Using Economics to Control the World

Indebting nations through infrastructure projects and expenditure is done to create leverage.  Debt is a tool not an obligation.

So China is a major trading partner for many countries now. This attracts advocacy and allegiance to ensure economic growth.

Countries kept coopted by money, so the weakness is within Africa. The corruption of leaders is what opens the door to globalisation, exploitation and human rights violation.

Winning the hearts and minds buys allies. To win love and respect is the future.

This video highlights some history on China.

If I am learning anything on this journey.  You can’t jump to conclusions too fast, as it seems everyone is feeding from the trough.  Some take more and many have less. Some are buying the trough, so you can’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Imagine a world where there is no wall, where the people move freely. Where citizens formulate the future. Imagine the wealth of a nation is measured by gross national happiness.  This is the world in my heart manifesting.

I noticed the add for advertising itself in training.  I looked for a course in ethics and couldn’t find one.  That is the only learning that will change the world.  We have to learn REAL HOPES – responsibility, empathy, awareness, love, honesty, oneness, peace, enjoyment and service. China is doing what the US and other countries are doing.  It is the same consciousness repeating, nothing knew in the strategy.  Einstein indicates you cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it, we must learn to think anew.  So the drama continues to play out as wealth becomes superior, wealth becomes influence and is used to create dependency in other nations, fund leaders supportive of your foreign policy or install them. The US does this. So I just see China learning from the West.  The key issue here is – do we continue with business as ususal or do we reimagine the future form a different consciousness.  I see a future where there will be no exploitation, there will be no connectivity grid, no smart cities instead people will awaken to realse none of this serves any of us, including those exploiting.  We will come to see that life support systems will crash because all are out of balance.  They will come to know that what you do to another you do to the self.  They will start to envisage ecovillages, Tesla free energy, clean rivers and oceans, no more economic growth but optimal human growth (as we grow as people) and we will be rewarded on the basis of gross national happiness and kindness.  We will recognise that only love is real and the rest is the illusion we perpetuate reinforcing powerlessness and poverty mentalities (insufficiency) which falsely creates inequality so the few can control the many.  I feel the many will simply say no and create the world they want.  I see this coming into focus. I see the truth arising, I see people choosing a higher path.  And so it is.  What you think about you bring about.  We are One.