side pro vaccines (marketing), it is time now for the truth of matters before any more people die of vaccine injury when the so-called COVID-19 virus is safe for 99%. The 1% we can’t even be sure are impacted by COVID-19 as it is a descriptor of flu’s, coughs, headaches and sore throats which turn out to be the same symptoms or side effects in pharmaceutical drugs, chemtrails and 5G. So who is critically appraising the truth of what is going on.? Who can we trust as a non invested source? Why are groups being called dangerous and domestic terrorists when they are raising concerns or an opposing views? Why are we being sprayed by chemtrails. I see them virtually every second day. They were sprayed over my house, very low and I got the flu. I had not been out of the house for 2 weeks and no human contact, yet I got sick. I am very concerned given barium, strontium and aluminium and other particulates in these trails which cause alzheimers. They sprayed in the States since the 1950’s and today in Australia they are spraying all the time. We have not been informed as to why? I do not feel safe.

How does this video interview with Senator Blackburn and racial issues link together?

From my perspective I see elite bloodlines, toxic vaccines and objectives to purify the human race or lower the number as Bill Gates famously stated in his TED talk.

There are white supremacist’s becoming more visible, they make hand signals. Many hold extreme uncontested views in high places that either divide on the grounds of elitism and the right to rule, diminishing women as there is a perceived threat and colour as ideas are held that inferiority exists.

There is a domination approach which suppresses or demonises those who differ rather than inviting contrast if one wants to learn. Those want control do not want to learn another way. They adopt a ‘power over’ approach rather than ‘inclusive of others’ to solve collective problems. As we are supposedly in it together.

Texan educator Jane Elliott always comes to mind with race issues as we need to learn to respect all people no matter their gender, colour, status or socio-economic status. Those in adversarial mindsets will say ‘leftists’, ‘social justice warrior’, all labels when in reality it is empathy and sensitivity that sees the “other”. Those shutdown or raised in unfeeling environments see “bleeding hearts” as they literally can’t feel the “other party”. What they don’t feel doesn’t exist, but for others they feel it so it does. That is the subtle realities seen or unseen.

Underneath all the narratives of division is equality and the reality that we are born equal. Inequality is a socio-political construct to advantage one group over another, it enables cheap wages and the contrast of status to be seen, this boosts one’s sense of superiority or importance. Psychologically this is arising from feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem, yet they won’t acknowledge that as that would be a vulnerability and fear is there, when in truth it is a ‘strength’ to know yourself. Overcoming our weaknesses is how we grow. If we stifle growth, then we won’t allow the many teachers to walk across the stage of our lives. They come in many forms – the critique, the difficult family member, the oppressor, the bully and so on. All these labels mask fears that are unexpressed, hence not resolved. So for me, I see no enemies, I see problems not solved as people can’t face themselves let alone others. We are largely unconscious of the ‘shadow’ drivers that cause us to do harm to others. Jails don’t solve it but education and emotional intelligence opens up the peripheral vision to be able to see wider than self interest. That is why I teach peace, it is to open to truth of myself to myself. We can only solve the problem within. Dr Fauci will feel under attack, but he has to look at the truth of what drives his actions? Why the need for power? Why make money? Why he is not feeling empathy for those affected? I do not dislike any person but I see they are not aware or somehow disconnected.

Still we have a world dominated by mindset that seek control and power brokers seeking to increase their power at the expense of global peace. I also see a depopulation strategy that does not value people that sees them as ‘useless eaters’ as AI and automation is pushed on us to replace us. The current UK G7 summit revealed Scott Morrison announcing a focus on technology as a climate solution when it is a technocracy they are advancing, not health or global peace to benefit WHO? Do Australians want this when it displaces work to the tune of around 50-80%. This issue drives to the heart of the ‘value of people’ as assets or extractable value economically owned in a general sense and ethnic issues in a specific targeted sense.

There are issues with the vaccine and gain-of-function (weaponising viruses) to get specific gene pools. Is this why so many were tested and DNA taken when cases couldn’t identify SARS-CoV-2?

These are the deeper issues that the Senator hasn’t spoken of as she is still working out the why of Dr. Fauci.

Why do I have a right to know? I do not want recombinant viruses injected into my body. I do not want recombinants period. I do not want 4 HIV inserts (as reported by the Indian scientists in New Dehli and backed up by Professor Luc Montagnier [Nobel Prize in Medicine]. Refer

I do not want silent recombinants designed to take my life up to 2 years in the future as part of this insane depopulation push that is unquestioned. How are those at the top treated different from the rest of us? Did they receive placebo injections? Did some get real injections see Health Minister Hunt who mentioned female infertility as a possible side effect on the ABC the day before.

Are those in the inside group “special” and those in the outside group “useless eaters”. Who decides our fate?

Clearly superior/inferior belief systems believe the public are not of value as they can be replaced given the World Economic Forum AI/automation Brave New World envisaged as a Great Global Reset which no-one voted for. I see this as the pink elephant in the room.

I do not see science as the Great Reset saviour, I see it as the enslaver (surveillance capitalism) as the truth is emerging from ex CIA, weapons experts, virologists, doctors, intellectuals shutdown by Facebook, Twitter and Silicon Valley. How do inconvenient truths breach community standards when they are revealing simple and cheap cures, biosafety lab issues, exosomes, HIV inserts, recombinant DNA, patenting viruses, weaponsation, targeting of groups and the massive profiting from this global renewable Global Marshall Plan that has shutdown economic activity and caused considerable harm. There has been misinformation promoted by the media and lies told under an ’emergency use’ auspice paid for by taxpayers when there is no real public benefit here other than personal growth. Clearly they work in an opposite direction to democracy and health.

I personally have no allegiance to any group but live the principles of freedom of speech, truthful problem solving and collective happiness as that is my end goal.