There is No Enemy Ever

Until we all get real about the pain we all feel from our lives and really take a deep look, we will not find the happiness so many believe they can force via money or control.

It doesn’t work, never has.

I too have to look at my pain. But with the knowledge I have I will never exploit another for personal gain. I will stand in their shoes too, no matter who they are.

I am not participating in abuse in our world, country, society, community, family nor within myself. I choose to work on the hard stuff of resolution within. I seek to find out what is true.

That means we don’t blame the world but face things squarely. What actually happened to cause this problem?

We look into our own pain. We face it with real courage. What is the problem that is causing me pain?

This was the message of King Arthur’s roundtable. It was always about equality which is our natural state.

We are equal.

Community is our natural configuration not braving it alone in loveless marriages, or relationships so you are not alone, false friendships, using others for personal gain, or in groups that want to be seen to be philanthropic for personal gain to feel better.

The true community is when I see myself in you. Each is an aspect of the whole.

I forgive the past and I choose to move on in peace and reconciliation. As happiness is my end goal and it is also my process.

Happiness is the Way.

I do feel happiness from within and it is this light that guides my life back to what is natural not normal.

When I feel happy and it causes no harm, I move forward.

Being a clown was the happiness moments of my life as I felt the real world as all of us laughing and dropping our discriminations and judgement which only divide on the basis of illusionary differences and fears.

We are same same but different as the Thai’s say. Wise words.

I see 2023 as the year of remembering what makes us happy and moving towards that.

It matters not your beliefs, religion, cult, talent, tribe or orientation. We are going to start to come back from the edge of our own making to re-member you are me.

I love you

PS. Byron Katie is a starting point. Your thoughts – is it true? If it doesn’t feel good, I can assure you it is not true. (click link)