Silencing Freedom of Speech

In the public interest. Interestingly enough David Icke was banned from Australia. The Video below is on Freedom of Speech.

In my view there is no right or wrong just diversity.

I don’t want to silence anyone either, I believe this creates the contrast which clashes up and can expand our ideas. It is not to identify the speaker with ideas but just explore the ideas, take on what you agree with, discard what you don’t. As ideas pop in, are they really our ideas.

He speaks of CIA, NSA, Pentagon, DARPA and Silicon Valley seed funded companies and created the internet. The search engine technologies such as Google were funded by the military/intelligence network he says.

He says Facebook is censoring. He speaks of ghost banning he says it is done to him. I feel ‘what you resist persists what you look at disappears’.

He indicates YouTube is deleting channels given they have broken guidelines.

He speaks of those controlling the world. A handful that control Google, YouTube, Facebook that dominate information that most see or don’t see. It is concentration of surveillance and censorship power in Silicon Valley. They can trawl your data (have done that to mine). It is disappearing freedom of speech. For the moment I still have it.

He speaks of Israel which is controversial. He is not the only one. Sad to hear about hate groups. He said he was accused of anti-semetic which he has denied. He said he is opposed to racism and fault lines. He speaks of the one consciousness having an experience.

Interesting he speaks about the venue being pressured that David is a danger. From what he describes it is a form of smear using fear to shut down alterative views.

If solving the problem is considered important, then the issue is not labels but learning how to resolve conflict by being able to sit with those who are critiquing and work out the problem rather than hate a person.

The road to peace is not easy, perhaps we have to go through who we are not to find who we are. Silencing dissent in my view is silencing nature, as diversity is natural. I really don’t know what hatred feels like. I really find I can’t find it in me. I recognise the pain in those who hate. So much energy in conflict, imagine what cooperation, understanding and compassion can do when we come together as humans.