The Spirit of J.F. Kennedy, COVID-19 Lies and Fear Campaign

In the public interest.

What love about Robert F Kennedy Jr is his focus on children’s health.  In Melbourne when I was doing video’s I felt inspired to put J.F. Kennedy’s picture on the wall behind me (refer Worldpeacefull Empowerment). Some how this picture kept turning up as I moved (homeless).  I felt his spirit very strong. I wondered at it.  The Kennedy’s were not perfect but they did have the heart of the people in mind, they stood as a bulwalk against tyranny. Their power was their ability to speak the language of humanity.

Robert Kennedy Junior is like his father Robert (and Uncle Jack), who both would be proud of him.  Any Kennedy who stands up get’s shot down which shows you the courage of Robert Kennedy Jnr.  Virtues are more important than even life. I look for the heroes in this world who put the people before profit, and he would be one of them. I will note down his words. He doesn’t use a teleprompter.

With Excerpts from Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Speech to a Mass Protest Movement in Berlin

  • they will report that he will speak to 3-5000 Nazis, I look at this crowd and I see the opposite of Nazism. I look at this crowd and I see all the flags of Europe, I see people of every nation, every religion all caring about human dignity, children’s health, political freedom. this is the opposite of Nazism.
  • It is a mystery to me that all of these big important people like Bill Gates and Tony Fauci have been planning and thinking about this pandemic for decades. planning it so we all would be safe when the pandemic finally  it came now that it is here they don’t seem to know what they are talking about. they seem to be making it up as they go along. they are inventing numbers. They cannot tell you what the case fatality rate of COVID that is basic, they can’t give us a PCR test that works, they have to change the definition of COVID on the death certificates constantly to make it look more and more dangerous
  • One thing they are good at is pumping up fear the only thing a government needs to make people into slaves is fear. If you can figure out something to get them scared you can get them to do anything that you want
  • The commentator is By Prof Michel Chossudovsky from Centre for Research on Globalisation
  • Based in Montreal
  • COVID-19 fear campaign, propaganda support to the agenda that is being imposed upon us
  • on March 11 2020 193 countries were instructed to implement the lockdown as well as close down their economies.  Closure of the global economy of the entire planet.
  • We have been led to believe that this devastating decision that has resulted in bankruptcies, mass unemployment, poverty, despair was taken as a view to resolve a public health concern the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • People around the world are protesting in major European capitals and the media ha barely reported he significance of these protests. they have assigned these mass movements to so-called right wing extremists, particularly in Berlin, where  a group that did not belong to the protest movement assaulted the Reichstag, know from history represents democracy.
  • The imposition of social distancing, the face mask, closing down schools, disruption of health care system is not a solution to reducing the impacts of COVID-19 via the virus.
  • Why am I saying that? We have a fear campaign that is based on lies and fabrications. The legitimacy of these far reaching decisions to close to down the economic landscape, going to museums, going to sports events.
  • It is based on depicting COVID-19 as a dangerous virus, that is the basis of the fear campaign. If you consult official documents including the World Health Organisation, the Center for Disease Control based in Atlanta, Georgia and other scientific documents.  COVID-19 is NOT angerous disease. It is viewed by scientists and medical doctors akin similar to seasonal influenza.  It is a coronavirus, so is seasonal influenza. The sources for this statements on seasonal influenza come from prominent figures such as Anthony Fauci, Robert Redfield (head of CDC) and they in their peer viewed reports In The New England Journal of Medicine (refer
  • If similar to influenza portray the virus as a disease, the ailment what results from the virus is respiratory problems, plus pneumonia. That is the description provided by the World Health Organisation, similar features to influenza which is caused by virus A,B,C,D and sub categories of those viruses.
  • If the Journalists had done a bit of research and looked at peer reviewed reports, they don’t, had they told us it was similar to influenza there wouldn’t have been a fear campaign.
  • The second element has to do with the estimates.  The estimates of COVID positive. Those estimates constitute the political ammunition so to speak. Politicians will refer to the number 10’s of thousands of cases, they will never talk about recover.  COVID positive tests. They will look at the death, mortality data and this will be part of the fear campaign.
  • Bare in mind if you look carefully at the tests that are undertaken to support these political statements. There is no proof that COVID-19 is threatening humanity requiring the closing down of planet earth. Let me pause and analyse a PCR Test, that is a standard test that requires taking a specimen in the nose or throat, sending it to the lab. It is subjected to a procedure. What is important to underscore. This test DOES NOT IDENTIFY the virus, COVID-19.  What it does is that it detects VIRAL PARTICLES, GENETIC SEQUENCES, not the whole virus. That is very important. It also means that the positive test could be the result of other coronaviruses. Those maybe the coronaviruses related to seasonable influenza.  The actual test that comes up positive. Those statements are well confirmed in official documents. A positive test does NOT prove it is COVID-19 it could be another coronavirus.  They never isolate a single virus, they have fragments of different viruses. Ultimately these fragments of different viruses are aggregated (added up) then they lead in the logic of the PCR tests they lead to positive.
