Targeting Compliance

This is a good video about a person wearing a mask but hey he is not covering his mouth. No-one told the authorities that the masks don’t work according to virologists and doctors doing blogs on YouTube. They say the virus is smaller than the pores in the mask. Moreover, we can reinfect ourselves breathing in CO2, bacteria and our own viruses. They suggest that if we clean everything we are not allowing the natural bacteria and viruses to challenge our immune systems (strengthen immunity) as we are meant to be naturally exposed. Some belief there will be a spike in illness when restrictions are lifted given stress and lower immune systems. So we have to make healthy decisions based on research.

What is interesting is the video below and what we’ve all experienced is the media pressure on the public to comply.

Force is not freedom.
Not being asked is not democracy.
Mental health is not social isolation.

Is the issue the spread of a virus or actual deaths compared to influenza for example?

Is the issue the selling of vaccinations (disease) or positive wellbeing (immunity)?

We are in parallel universe where all the rules have changed and people are being punished for not doing as they are told, it is akin to dictatorial rule for sure yet under the label of a public health emergency where no-one can say no if they do not agree.

Getting everyone to wear a mask is to create a herd mentality (grooming) to validate that the virus is real as viruses cannot be seen. People are then pitched against each other planting in their minds that other people are risking their health or prolonging the shutdown. This is a form of psychological grooming and public policing. I notice changes come in slowly always a public benefit is associated. A look over the WHO criteria shows how the criteria has been changed and we are experiencing suppressive strategies which in my view are extreme. The majority are not virologists and are confronted with misinformation from all sides. It is interesting to observe how this phenomena is unfolding. I find myself at the side watching with curiosity. I find myself contemplating on who the heroes will be? Who will surprise me with their courage. Perhaps this video is life sending me some humour to remind me of the illusion we live in.

This guy is demonstrating his independence and uniqueness, it takes courage to step outside of what is seriously expected, particularly in this environment of escalating fear. I did laugh at him, particularly at the end.

People blindly follow to do the right thing, or to get it over with, as they believe those in authority. I do understand that, we are all conditioned to comply in truth. Yet there is plenty of evidence emerging validating governments corruption around the world and that multinationals are controlling decision making. There wealth is concentrating and can exceed the wealth of a nation state. This is where leverage occurs to serve their interests.

It is why a heroic act to challenge mind control and compliance that may be inaccurate. The people will wake up when they see this is not ending any time soon. It is no mistake other countries are following suit. This is a coordinated strategy and global economic collapse. They will bring in a Marshall Plan when it has collapsed enough.

Sometimes I feel sad as I know people are deeply suffering and credit is funding the country, but the reality behind the mask is it is a false economy, we cannot live like this anymore. The icecaps are melting and sustainability is not an electrical smart grid. Extractive coal is coal. The new regime that wishes to come in won’t work either, I know this in my inner sense, I feel it 100%. We have to use this time of pause and disruption (as they call it) to deeply contemplate the beautiful world we want to live in. We have to examine our values, the trade off of materialism. Perhaps Target is the metaphor, all these isles of things we don’t really use just impulse buy then discard to fill a gap that can never be filled by things. Perhaps being excluded is okay, I find myself letting go of the old paradigm day by day as I see that my life is not valued in that future. I have come to trust myself and live in integrity as my own choice. I believe the challenges we face are about choosing who we are and who we want to become.

Lately, with the face coverings I keep reflecting on the Taliban and the chaldari that Afghan women were forced to wear to cover themselves. They had religious police checking them. They were flogged if they didn’t comply (in our culture it would be jailed). They had to go out accompanied by a man at all times, never allowed to walk alone. Their faces had to be covered. Even public transport blacked out the windows. There were no icons of worship other than the ONE true God. That God can look like any religion, any system, any edict that is unquestioned. They believed they were doing Gods work, purifying when they stoned a woman to death. The female was blamed for males sexuality and she had to cover rather than him deal with his issues. I have worn a chaldari to raise awareness about the starvation of the Afghan people in the North of Afghanistan. I remember it felt like looking out of bars and you had no peripheral vision, you were covered head to toe. This is what no rights looks like. You have no free will. The Taliban were extremists. They were the orphan children raised in Islamic madrasas as a result of the Russian invasion which decimated their country. The US has the opportunity to rebuild schools to educate the young people mostly under 25. The congressman Charlie Wilson tried to help the people but the mentality he confronted was a war mentality that wanted to win rather than create balance and wellbeing. The young people were abandoned, extremism grew out of hardship. Any country can fall into extremism, not unlike the wolf in sheeps clothing. Be very vigilant, question everything for truth.

It is incredible that it is a radical act to go to Target without a face mask covering your mouth and to wear a hero’s mask instead, incredible.

Be true to your own values, your democracy and do the research to inform yourself. Compliance means tacit consent, it is a silent vote for x,y,z. it can unwittingly empower tyranny. Choose wisely. Perhaps you are the hero we are waiting for.