Submission to ACT Government: Conscientious Objection to Public Health Amendment Bill 2021

This file is a Submission of Conscientious Objection to Public Health Order Legislation.  It is an evidence based report.

This work is dedicated the principle of ‘A Fair Go’ and to Advance Australia Fair.

The owner of the report is Susan Carew.

Edited and updated in the public interest.



CLICK:  Submission of Conscientious Objection Public Health Orders and Corruption

Judith Carew-Friend Testimonial pressured by her doctor to take the vaccine and his shocking disclosure about ‘deaths’: (paste in browser)

Judith Carew-Friend discusses her experience as a pensioner about how pharmaceutical drugs are negatively affecting her health and COVID-19:



Bill Gates Crimes:
Dr Judy Mikovits: Plandemic.  Essential viewing.
Robert F. Kennedy:  The Real Anthony Fauci – (book)
Dr Fauci and Glycoprotein120 and 5G:
Interview with Dr Madej describing the strange creatures in the COVID shots.
Novak Djokovic COVID-19 trialling cure:
Australia One Party calls for an Oath to Serve Australia:
Concentration Camps in Australia?
Takeover of Australia:
Dr Judy, Mikovits: The Scientific Case Against Masks and other important information is at this link. Note Dr. Mikovits is a public scientist revealing the corruption in big pharma and government agencies in the US. We need clear, concise scientific information not shaped by vested interests, as our families are dying.
As the only independent movie to reach over one billion views, Plandemic1 is accredited for being first to warn the world of the crimes against humanity that are now out in the open.


Elon Musk Chips:



Dr Patch Adams: I travelled to Russia with Dr. Patch Adams who was played by Robin Williams in the film. We clowned in hospitals. Our purpose was to boost the immune system, social connectedness, to bring joy into what were miserable moments not only to patients but nurses and doctors.  Our work was to bring humanity into suffering.  It was those we touched that healed us as humans reminding us the only purpose in life is to care for others.
A link to our trip to Russia  Laughter is the best medicine.