Unvaxed Anthem

I love artists. Clowns come in all forms. We need to laugh. Let’s face it, its a joke. I wonder when people see the link between COVID plandemic and climate change. The same forces are creating economic shocks and then saying they have the solution. Problem-Reaction-Solution hmmm.

Thanks to Cairns News. https://cairnsnews.org/author/cairnsnews/

Pure Blooded – Unvaxed Anthemby Editor, cairnsnewsGreat video song, clever lyrics, fantastic music with great vocal along with loads of truth about the government vaccine boogie bullshit PLAY MP3
We have produced a music file (MP3) you can play. Below this download the MP3 file to play at rallies, meetings, etc, etc, as the “Unvaxed Peoples Anthem”

Click here to listen to an audio clip.