The Climate of Great Change is The Way of Peace as Love

We are living in a climate of great change,
Positions are polarising,
As extreme views and passions clash,
Each promoting the truth in their image,
Each stating their way is the only way,
You are with us or against us,
But what if
The Way was
All ways?

People speak of freedom,
But what does it mean to be free?
Who is really free when they hold down a job,
Or live in large societies,
Where views are accepted or rejected,
Appropriate or inappropriate given hierarchy,
For opinions in favour support those in agreement,
Or persecute alternative Ways,
For beliefs are perceived as threatening rather than challenged,
They see only threats not teachers,
They create enemies not opportunities
for dialogue,

As conflict resolution opens portals to
higher perspectives.

Many don’t know they don’t know unaware of the ignorance of arrogance,
When you know you don’t know
wisdom opens a peaceful place for a possibility
to invite that you may be wrong,
Humility allows as it is strong,
Arrogance condemns as you don’t belong,
I am told when I open to the possibility
there may be something I do not know about God 
the knowing of which changes everything.

Therefore: I wait to see and do not act.

Can respect occupy the central position?
Can it be the centre point?
Where all have a right to state their case in democratic forums
of diversity in unity,

The public Agora is where freedom of speech opens up
and does not shut down differences,

Better out than in!
Better open than closed!
Democracy expresses without weapons, bullying or persecution

Can you learn to listen without trying to fill the gap
or make the other wrong?

Can you hear without trying to convert?
Can you find the still place within and listen deeply for truth not power?
Can you change your beliefs when your heart tells you to
without a backward glance?

Or will you fight difference and call them evil?

Will you fight arguments and call it dissent,

Will you fight different belief systems and call it the enemy,
Will you enact legislation to shut down anything contrary to your view?

Did you know:
When you fight unconsciousness you become what you fight!

Dictatorship is the wolf in sheep’s clothing parading security and safety when it is about control,
Full spectrum dominance is not love but power,
And illumination is not superiority
it is expanding possibilities to see the bigger picture,

And this picture can be a Armageddon or a Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel,
The god spark (or particle wave) is the moment of awakening to the one life in harmony,
Igniting a renewable energy that harmonising earth systems.

For what is love but the harmony of all spheres!

What if:
the love you withhold is the pain you carry?
What if:
the highest love reveals in random acts of kindness without return,
What if:
love offers mercy in the face of persecution,
What if:
freedom of expression is compassion making room for all views,
What if:
all have the right to real freedom without conditions,
What if:
it is our true nature to be free to just be?
What if this is the unconditional love many say they believe in?
What if you were to live it without abandon or limit?
What if all other beliefs fell away before the truth of love?

For to stand on the mount means to speak of love not hate,
To speak of diversity in unity not division,
To live human rights without rendition or detention centres,
For all laws were enacted under God as freedoms,
And I will adhere to the highest lore and walk alone.

In my world there is no enemy,
In my world all religions are free to speak equally,
In my world all non religious are free to speak equally,
For who am I to say they should think as I think when they don’t,
Is this not intolerance?

Who am I to say they should believe as I believe when they don’t,
Is this not righteousness?
Who am i to know what God’s plan is for them,
That is not my job,
Perhaps they are to challenge me to help me love more?
Perhaps they are to turn up as the opposite to what I believe so I can feel to think again,
Perhaps they are to take away all my freedoms for me to know I was always free,
For no-one can take God from me when I am ONE with God,
When my allegiance is to love as truth as the ONE heart of my religion embraces all religion,
No-one can force me to believe when I know love has no language as it speaks to the heart,
It sings to me in harmony,
It brings my family together in The End,
It does not discriminate into us or them,
It does not hate what is perfectly imperfect,
It is not greedy for more assets and money as life is abundant,
What I have is what I need,
It is not hungry for power as love is the only power that is real,
For it is most effective in the lowest position,
It is truest when nothing,
Humility has no status,
It is the light in the darkness where there seems no hope,
It offers real hope for humanity.

