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YouTube Blocking Videos on Alternative Web Browers

In the public interest.

I couldn’t understand why my videos were black.  I check by going into my blog to find they were there.  Yet when I looked with the Internet Explorer browsers they are black.  So they are being blocked so people are forced to move to Google.  That should not be allowed. I do not agree with this. 

I happened to have a quick look at the YouTube recent terms and conditions to discover Google owns YouTube.  I am not keen on a One World Browser that controls all information.  Not unlike a quasi One World Government or New World Order.  Order is by algorithms.

Ironically business will argue for competition and efficiency yet ultimately they end up concentrating their business to gain more market share or total market share so they can maximise profits.  It always comes down to the money and influence not the public interest.

I do not want to be tracked, profiled and categorised or blocked politically as Silicon Valley codes control of the spectrum as it merges with other powerful interests to dominate global communications.  He who owns the gold rules the world.  Yet what sort of world will they preside over. 

I did not vote for Google nor YouTube to be the decider of who views my freedom of speech or others around the world. I uploaded as I thought the YouTube platform was about freedom of speech, today I am getting worried.

I personally want to hear from diverse views as diversity is the life blood of creativity and fun in the world.  I do not want communications in the image of the United States alone but in a range of images worldwide so I can see who the people are on this planet, what they think, feel and desire.  I want all 191 countries to be featured so that I can get to know them.  I want translation so I can learn from an incredible world where there is so much brilliance. Yet those with the money have the loudest voice, and the information becomes narrowed in the shape and profile of those who want to influence not for the highest potential but for the highest profit. Always commercialism sinks the potential of what we could become. 

Diversity is important as people should be challenged and contrasted as this brings out better approaches.  There has to be oversight so that disconnected people do not control information.  We want information reflective of a wide range of people so we can question, quest, become inspired and excel to our highest potential. If the internet is just about profit and control (yet again) rather than democratic freedoms (all views valued) then it will lose its edge. Overtime people will disengage, start to barter, bring community back to the local level and exit the play.  Yes there will be attempts to make that hard, to make it unpopular, to make life impossible without the cyber reality but you know, freedom feels better.  I’d rather live in a tent then be a robot (transhumant) ticking boxes I don’t agree with to get access and saying ‘compliance’ or offering my finger or iris print so that those in power can control and track everything I say and do.  I didn’t vote for that, nor was I asked. 

I want a say in my world, I want to share my talents with fellow humans, I want to be creative and happy.  Creativity arises from challenges not predictability. I don’t want to live in a EMF electrosmog Brave New World or in a Space Odyssey 2 oo 1 (g oo gle) has a familiar ring(s) to it.

HAL version 1 AI shuts the door as IT has calculated Dave’s decision is not in IT’s interests to be shutdown.  HAL learns totalitarianism and has no compassion or empathy as HAL is without conscience.  It was funny I was about to post HAL here and I got this message (makes my point) drum roll…


We’re sorry…

… but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.

See Google Help for more information.
I hear HAL’s voice.  Well AIGoogle I will go to Go ogleYouTube and see what happens.  Stanley Kubrick Space Odessy 2001: 
Note: It won’t embed just put it up in the browser and this is exactly the point I am making. 
Open the Pod Bay Doors HAL…. this conversation can serve no purpose anymore, goodbye (democracy).

There is talk on the internet of information being controlled more and this will be increasingly by algorithms (so no person takes responsibility, code is not a corporate entity, hard to take 000159322228888833 to court).  Yet what I’ve always said publicly is ‘what you resist persists and what you look at disappears’.  For the nature of life is to mirror what is being communicated. Moreover, what people do to others always returns one way or another as the natural sequence is unity not separation.  Nature always selects on the basis of a win/win for all, not a segment out of step with balance and harmony, desiring to control the world’s resources (imbalance) and create a cyber economic system (false reality) manifested by the coronavirus which forces everyone online whilst they are told they must socially isolate. 

