The Liberty of Freedom is not a Human Right but Awakening to Martu

This was inspired today.  I follow the flow of consciousness that is a spiral leading me into new dreamings.  We are ONE family finding The Way Home.  This was inspired by Gladys Berijeklian.  She was in my heart as I wrote it.  I remember  meeting her at the ACOSS conference in 2018. I was homeless at the time.  I gave her the number of a woman I sat with under a foot bridge near Central Station. She was my age (in her 50’s) and had bare feet, dishevelled, a really lovely woman. I wanted to connect her to the Premier.  I do not know if Gladys rang her. But I felt in the room she was not popular. Yet there was a light in my heart that saw the good in her. I wrote in my note to her.  You have a good heart.  I do not know her.  I know she may be engaged in activities that are not her, yet that is my inner feeling.

We are all on journeys of self discovery which is not related to science but the mystery. This is when Uluru came into my vision and I saw the indigenous.  I saw the Celts. I saw them come together.  We are uniting.

The Liberty of Freedom is not a Human Right but Awakening to Martu

Are we in the end times?

Or a new beginning?

I am speaking to the hearts that are hard and hurt,

I am speaking to the hearts that are soft and open,

For the hard are brittle they can break,

The soft are flexible they will bend,

For we either flow with life or fight against it,

To flow is the past of least resistance,

To fight is to see an enemy,

Yet the enemy is always within,

When we don’t question our own story.

Life is unpredictable,

Life is wild,

life is the moment when you laugh and cry,

life is the crest of a wave,

Or one can crash on the rocks,

For you can fly free as the wedge tail eagle,

Or burrow deep like a fox,

Yet in this wild expression of diversity,

the purpose of life is to live at full expression.

What is control but a contraction from life,

What is freedom but an allowing of life,

For there is no us against them,

There is only us again,

For we are on the wheel of life not to bound or hit by lightning,

We are here to re-member karma,

Everyone is on this wheel,

As what you cause you effect,

What goes around comes around,

And this dynamic is constantly turning,

As life rebalances to re-establish zero point,

For as you harm you will be harmed,

As you lie you will be deceived,

As you control you will be controlled,

As life is the mirror not the mask,

And no-one can mask the truth that is true always,

As this is the eternal life expressing through the myriad things,

For no-one can stop the water breaking through the dam wall,

You can try and plug leaks,

But the force of truth will break down the dam wall,

As the power of nature cannot be held back by either space nor time,

As nature is the freedom that limited minds call ‘enemy’,

Yet they will demand freedom for themselves but not the other,

Utopia as their grand vision that only the few enjoy,

Yet the projection of ‘threats’ is always fear justifying cruel actions,

For to be cruel is a re-action as one feels their power is defied,

When it is not,

It is simply another choosing freedom to be who they are without limit,

This is the water course that needs no curriculum,

Yet freedom is misinterpreted as dangerous, as violent in the eyes of those seeking to take it,

You cannot take freedom as it is the wind, the water, the soil and the soul,

when you give freedom you will be given freedom,

As this is the pathway to happiness when you let go of false fears,

For fear was always false evidence appearing real,

There is no them and us, there is only ‘We The People’ as we are ONE,

In agreement or disagreement,

In conflict or resolution,

Controlling the narrative or allowing freedom of speech,

Choosing benevolence or malevolence,

Following orders or changing the role play,

We are at naturally at liberty to choose,

And this is the freedom we all share,

It is to determine your pathway,

It is to find The Way.

Life is the yin and yang,

It is clashing it up,

Agent provocateurs can be in the crowd fuelling hatred,

Yet the crowd will fuel freedom as that is their true nature,

And nature always wins,

For it is not confined within Earth Inc limits,

Freedom is omnipresent beyond space and time,

freedom is the invisible thread weaving vibrancy, expectation and infinite possibility as a cosmic lattice work of unimaginable beauty.

You are that beauty when you weave harmony,

You are that vibrancy when you speak from inner truth,

You are that infinite possibility when you see further than self interest,

For life is sending you freedom as the gift of your life fully expressed,

life is sending you free dominion as the universal contract that is unbinding,

Life celebrates who you are as unique albeit a god send,

For the world is waiting on your welcome,

And you are welcome to trust unity,

For evolutionary biology in truth is the universal DNA,

It is to evolve spiralling wellness,

it is to evolve spiralling comm-unity,

It is to evolve spiralling harmony,

As if a whirling dervish,

For this key code is not held in gene therapy,

but wholistic therapy that integrates what is not whole.

For life is the sum of the parts which is the whole,

It is not us or them as this fights our true nature,

It is not superior or inferior,

As each has a role to play,

It is to see yourself in the other,

For when did you desire freedom?

