Stop 5G Rallies in Australia as a Crime Against Humanity

This is in the public interest. The public has to educate themselves about this issue to ensure their families are safe.


Stop Smart Meters Australia

Fighting for your financial & physical health, privacy, and safety in Australia

Stop 5G rallies gaining traction around Australia

Successful Australian Stop 5G Rallies



Photo by Rob Locke



Mullumbimby, NSW


Also see Prime 7 coverage: Community rallies against 5G network


Next Events:

SUNSHINE COAST Info & Action Event (2nd July):



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4 Responses to Stop 5G rallies gaining traction around Australia

  1. 5G Concerns says:

    Please check out this excellent, informative link revealing all the 5G tower locations across Australia, with detailed information about each tower.
    (488 towers currently).
    Look up what’s being proposed near where you live…..

    When you travel down the page, it lists all the towers firstly for Victoria, then NSW, then SA, then NT, WA, TAS, ACT, then QLD.
    Click on blue number to the left for more detail about particular tower location, and what type of tower it is. When map comes up, click on “Environment EME Report” for test information, comparing the difference between the “existing configuration” and “proposed configuration” at each site.
    The results are a real concern.

    In the Victoria list of towers for example:
    3133007 | 495 Burwood Hwy — VERMONT SOUTH, 3133
    In existing configuration (3G, 4G and 4GX) power density (mW/m2) at 0-50mtrs has been measured at 6.18 mW/m2.
    With the proposed 5G configuration, the power density (mW/m2) at 0-50mtrs will be going up to 506.044 (mW/m2).

    6.18 mW/m2 – 506.044 mW/m2
    That’s alarming!!!


  2. Rik says:

    Noticed there is no stop 5g rallies in Melbourne. Why is that? Probably as we know the andrews government doesn’t listen to us here and forces that crap on us anyway.
    Look at all the crap with smart meters. They are forced on us even that they are proven to cause medical problems. I myself have lived with EMS since they were installed.

    • Electro-smog Objector says:

      There was an awesome march against 5G through the centre of Melbourne on Saturday, 22nd June. I was there (along with a lot of other people!).
      Well done to Stop 5G Melbourne for organising. (And the police, for stopping traffic.)

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