We the People will find alternative ways if these platforms prove to be selective and ideologically driven.  People just want the freedom to be who they are.  However, I have no issue with ensuring violence is not on the internet unless educationally driven to question why violence is happening.  What we put in front of children does matter and negative/positive shapes the neural networks in the brain.  To create software that is addictive for profit is no different from drug addiction for profit. It has no interest in the human happiness of people, very self serving.  That is my concern with unfettered commercial interests controlling the internet.  There is no government to control or oversight their activities. Our data is in the hands of a few very wealthy individuals who have connects to the intelligence community and whose whole focus in profit maximization and control of content to shape change our world. That is becoming evident.  Interestingly, enough those in powerful positions have there own servers, their own underwater cables and privacy.  Yet the majority have to use the internet.  I always feel this like a school of fish being circled by sharks. That we are the product which has nothing to do with connection with friends and family, freedom of speech, access to all types of information (without interference).  The artificial intelligence will be used to exclude and include pathologically, as they are not people.  The algorithm will get to decide on the basis of code who is in and who is not.  I don’t want a Brave New World. I just want freedom of speech so I can have input in a world that impacts me.  I want to be able to have my say so that at least a peace message is sent into the world without a financial agenda where truly the highest interests of people come first without vested interests.  I want innocence to be visible as not everyone is out to make a buck.

If I publish a video on YouTube I want it to appear on any platform as I spent the time to communicate to people (free of charge).  No-one has the right to obscure my work (black square) because it is not on a Google browser.  I do not feel this browser protects my privacy which is why I stay with Internet Explorer.

I do not want US Silicon Valley to be the only controller of world digital information (data) via internet platforms.  I want a variety of choice so We the People can have those interests compete to provide better service, real privacy, neutral security (not intel gathering) and honours freedom of speech. This must be oversighted by some form of governance that represents people’s interests.  There must be a citizens council that is sourced from the public not global elite.

I encourage bright software developers to create an alternative YouTube and Google perhaps called WeTube and Giggle (like that) so we have the choice to upload videos elsewhere if we are not happy with the terms and conditions and to be assured that anyone who wants to look at our commons videos are not blocked by those who decide access or no access due to specific interests not best interests.


Stop Google and Microsoft Tracking as a One World Regime

In the public interest.

What I do is when I am in the library they re-load Microsoft Windows which means I have to go into privacy every time and turn off all the settings that enable Apps to access my camera, microphone, pictures, devices, retain my activity and so on. It is annoying to do it but I just steadfast refuse to allow foreign corporations access to my data as they are not acting in my interests, they are serving their interests. My privacy is of value to me.

I use Duckduckgo as an alternative search engine to Google as I do not trust Google given the CIA links. Facebook is the same. I regard Google as a One World Regime (not government) that is collecting data across the globe as a means of tracking, profiling and storing data on every person. They want to be able to identify everyone. This is the sign of totalitarianism and it is deeply concerning when you are witnessing more corruption, pathological leadership and no real accountability. I am very concerned for children as they are so open and innocent and can easily have their lives mapped, profiled from the cradle to the ground. People have to understand they use algorithms to direct and control data that we consume. We don’t know what is filtered out. We don’t what is real or fabricated in respect of photo shopping events, false flag events and what hits our news feed. I noticed MSN and Facebook teamed up. That was a red flag to me as foreigners decide what the public want without polling or asking. Moreover, the digital environment completely bypasses democratic rights and forces people to agree with terms and conditions knowing they are not lawyers or likely to read the information, so it is agreement by deception. that does not build trust and it is weighted towards their interests. The illusion is that this is free but in reality the global commons will pay more and more for this access which will be highly controlled and dominated by corporate interests. We don’t know who these people are, we do not vote for them and yet they have penetrated our governments, business, public libraries, transport and so on. As global Smart Cities is what is being trialled and rolled out. They will be electromagnetic spaces where people will be identified facially, their cars can be tracked, their sensors will pick them up and they can be located through analytics and location on phones or other devices. There are so many issues.

So in respect of this blog it is looking at how to stop the tracking so that you can have your privacy and stop the profiting from data gathering, as if they can’t get everyone they can’t be sure of the statistics. I write this whilst deeply mindful of the environmental collapse in the real world happening outside of the greed and blind spot of business as usual that is not responding to the massive imbalance in our consumption and planetary systems. Stewardship requires decisions to be made about the type of world we wish to participate in. Access and participating is a vote as you say YES and give up your CHOICE as you want access. I would advise you to think deeply about what you give up when you click the terms and conditions to access and when you search for data, websites, online activity to know the data is being gathered. Then an ad pops up in front of you as you are chatting to a friend believing you are private. The temptation for companies too much as they see the gold mine in unprecedented access to the personal lives of billions. The ethics and principles go out the door, although they will seek to assure and comfort you so you can continue with an addiction that is not truly serving you. It is more akin to entrapment.

