Stew Peters Show: 2.5 million Vaccine Injuries per Month in USA and Denial of Excess Deaths

This was reported by the Stew Peters show from a US government source. A key discussion in this video is how doctors can be silent.

For me it is how can politicians be silent.

How can police be silent.

How can doctors and nurses be silent.

How can those who know remain silent.

Courage is stepping into the unknown and never do things come out the way you think. I’ve found in my own experience that better things come. You feel better about yourself as you know during this silent war that we attempted to warn others. I wrote 14 reports on Covid-19 as a public service. I was shocked to learn how deep the corruption goes. So this is the real healing that is taking place on this planet as silent murder by vaccine is the same as a war with combat but against defenceless people.

There needs to be a Nuremberg 2.0 is advised by Dr Tenpenny I would support as it is indeed a bioweapon and they are still pushing the next shot. I feel the crime is becoming visible.

I think we can put conspiracy theory to bed. It has been indeed a conspiracy on a scale that is mind blowing. The lack of care and love for fellow human beings is the pathology that was spread through greed in my view. I do not dislike anyone but can see the mental health issue at the highest levels seen as the ‘new normal’. It is not normal nor healthy. As we harm others life will return to those engaging in these crimes.

Report said there were 20 million who had died and 2.1 billion people seriously injured in October of 2022. She asks how much larger are the numbers. She talks of the children being killed. She speaks of cognitive dissonance where people deny what is happening as it is too shocking. Eventually they will have to confront it as each will lose people. It is not unlike Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

I smile at Donald Trump, I think it is very clear he is part of this Great Global Reset. Rupert Murdoch was supporting him. He rolled out Operation Warp Speed. Say no more.

I don’t believe there are any white hats. I just smile at the operation that seeks to divide. I am becoming more aware of the deception or what I term the wolf in sheep’s clothing bearing gifts. We have to be discerning in these times but don’t jump on bandwagons to further division but instead envisage a world healing itself via the toxic issues coming to light.

We are indeed awakening to abuses that have been in plain sight for a long time.