Victorian Election: Will Andrews Win by De.fault?

I was smiling to myself about elections. There are so many reports about election rigging.  I know that postal votes are unconstitutional.

I found out today after a friend voted that the ballots have pencils not pens.  My friend told the scrutineer that pencil can be rubbed out.  She was a Sri Lankan lady and didn’t seem to realise the significance of this.  I know as a market analyst the Victorian Electoral Commission will say the machines count pencil yet the issue of changing votes is on the table.   My friend said there are so many nominees in the race. To vote below the line there is a lot of different parties and lots of people.  That is for the Senate.  For the average person it is confusing.  If you do your homework it is easier but for the majority apathy is felt (nothing changes) and they just intuitively go with whoever is not the major parties.  This is not democracy as we are not active participants, but rather, observers whose vote gives others (unknown) power, not us.

When I heard the tag line by Labor “we are doing what matters”.  As a market analyst my first question is what matters truthfully? For whom does it really matter? What are the consequences for the public? Is it in the public interest? Is it in the interests of commercial players who seek profit over public voices?  If so who?

Postal votes are subject to a privatised Australia Post who uses contractors and have technology that can detect what is inside the letters.  I’ve had the experience of mail not arriving or taking anything from 1 week to 6 weeks.  The system is not secure and can be tampered with.  From an electoral perspective it is not lawful or appropriate.  The votes should happen on the day visibly with scrutineers who are apolitical and based in civil society.

The Victorian Electoral Commission has an ABN which makes it privatised.  Thus other interests can become involved.  Australia and New Zealand collaborate which I find interesting.

From a market research perspective the smaller parties could provide insights into who votes for example: Freedom party, Independents, Citizens Electoral Council, Family First, The Greens etc.  These become demographic segments where those analysing the results can discover political preferences and potential groups forming on the basis of subjects. They can identify trends geographically.

I have concerns that we have lost our democracy and that our country is controlled by foreign interests.  My vote is for real democracy.  I will not vote until this happens. My voice matters.

COVID-19 in my Senate submission is a bioweapon that is designed to collapse our economy, medically harm our people and completely change our society to remove our human rights and right to say no to anything that harms us.  The compliance model is replacing democracy and I say no to this change.  As a former market analyst I spent many thousands of hours representing people’s views. I typed every word to stay in integrity to ensure when I reflected their views back to the client it was as accurate as possible.  Why did I do this? I respect people and value their voices.  Those who do not value other voices, serve themselves but market it as the public interest.  I am deeply yearning for real people to represent the people fairly and accurately without vested interests, foreign intervention or corruption.  My faith is in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Anything else is false spirituality appearing as purity.

We the People need courageous, honest and transparent people to be worthy of representing the public, collecting their money as taxes and re-directing investments to healthy and ecologically balanced activity and ensuring the people receive the public goods and services they are promised without losing ownership.  I do not want people in positions of power who dismantle my country as the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing causing more harm than good.  

2023 will be a year of rebalancing and revealing of truth. It will be amplified.  My poem on the blood red moon indicated infinite possibility. 

Blood Red Moon 2022 Symbolises Infinite Possibility

Some noteworthy links starting with the parties that appear similar in respect to Covid-19 which caused major trauma to our country.  I will never forget the rubber bullets at the Shrine of Remembrance, where men, women and children were shot.  I will never forget the One Belt One Road deal with China which was illegal and allowed foreign interests to penetrate Victoria.  I have real concerns about communism replacing our democracy. There has been no opposition or debate on Covid-19 which is unprecedented. 

Below are PRO and ANTI on the basis of COVID-19.  Are politicians balanced? Do they work in the public interest.

PRO POLITICAL COVID: (Includes health policy)



ANTI MEDICAL COVID: (This is Covid Medical doctors opposed to the pandemic.


Senate Submission:

The Victorian Electoral Commission appears to have staff connected with technocracy, Smart Cities and the Great Global Reset. Is that in the public interest given a technocracy is not a democracy?

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