The Rising Feminine Integrates

It is evident that there is a global movement to keep women disempowered. I have encountered it personally.  I can see through the STEM rhetoric that it is about male entitlement and power.  This is what men find so hard to let go of. I can see that they define themselves by power and money as they believe they are nothing without it as other men do not respect them.  It was all untrue. They didn’t need the money or power that patriarchy rewards, it was never their manhood.  The true man is true to his own values and if he has to walk alone, so be it. These are the men unafraid to show emotion, they are unafraid to admit they are wrong, they are fearless in the face of criticism. They calmly evaluate for truth then speak what they feel. This is the feminine within the masculine. This is where real union occurs.  

As I write this I can feel a flow of consciousness. I had no intention of focusing in this way but I allowed it as the love painted a picture of the real masculine who has found balance with the feminine. It is not a culture war, a gender conflict, it is to know thyself and be true. 

This was sent to me today about women rising up.  This is embracing the feminine within women. When both wo-men do this we unite. When we do this then we know the true meaning of Synergistic Energy eXchange. Get it!

Women are rising as they can see the damage being done by many males who are completely disconnected from the reality of a living world. Those men will find in the future their plans collapse. As they are out of alignment not only with universal truth but themselves and the very natural earth systems that require us to work in harmony not dominance.  An old paradigm is lunging for power, but it is over.  The unfoldment at this time is really the outpicturing of what has already finished (I feel inspiration in these words).

The winds of change are blowing and the ground is shifting beneath us. From climate change, to a chaotic political situation, to our home life being altered due to the pandemic, SO much is going on for us all right now.

You may be wondering, what is the growth opportunity for me right now in this historic moment?

What is being asked of me to rise up into? How can I bring my best self to the table? What do I need to shed and let go of? How can I best care for myself at this moment?

How do I set boundaries with the growing demands on me?

If so, you’re not alone!

As women we’ve long been taught for centuries to seek safety outside ourselves, in external approval, being people-pleasing and productive. We’ve been conditioned to live “outside-in,” believing that the outer image we present to others is more important than living our soul’s truth. This has kept women disempowered for a long time.

Now is a powerful opportunity to shed the old conditioning and patriarchal paradigms that have kept us in a perpetual state of self-doubt and frustration… for generations.

Right now the world needs more women who are wise, discerning, centered and grounded in their most essential, sovereign selves.

The deeper question for us as women seems to be…

“What is most essential to me? And how can I embody my inner authority fearlessly, while coming from love, integrity and justice?”

To help you navigate this transformational time for your maximal growth and healing, I’ve put together for you a brand new free online training:

From Subservient to Sovereign:
How to Access your Power in Uncertain times.


This training is about recovering a sense of personal authority, embodied ways of knowing, your observations, intuition, and serving THAT higher truth that lives inside you, not any external institution or value system.

This is what I call Sovereignty.

In this free online training, I’m going to teach you why Inner Mothering is the missing piece in feminism, what it makes possible like never before and why it’s crucial we step into this practice NOW, to help heal the personal and collective Mother Wound, thereby birthing new possibilities for ourselves and humanity as a whole.

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