The War Within US

Is the war path The Way? It is the duty of who see the blind man on a blind horse heading towards the abyss.  For the War US is within projected without in endless wars of win/lose.  What is put out returns is the inner-sense.



This is the song to those who cannot see,


This is for those who can not hear,


This is for those who can not speak with


Who are deaf and dumb to what they do,

And how it affects what others choose.


For you are busy,

You are consumed,

By your own pain,

And those around you are invisible,

For the war within is the real war,

That divides society,

At its core.


So I say to all,

Please stop yelling,

And start listening,

Please stop ignoring,

And start facing the mirror,

Please let go of the story of others,

And look into your own story,

Let go of criticism of how others wrong you,

And consider what you are doing which is wrong,

For you are the role model,

You live the example,

And what example are you setting,

What is that you do that you keep forgetting?

As you project on to others what you cannot own,

The walls you build keep emotions out,

As your windows are dark and stained,

As denial hides in the corner,

Refusing to let go,

Of the past.


Has misery made a home in your heart?

Has blame made your bed?

Have patterns become grooves,

That dive deep,

As the same record keeps on playing,

The same old song.


Why not try a new song?

Why not jump the track?

Why not open the windows and see,

Close your eyes and listen,

For the birds are singing at a higher crescendo,

As a new morning dawns as above so below,

You yawn as you see a different day glow,

As realisation hits you like a thunderbolt,

That there is no blade of grass out of place,

That every moment comes to you by design,

All is for your greatest good,

Even when It seems bleak,

For when you seek you will find,

A way opens out of darkness.