“We the People” Senate Submission Reports Investigating the Truth of COVID-19 in the-public-interest

It is interesting my Senate Submission blog post doesn’t show up in a Google search. I believe my freedom of speech is being interfered. Moreover, Linkedin recently blocked me from my account citing hacking activity and seeking to force me to show ID, which I do not consent to. I am looking forward to a world that supports freedom of speech so we can share what we learn with each other. That is what love of humanity does. Below are links and then a listing of my reports that I produced over 2 years. They are first drafts. Yet they are of service to others as important information is there. Note Google and Facebook placed a filter on academia.edu to track those looking at these reports. If you want reports sent to you then email happinessaustralia@worldpeacefull.com


Professor Francis Boyle drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 and is a human rights lawyer (see Wikipedia). He raises concerns of COVID-19 as a bioweapon.

This link is to the video by Dr Malone who was the inventor of mRNA and an expert critic of the COVID-19 plandemic. Dr. Robert Malone’s Message To Freedom Convoy https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-robert-malone-s-message-to-freedom-convoy_4HDHp8n7lJDlLwC.html

My Mother’s Message for the world: Doctor Reveals to Pensioner Covid-19 Vax Agenda (bitchute.com)

Susan Carew video message to the Australian Senate:  

The author of the reports has an extensive background as follows: a former market analyst, trained economist, media producer, conflict resolver, peacemaker, jester and humanitarian with skills which have come to bare on the major question cited above and which leads to larger questions of global power, bioterrorism, totalitarianism, depopulation and an extinction event.  
As an analyst the major market players are featured in the Industry and Industry Critique reports, their product offering, claims and market collaboration is featured.  The large multinational corporations are invested in the market for disease and have specific features of monopoly market structures, government capture, donations (influence) and market concentration (mergers & acquisitions) and acquired power far stronger than governments around the world.  The capture of global superannuation funds and strategic investments generated a biotechnology/ pharmaceutical market not driven by consumer demand but by government public-private partnership arrangements.  These relationships excluded the public and reveal the absence of market oversight as the governments became corporate players and beneficiaries of market outcomes. It is evident that the Constitutions (around the world and domestically) have been set aside and raises questions of illegality done in the name of the public.  It is clear governments are no longer neutral third parties protecting the public interest but corporate entities profiting from a contrived pandemic.
This research has confronted the problem from a range of levels and perspectives in order to develop and attain insights and solutions. It is inspired by the wisdom of Albert Einstein, as follows:
“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.  We have to learn to think anew”. 
For those seeking to make contact with the author of these submissions, this may be difficult due to homelessness, infrequent Wi-Fi and financial limitations due to discrimination.
This work is a gift to the public, it is to empower conversations with colleagues, friends, families in order to discover the truth for ONEself. This work is a resource in service to humanity. May it serve everyONE. 
For those wanting to encourage this work you can encourage this work for humanity:  Commonwealth Bank, Susan Carew, BSB and Account No:  06 3575 1011 0359  
These submissions are dedicated to the more than 120,000 people who are homeless in Australia and the millions around the world due to the virus of greed and militarism that requires inequality and ignorance to profit from people’s hardship. 
May the Parliaments around the world remember the highest good is to serve 100% of humanity in the shortest period of time by facilitating a civil voice to learn why representation is an enriching experience as happiness is the real outcome for all. When we deeply listen to the truth it set’s all free to be truly happy.  The path we are on will lead to the opposite.
The real wealth of a nation is not in assets but in inner resources inherent within people rich with talents, dreams, ideas and infinite potential. This was demonstrated when all were asked to give up work, social gatherings, holidays, recreation and security to keep others safe. People sacrificed with courage and patience. The lack of unrest speaks to the kindness of our humanity not our herd mentality as some believe depicted disrespectfully as ‘sheep’ or ‘useless eaters’. The true humanity is what it means to be the salt of the earth or down to earth!
Our world has become toxic and is destroying critical life support systems. Positive Health is the real wealth of love in action for the greater good.
We are in it together.  We must not divide.  We must overcome challenges.
Let’s Advance Australia fair. Let’s advance the global commons fair. We must look after each other and protect each other’s rights to self determination. For health is about the freedom to choose. 
Question: Was Gandhi a threat to empire or was he attempting to show The Way out of madness? 
‘He came to me in a dream where I felt beneath my feet, humble. He had his walking staff and was on the long march to the sea of Dandi. I could see the rim of his glasses but not his eyes. I felt him acknowledge me.’   (Susan Carew)
This dream came to me at the Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat when I visited (refer https://www.gandhiashramsabarmati.org/en/). I sat with a Satyagrahi (follower of Gandhi) with the spinning wheel between us.  I clutched Gandhi’s staff that I saw in the dream and the two of us discussed peace education for children (see www.worldpeacefull.com). Happiness is one of the keys to transformation (see http://ha.worldpeacefull.com).  Happiness is a result when we are at peace with ourselves.
Satyagraha is holding onto truth and Ahimsa is nonviolent love. Gandhi taught that God is Truth and Truth is God. What is Truth? What is God? The answer will set you free, including those you deem the enemy.  My enemy is the teacher. Did I learn the lesson they came to teach or do I have to re-experience the challenges until I wake up.  
Remember:  Y/our Happy Destiny is Unavoidable.
The 14 Covid Reports are below, click download to access pdf reports:
COVID-19 Senate Submission Topline Summaries Report, 2022
This report extracts key findings from the Senate Submissions providing graphical overviews to he… more 

