The Clinton Chronicles

I dreamt of Bill Clinton last night.

The Clinton Chronicles came up.

Do we live by example. What are the values of leaders.

The ghosts of the past have not been laid to rest is my feeling. What drives people and shapes them? Can they stop and deeply confront their lives and no longer fear opposition but embrace what life is bringing.

I visited Oxford when I was in London. Apparently there are many Marxist/Leninist professors. People are free to believe in any ideology they choose but the problem rests in how opposition has been treated. This works against nature and nature always brings back the problem until it is resolved. I feel this is returning to Bill and Hillary.

I am a peacemaker I do not want to judge anyone but I know that what we put out returns. May they find inner peace and recognition that true power is “to know thyself and be true”. Politics is a road shrouded in shadows. Life is not about being seen to be, it is calling to everyone to be who you are. The way to clear the past is to go to those who have been hurt and acknowledge what happened. Even those who have passed over are aware. When this occurs people are able to see the true value in each other and themselves as every life matters.