We Need Grounded Visions for the future, property ownership is rights and Democracy is the freedom to choose

In the public interest.

Part of the plan of this disruption is to create an environment economically and in respect of climate change to say people have to change.

Now looking at this video there is much I would agree with, but as a market analyst I know it is spin. How do I know this because I am aware of the great global reset and the backstory. I will discuss in the future more about the backstory but for now let’s just say that be vary critical in analysing what has been told to us. Many politicians, as we know will tell us what we want to hear then implement outcomes that benefit the few over the many.

Critical issues from my perspective are to do with consciousness. As Einstein said: “you cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it, you must learn to think anew”.

A marketing spin will say “we think differently”, “we envisage a new reality”, “we are changing the way we live”, “we care about people” and on it goes. To get to truth is to look beneath and assess well have they given us good quality food – well no there are many chemicals in the foods, regulators are not holding companies accountable. We have corruption in the government, business, the judiciary and other institutions of power. We have seen in Australia how refugees have been treated. We have seen the influence of the mining industry, some of which sitting on the COVID-19 Commission grouping, one doctor. We are learning about off shore shell companies and how politicians have engaged in deals to sell at exhorbitant prices to industry when it is worth much less. So greed is the pink elephant in the room, that has not be solved.

It is all very well to tell the world this is how it should be done when there are issues of : elitism, inequality, greed, unequal distribution, political interference, paying off politicians (owning them), using super funds to fund private interests not public interests, drugs and pedophilia rings at the highest levels. Should we not be resolving the inner climate that believes greed is good, status is genetic superiority, wealth is power when none of that is true. Are we going to look at dominance (power over others) when the reality is we are born equal, come in the same way leave the same way. Are we going to seriously look at a flawed economic paradigm of growth in a finite system. Are we even ready or equipped to go to Mars when we have left a mess on earth? Extraterrestrials or alien life is the tag line for exploring space. Why is there no discussion about the Disclosure Project by Dr Steven Greer and the fact the ET’s are already here and worked with government, how did the internet arrive? We are spoon fed like we are simply programs, we are not. We are inspired, we are open and we are evolving rapidly catalysed by disruption. When you treat us like children, you seek to control our thinking you are not respecting our sovereignty as human beings. The human being was not created by government or business but has a spark of life that is hard to define but it gives us the pulse to discover, search, push forward, endure when we know things are not operating in our highest interest. Much to discuss and ponder TOGETHER.

So let’s look at the video that seems all very well, we have to go a lot further to ecovillages, to look at surveillance, homelessness and the emotional disconnect there, pollution that is destroying our planet coming from industry and political decisions. We have to look at leadership as it is not working for the planetary or public best interest. However, there will always be a space to work together as we are indeed ONE when we see ourselves in each other. This is the challenge for all those on the 4th industrial revolution bandwagon that is not leading us to peace and happiness. Even the few will not feel joyful when they see so much calamity not only in the world but their own families. We are all on a trajectory to waking up. My poetry is below the film. It is my vision.

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