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Event 201 Pandemic Simulation, World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation and Global Control 2019

In the public interest. This is a perspective that a pandemic simulation was undertaken in October 2019 at the World Economic Forum with the assistance of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The simulation took place 6 weeks before the actual coronavirus. He states they funded the organisation who formulated the coronavirus.

The simulation includes control of the internet and arresting people in respect of what is perceived as ‘misinformation’. Google and Facebook in the simulation delete information.

  • What if the false information in the simulation is the truth?
  • All are forced to publish what is perceived as the right information.
  • Enforcement against so called fake news is about censorship. They note conspiracy theories.
  • The World Health Organisation becomes the central source of information.
  • Wuhan is the location of he biolab and ground zero of this simulated virus spreading.

Spiro holds concerns about control exercised globally.

The question is – is it a coincidence? I feel the global chess board.

I would propose the scenario and reality of the coronavirus is an argument for decentralisation and remote working. It puts cold water on policies to increase the size of cities. Below is a visitor to my blog from Corona, I had to smile. Corona is in California. The link is another blog on this simulated pandemic. Very interesting timing.

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