Targeting the ‘Other’ is to Target Yourself

As night follows day you cannot bear false witness.

I awaken to this Brave New World that has no respect for our true nature that attempts to shape change us into something we are not.  I consider the nature of targeting and bullying. I smile at the OHS protocols of anti-bullying.  I smile at the Parliamentary rhetoric of sexual harassment.  The business projection of ethics and mission statements.  I see a world that has so lost its way.

I see the focus on money as security when it is not real.

I see the focus on career as status when it is not real.

I see the cyber reality projecting perceptions not reality and know it is not real.

I see people believing other people’s thoughts as true when it is not real.

That then leads me to what is real?


I love you.  Even those targeting me now.  Interfering with my phone, internet, removing what they believe is the ‘enemy’ when even that is not true.

The only enemy is the denial that refuses to be examined in the light of higher understanding.

The denial that pretends spirituality when it is really about needs fulfilment.

The denial that is unable to look inside as it is painful to face truth and have to change.

Instead many want to change the world in their image.

I am here to gently say to you…

It is not possible. Be the change you want to see.  For as you see that becomes the world.

I see a world awakening.

I see a world questioning.

I see a world that day by day no longer believes in what they thought was real.

This is happening organically.

This is happening immediately.

For as the 100 monkey evokes a sudden shift.

2023 will awaken the fool to him or herself.

When you target another…

You target yourself.

As you and another are ONE.

Life will simply mirror your choices.

That is the natural justice emerging at this time.

On time.

As there are no mistakes in the universe.

I send love to you, to love yourself.

Until you do you will seek to control what is uncontrollable.

For life is responding not controlling.

Life is the mirror and the mask.

Life is the alpha and the omega.

Life is who you really are when you stop thinking.

Beyond space and time you do not exist.

You cannot force existence of the ego.

For it is the masks that conceals the truth of you.

And you are beyond the physical.

You are all of it.

At some point of time.

You will know what you can’t know now.

You are love itself re-membering.

That is the reset,

We are resetting to zero point,


How do you control no thing?

That my friend is a mission impossible.