1 COVID-19 Human Rights Report 1 updated

1 Human Rights Report, 2022. The report discusses fundamental human rights issues ie. Bill of Rights and the need for public protection and rights.


2 Pandemic_Preparedness_Report_2a_1_latest
Pandemic Preparedness Report 2a helps us understand that COVID-19 has been definitely preplanned…. more 


3 COVID-19 Industry Research Report Part 2A
COVID-19 Industry Research Report: Part 2A, 2022
The Industry Research Report Part 2A outlines the industry for biotechnology and pharmaceutical c… more

4 COVID-19 Industry Critique Report 2b.1 Part B
COVID-19 Industry Critique 2b.1 Part B, 2022
The Industry Critique Part B continues to provide critical analysis of COVID-19.


5 COVID-19 Industry Plandemic Report 2b
COVID-19 Industry Plandemic Report 2b, 2022
The Industry Plandemic Report provides insights into pre-planning and the rationale behind the pa… more


6. Corruption & Bioweapons Report 3 update

The Corruption Report investigates corruption and the COVID-19 bioweapon. It focuses on Australi… more 


7 5G-EMF Smart Report 4 updated

7 5G-EMF Smart Report 4 updated, 2022The 5G-EMF Smart Report provides information on smart cities, 5G and how this connects to COVID-1… more 


8 COVID-19 Australia Report 5a
Australia Report 5a, 2022
Australia Report 5a discusses the issues in Australia that have provided a context for COVID-19.


9 COVID-19 Australia Report 5b
Australia Report 5b, 2022
This report focuses on Australia and COVID-19. It is an assortment of articles exploring the lan… more


10 COVID-19 Global Research Report
Global Research Report, 2022
The Global Research Report is to look at the big picture. It is a range of articles that give in… more


11 COVID1984 Report 7 Key Findings edited COVID1984 Report 7 Key Findings, 2023This report provides key finds on Covid-19. It is in the public interest.


12 COVID-19 Solutions Report 8 final
COVID-19 Solutions Report, 2022
The Solutions Report offers wisdom, ideas and suggestions to resolve the COVID-19 scenario. All … more


13 COVID-19 Peace Report
Peace Report, 2022
This report provides insights into inner and outer peace. It provides information that the publi… more


14 COVID-19 Conscientious Objection Public Health Orders and Corruption Report
Conscientious Objection Public Health Orders and Corruption Report, 2022
This research was submitted to the ACT government as a Conscientious Objection to the proposed He… more



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