Should Heads of State be Publicly Questioned?

What is interesting about this video is how the politician keeps on script but doesn’t answer.  I feel this is the problem we are facing is the scripted politicians who are skilled at avoiding questions which is clearly not in the public interest.

Perhaps we should have public trials on line so we can listen and watch how they respond to direct questioning.  The avoidance, scripted lines and confusion around truth is what renders society powerless as they appear puppets to others.  

The public feel they are in a rock and a hard place when politicians are corrupt, the judiciary are corrupt and regulators are weakened.  They awaken to the fact their voices are just air.  That their views are ignored and only those considered of status are worthy of being heard.  

I am trained in conflict resolution and I can see the disconnect.  I can see the PR spin, I can see the propaganda, I can see the misinformation and I am just astounded at the moral free zone we find ourselves in today where people just exploit with impunity.  

I am not cynical but I have wised up to the deception.  I no longer believe in authority as I can see they have lost their way.  Many are not natural leaders they are selected through character flaws (I suspect) and intelligence agencies compromise them through pedophilia and then they control them as mouthpieces.  I am not stating this for the person in the video, as I don’t know him.  However, this is the flow of consciousness that has come from watching the entertainment which has nothing to do with true representation and responsibility.  I am awaiting real leaders.  Those who are real are the ones who are principles and they empower others rather than take power and become seduced by power.  

They do emerge in times like these, so it will be interesting to see who the real heroes of our world are. Of course 7 billion people are all potential heroes if they all stand up together as one Voice. Imagine that. Game over.

I’d be interested to know what the opportunity/cost of:

deception, lies, corruption, corrupt politicians, deliberate delays, cutting funding, public-private partnerships, infrastructure, foreign agenda’s, ideologies that self serve rather than ensure all are served equally. 

The alleged pandemic has revealed to me what can be done quickly and how much they spend and change society.  I know homelessness could have been ended a long time ago, it was clearly a choice with a care factor of zero.  I see the clear disconnect when money (profit) is the objective and outcome. I see that clearly.

Under universal law what you do to another returns to the self.  Life is circular. We only fool ourselves as we believe we are superior.  It is self deception coming from deep inferiority which is underlying this (not enough). That is the seed of greed that needs fame, prestige, status and superiority to feel successful rather than just living one’s life feeling happy with who we become.  Yet all are equal, with equal capacity for love or hate.  We all get to choose who we become.  This is the true meaning of equal opportunity.  The cost of choosing corruption is the world we see today.  It is a big price all will pay for the treadmill and fear based culture carefully constructed around true freedom.  

These times are that watershed for a better future as one by one each awakens to their own lie they believed was truth.  It will be both extremely depressing and enlightening.  We have to go through the grief of letting go of what was to open to what will become.  There is no going back.  One do closes another door opens.

This video is the reason we want to close the door on the past.