  • If you read the reports a positive COVID doesn’t mean you are infected by COVID, could be another virus.  Could mean other things such as bacteria. It detects a whole number of viruses. In-effect that test, bluntly in layman terms, is particles of viral materials positive. In other words you have a whole series of viral particles and so on and the test is either positive/negative it is a amalgam of particles it is NOT a single virus.  COVID-19 CANNOT BE IDENTIFIED IN THOSE TESTS. Very important
  • Look at official definitions, you might have COVID-19 but you may have another virus there that is infecting you.  It is not the virus, the number of viruses which are picked up, what is important is if you have symptoms of breathing, pneumonia.
  • That is the first thing Coronavirus positive does not mean you have the virus. Coronavirus negative does not mean you are negative.  If you look at this in detail it is a big LIE.  The test is a valid test but if it is taken out of context and interpreted with labels COVID-19 plus you are infected, it becomes a tool of propaganda.  What I have presented has been documented by doctors, documented by CDC.  Fauci will concur with this definition but when he goes on CNN he will say it is 10 x worse than seasonal influenza. So he is lying to himself and misleading the public.
  • It is akin to seasonal influenza. The test does not reveal anything specific regarding COVID-19 because it does not ISOLATE the virus.
  • Other concepts:  The PCR Test is considered to be a confirmed test, you don’t question it.  There are other concepts that are presumptive, possible they don’t require lab testing. Some do some don’t. They do not provide firm evidence of COVID plus and very often they are based on a diagnosis of a medical doctor. You might have fever some of the symptoms, bang you are categorized.
  • So called confirmed cases which are not confirmed, they are lumped together with the presumptive and possible cases to get total cases. Again it is a mechanism of inflating the numbers.  These estimates are in fact FALSE, they don’t tell us anything about COVID-19 there is a tendency to inflate the numbers.
  • In the United Kingdom the British government quietly said we have 1.3 million cases of PCR tests which were counted double, we counted them twice. That has been known since May. They didn’t do anything. They admit we made a big mistake. There are 1.3 million tests that are invalid. The medical professionals responsible for taking these tests, standard, take one in the nose and one in the throat. If the patient is positive the patient is positive. In this case in the UK her majesty’s government, they multiply by 2. If you get positive in the throat and positive in your nose you are considered as having the disease two times. COVID-19 x 2 and the figures go high.  The figures date back to the inception.  Boris Johnson said we are in a difficult situation we will lock down the British economy.
  • Let me turn my attention to death certificates.  First of all they change the criteria for establishing the death certificate. Historically there are guidelines given to health professionals and doctors for establishing the cause of death. In the United States they changed the criteria and they dismissed in a sense, that you could at a elderly age die from heart attack, cancer, that Coronavirus 19 would take precedence over other causes of death. A research group associated with the Center directed by Robert Kennedy Junior have made estimates. They say there is a 90% discrepancy in relation to the criteria used previously and historically as a result of these new criteria a bias of 90% in the figures.  The CDC in a sense concurs, it is the question of what is the principle cause of mortality.  CDC concurs and says 94% of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 have comorbidities in other words they may have cancer, heart attack, other diseases they say 94% of the COVID plus in any event doesn’t measure anything, as I mentioned previously. That 94% have comorbidities and other causes of death that might have been the real cause of death in any event the test is flawed and misleading.
  • There is another thing which I noticed digging beyond into official CDC documents. This the following: “The rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID-19 being the underlying cause more often than not” let me explain what is he underlying cause of death defined by the World health Organisation. It is the cause which moves a person to mortality (death) in other words in terms of a actual chain of occurrences it is the trend towards, medical term underlying cause of death. What the statement says is I repeat “COVID-19 being the underlying cause of death more often than not” what the health professional has to do is make sure it is more often than not. So if they just put in coronavirus to his COVID-19 test, that is not valid, coronavirus is the correct assessment to the PCR Test but it is not valid.  If they die of a heart attack and COVID-19 is there they might in fact say that COVID-19 is the cause of death. We have cases of motorcycle accidents, the cause of death, was some ambiguity, journalists were there were adamant, they said died of COVID-19, why? he tested positive the positive test doesn’t mean anything. the motorcycle accident, they wanted to dismiss it, more people would be tabulated as COVID-19 deaths. We must be skeptical of these numbers a) the PCR test does not identify the virus b) the mortality data is manipulated.  We saw that in Italy where they said something in the order of 93% of those tested COVID-19 positive died of OTHER CAUSES as far as the death certificate is concerned. the mortality of 25,000 was attributed to COVID-19 debated in parliament, 93% died of other causes.  So there we have it.
  • We have the mask, I don’t need to get into the literature face mask.  It is detrimental to your health it is well documented. Even Fauci says it then he denies it.  All the scientific literature will say it is detrimental in specific ways.
  • Social distancing is detrimental it destroys the social fabric of our societies. It undermines the right to education in schools, colleges and universities. It denies the right to have cultural events, football  events these are fundamental rights.  In as much as the data is questionable, what is the justification for preventing people from being together from meeting with their families, going out, from protesting.  Social distancing has all the features of a totalitarian state.  Visit our site