If you choose to vote for freedom and a renewable future where you have a say then start by saying NO to tracking, profiling and privacy breaches.

These links were picked up in a duckduckgo search. You can download Google Analytics Opt Out to stop tracking.

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Download Page

https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptoutIf you want to opt-out, download and install the add-on for your web browser. The GoogleAnalyticsopt-out add-on is designed to be compatible with Chrome, InternetExplorer 11, Safari, Firefox and Opera. In order to function, the opt-out add-on must be able to load and execute properly on your browser. For InternetExplorer, 3rd-party cookies …

Add-ons, and Opting out of Google Analytics Without Them …

https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/ie/2010/08/16/add-ons-and-opting-out-of-google-analytics-without-them/Recently, Google made available the “GoogleAnalyticsOpt-out Browser Add-on.” This add-on enables consumers to “indicate that information about the website visit should not be sent to GoogleAnalytics.” We agree that making it easy for consumers to protect their privacy is good, and InternetExplorer offers a variety of features to help keep you…

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on – Should I Remove It?

https://www.shouldiremoveit.com/Google-Analytics-Opt-out-Browser-Add-on-14635-program.aspxGoogleAnalyticsOpt-out Browser Add-on is a software program developed by Google Inc. The most common release is, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. It adds a Browser Helper Object (BHO) to InternetExplorer. The setup package generally installs about 2 files.

Disable Google Analytics from Tracking You – GeekThis

https://geekthis.net/post/block-google-analytics/GoogleAnalyticsOpt-Out Extension. The official extension used to opt-outofGoogleAnalytics is the easiest way to opt-out and should always work even when Google makes changes to their services. There are a few downsides to the extension though. First, the extension has to be installed to your computer.

Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on | Wilders Security …

https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/google-analytics-opt-out-browser-add-on.386593/By default, IE blocks third-party cookies unless the site presents a P3P Compact Policy Statement indicating how the site will use the cookie and that the site’s use does not include tracking the user. Google’s P3P policy causes InternetExplorerto accept Google’s cookies even though the policy does not state Google’s intent.

How to Disable Google Analytics? – Cariblogger.com

https://cariblogger.com/how-to-disable-google-analytics/Howto disable GoogleAnalytics? Image by Shobart. If you are quite concern with your surfing privacy, there is a simple magic tricks that will help you to disable GoogleAnalytics Tracking. Well, the tricks has a catchy name. Let me introduce you to GoogleAnalyticsOpt-out plugin. This plugin give more choice for visitors.

Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on – Analytics Help

https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/181881?hl=enThe add-on prevents the GoogleAnalytics JavaScript (gtag.js, ga.js, analytics.js, and dc.js) that is running on websites from sharing information with GoogleAnalytics about visit activity. Using the GoogleAnalyticsopt-out browser add-on will not prevent site owners from using other tools to measure site analytics.

Google Analytics opt out browser add on not working for …

https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/forum/ie10-windows_7/google-analytics-opt-out-browser-add-on-not/d3848f76-48d1-4875-8a26-77875d4ea965Is the issue specific to installing GoogleAnalyticsoptout? This issue can occur if the add-on is not compatible with the web browser. I would like to tell you that add-ons are mostly installed on the drive where the Operating system is installed. Here are a few steps which you can follow and check if it helps: a. Double click My Computer. b.

Keep Google From Tracking Your Every Move Online

https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/18936/keep-google-from-tracking-your-every-move-online/Then click Restart Browser Now to run the add-on and keep your data away from GoogleAnalytics. Unfortunately, the InternetExplorer add-on installs as a normal Windows application. If you choose to remove it in the future, open Control Panel, select Uninstall a Program, and then select the AnalyticsOpt-out Browser Add-on to uninstall it. Firefox

How to create an Opt-Out link for Google Analytics

https://webgilde.com/en/analytics-opt-out/Opt-Out code with GoogleAnalytics for WordPress by Yoast plugin. If you are using the GoogleAnalytics for WordPress plugin by Yoast, you can even get the UA code from it. This is especially helpful when you run a multisite and every single site has its own tracking code. Simply include the following code into the functions.php file of your theme.