The Voice of Liberty Evokes the Feeling of Real Peace We all Desire

As the public start to wake up to the abuses, inequality, rorting and deception done in our name more and more songs and creative arts will arise to greet this insatiable greed destroying our world in the name of public wellbeing.

There are many working against peace, harmony and love who believe this Brave New World will come to fruition. It won’t. Unless the people truly believe in your vision you will fall as all empires do as they work against the natural order no matter platitudes of Order out of Chaos. The majority cannot be taken out as love is the cosmic web of universes not billions of people alone. It is the ocean, it is the wind, it is the forests, it is the wildlife, it is the microorganisms, it is in all life forms in a web of life that works for the whole not the few, that is the true sustainability not a marketing statement of climate change designed to justify austerity.

Love is the music that keeps on singing no matter what those who believe in the dark say and do. We are all oscillating between negative/positive, but all desire the positive or to be happy. Those in the agenda also crave the light. I know this in my heart. They believe the dark is real when it is just a shadow of the potential of what can be. They lost themselves in the addiction of money and status not realising their true beauty was in finding their authentic wonderful self that no longer needs to impress anyone or sit on top of the pile of assets.

Love does not spin and get nowhere. It does not spin to be seen. It is felt intimately in friendships, art, songs, poems, relationships, children, lovers, personal achievement and simply witnessing the beauty that is all around you when you have eyes to notice a world outside of yourself.

We live in an Eden. Yet still those not at peace are spinning and getting nowhere unaware the disruption is their own distortion, it was never real.

I sit here looking at the chemtrail clouds above Melbourne. They are smudges on the sky. People don’t know they have barium, aluminium, strontium and titanium and other pollutants spread on the public and nature. They are to change the climate. Yet the real climate change is happening as the people do not want this automated AI driven world.

This was sent to me by a friend and it is my voice.