Stay Positive in Uncertain Times

As a poet I can relate to the creativity giving rise to the dark cloud hovering over many. Like the author I remain positive as good will overcome what is dark. The video clip reflects the inner state of many who feel the repression the most hardest. However the hardiest are resilient as they have had to suffer a long time. There was a statement of both sides being played, there is truth in this.

This revolution becomes an evolution of consciousness as we must face the shadow of our own denial in respect of what freedom truly means, what were the values that formulated in this case, the United States. What is the outcome collectively desired. Violence will only bring on more oppression it is wise to find inner truth and step from this centre point. Just recognise that many untruths will be told at this time to cause confusion. What is clear is that beneath all the smoke, the violence, the fear is a steady state of love. I felt it this morning and it is rock solid.

I have spent many years facing fear and overcoming it. I came to see all fear arises from the perception of powerlessness. Yet we are not powerless we just simply believe we have no power. So to rebalance fear you must look for the good in all circumstances. Shutdown means inner reflection. Masks means to observe not speak. Find the truth and it will set all free as the Wizard of Oz is really a man on a bike blowing lots of smoke. What we fear is false evidence appearing real. It is a powerful video.

So here is an expression from an African American.