When did you speak up when something was wrong?

When did you send in a complaint (protest) when you felt something should change?

To Advance Australia fair are not just mere words,

They are about balance the opposites,

To meet in the middle is to reach Ngunnawal,

Ngunnawal is the traditional meeting place for 20,000 years,

Ngunnawal is Canberra,

For ‘we the people’ who see something is wrong are asking to meet in the middle,

A meeting of elders in Canberra to discuss a peace treaty,

The treaty of Versailles was a meeting place where Australians sat at the table in equality,

For we were given freedom to no longer be ruled by colonial overlords but be treated as equal,

Egalitarianism is our life and soul in this culture.

In 1938 the Indigenous peoples wrote to King George to prevent the extinction of the Aboriginal people as this was cultural genocide by occupiers who saw natives not title,

As they were seen as ‘useless eaters’ and chattels yet they never rescinded native title,

For they were stewards not owners when ONE with the land,

From Uluru they have sent again their statement from the Heart,

As heartlessness has ruled their land reaching for self interest over best interest.

For Australian lands are again being expropriated by foreign property owners not restored by deep ecology,

Our health is being controlled by biotechnology companies not healed by healing from the heart,

Our legal status is denied as Chief Medical Officers WHO rule okay!

Yet there is no chief medicine wo-man in our tribe who cures the dis-ease that is reverberating around country in plague proportions,

The dis-ease is unabated greed and investments in a future that does not exist albeit in a dream,

For the dreaming is of a new beginning,

The dreaming is of a new story not his.tory,

For the Crown is to be exchanged for a sovereign divine shroud,

As we lay to rest conquest and cruel exploitation forever,

to resurrect a renewable social contract,

To know evolving biology is not genetic engineering or bloodlines but natural selection of what works best to rebalance the whole,

Natural biodiversity worked for the whole not vested interests,

Genetic resiliency evolved symmetry as balance is sustainability operating within optimal tipping points,

For nature expresses as rebalancing homeostasis
not sustainable development goals invested in growth no matter bit coins.

So when ‘we the people’ arise in the ONE voice they are saying this is out of balance,

This is not natural,

This is not wellbeing,

This is not healthy,

As bullying must STOP,

And this is the message that freedom delivers to your door in humility,

As all are loved beyond belief,

And one cannot judge the school yard bully but educate them that bullying  causes harm and dis-ease,

As we initiate restorative justice not FEMA camps,

As we initiate sharing and caring as a response to COVID-19,

For immunity from persecution for the people,

As this overrules immunity from prosecution for corporate cliques.


Advance Australia Fair is the trumpet call behind the many masks,

Advance Australia Fair ceases lockdowns as crimes against humanity lower immunity,

Advance Australia Fair removes masks that conceal as they cause harm and offer no real protection.

The indigenous say it is a time for truth telling,

To sit and deeply listen without needing to speak,

Around the campfire we all sit as elders,

We are deciding the future,

We are letting go of the past,

For in this moment we are at a turning point,

And the truth will be told,

For we are collapsing all dam walls,

For one cannot control water we can only benefit from its sustenance,

Life is not a market place it is a living miracle,

Truth is not a concept it is alive with promise,

Yet for those fearful of truth contemplate prosecution,

Yet the evil is not in any person,

It exploits weaknesses and fears and promises the world,

Yet delivers nothing in the end,

As the eyes of darkness are blind to truth telling as if a ‘thorn’,

Yet it is the portal that delivers what is truly wanted,

One but only truly ask in the silence of the heart,

Uluru is the heart centre of the planet it is not just a rock,

Stone henge is not a computer but a symmetry dial,

A living spiral of homeostasis balancing the moon and the sun,

An equinox of equality as the sun is above your equator,

For in these times Uluru will intersect with Stone henge,

As magical stones are found in the Simpson desert.

For ‘we the people ‘ are the Martu

This means ‘one of us’, or ‘person’,

We are one person with multiple aspects not believing one is superior to the other,

As we are the ONEperson,

We are the one song line,

As the Celts sing from the book of wisdom to find the right lines,

Druids speak to the trees for oak wisdom as they kneel before standing stones,

For the Oak is the Seer of an enduring wisdom and the tree is the centre peace,

As they honour the seasons, they read star maps and attune to the solstice,

Indigenous sit with the boab tree to learn of issues of masculinity, of grief, of illness,

As the family is the centre peace of wisdom keepers,

To deeply listen to the silence grounding fact from fiction,

As the dreaming is fact the physical life is fiction,

This is to know the wisdom of the dream,

As the Celts and the indigenous awaken to Martu.

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