For humanity was created to live its highest light,
And when still it requires no words to follow
as words then seek to reveal the heart without agenda,
When deeply loving it requires no guidance as love is The Way,
When intending the truth it requires no doctrine as The Way is shown,
Only the truth sets you free to see who you really are,
All is in perfect divine order whether you agree or not,
Whether you see it or not,
For love is the answer, the question and The Way
no matter your religion,
no matter your non-religion.

The highest teachers had no religion as they spoke from the heart of truth,
Many followed as they sought a way out of the darkness of fear, hatred, cruelty and poverty,
They looked for the ONE that may offer kindness, care, unconditional love and to gently show The Way home to happiness,
For only home is where the heart is,
And when love is the God of your understanding it will guide you
to give all you have to every ONE,
When love is God you will never persecute another who differs
you will accept them as they are,
Each go through who they are not in order to find who they are,
It is to re-member,
As we learn from mistakes, errors and painful experiences to re-member to love again,
For we see as we are not as others are,
Projection is the movie theatre believing the movie is real,
When we fight we learn what we resist persists and what we look at disappears,
That is how we learn to see differently.

When you love fully there is no God needed as you have realised love is God,
For love is who you are and you will speak with the ONE voice translated into all languages,
As there is nothing to fight when loving what is,
There is no-one to exclude when all are worthy of love,
There is no superior or inferior when equality of opportunity was always given,
The law of attraction is a universal law inspiring –
What you think about you bring about,
As life was always abundant despite economic narratives,
And your world is a result of what you think and then feel,
Imagine if you could feel and then think,
Feelings are the navigators of homeostasis,
Emotions are responses to beliefs,
Feelings navigate towards joy, peace, love and truth,
For these are the four horseman not of the apocalypse but your happy destiny,
For your happy destiny is unavoidable,
For how can the highest love be thwarted by fear, hate, division or cruelty?

We are on the precipice of climates of great change,
To be the change you wish to see creates your world,
To be or not to be is your ultimate question!
If you do not like the shape of the world you may start with
Changing yourself not another,
Choosing health as wealth,
Choosing unity as comm-unity,
Choosing the eco-commune rather than city states,
Choosing peace in conflict resolution,
Choosing acceptance over intolerance,
Choosing to let go of control as the highest plan is unfolding,
Choosing truth as love for always the truth feels good,
Choosing all religions as my religion,
Choosing all non religions as my non religion,
Choosing all cultures as my culture,
Choosing all people as my people,
Choosing God’s way as the high way,
For the highest power has no preference as all exists as it does as diversity in unity,
Otherwise it wouldn’t,
All have free will as the highest Will is free.

Freedom is God’s law,
The freedom to choose and experience the result of that choice without judgement,
For if judgement was there forgiveness is not,
If condemnation was there non judgement is not,
If punishment was there mercy is not,
If hatred was there harmlessness is not,
For as you sew you reap as all in your image,
We are here to learn from what we are not to discover who we are,
And all have been given the power to choose,
God does not accept one and reject another,
All roads lead to the centre point,
When you sing the last song you will come to pass,
The camel can be thread through the needle to discover
Home is always where the heart is,
And this is a clarion call to all to come home,
To love yourself and then each other,
To forgive yourself and then the other,
For evol-u-ti-on reversed is – no it u love,
To re-member this is The Way and the Life,
Perhaps you are the Way Show-er?
A silent spring?
Emerging from the drought of ignorance,
To realise life is eternal,
Each path is honoured,
And liberty cannot be taken,
There are no enemies or threats only fear resurrecting,
Be vigilant of fear parading as love,
Fear will always divide and conquer,
Love will always unite the tribes,
For the End Times are a New Beginning,
And it is the peace that passeth all understanding (belief),


I send you peace as love,
And as night follows day,
You cannot bare false witness to another,
For they are you and you are me,
We are ONE to infinity.