Were Australian SAS Criminalised for Future Oppression of Australian’s

Last night I had a quick look at Four Corners investigating East Timorese abuses including sexual assault.  I contemplated the training up of our troops to be later deployed against Australians deemed as ‘non-compliant’ in a future Republic.  I contemplated the refugee camps as training grounds for internment as was seen in Nazi Germany. 

Refer https://pftw.worldpeacefull.com/fema-camps-in-australia/

I feel this rising fascism that believes human rights are an impediment for those in power to do as they want.  Like any abuser they will argue a ‘good’ ie. defence or keeping people smugglers out or use the terrorist card.  Underneath the rhetoric violence does not usher in peace but control via force.

I am contemplating the backward step Australia is making as foreign interests turn this country into a repressive regime rather than an enlightened middle power that could have been a mediator to the world.  Rather than the easy going Australian culture we are becoming impassive to suffering, cruel, low empathy or emotional intelligence as if this is professional soldiering.  It is not.  It is weaponising people to harm others using some ‘good’ and without a backward glance to the carnage left behind as the ‘enemy’ unquestioningly deserves it.  

The ‘enemy’ these days is the public as is clear.

They are you.  What we do to others returns to the self. This is universal law not international law.  Keeping the peace means you must first learn peace in order to understand how to ensure peace.  Looking inward is the first step. So the crimes by SAS soldiers reveal the training of soldiers.  I was told by a Delta force soldier they practiced killing women and children using dummies.  As a woman I find this the same as murder tried in the criminal courts and domestic violence.  To destroy innocence, those who cannot defend themselves positions soldiers as criminals.  

The violent games actually play young boys and fathers to play. So we mind control the young children to have fun killing then we are outraged at crimes.  Why allow children to play games that murder other people for points?  If you want peace, wouldn’t it be wise to teach peace?  All violence is a call for help.  It is the weaker aspect of human nature that has been largely suppressed, particularly in men, who society does not allow to cry or be human.  Now we see women being violent in cartoons to give the green light to attack them, as they are violent.  So many mind games I feel to justify violence, power, control and domination which is at the centre of bullying and all sexual abuse.  I sent a message to Antony Albanese on twitter ‘Know Thyself’ as I feel for the wisdom expanding beyond Solomon.  There were attempts to create preventative war see Men that Stare at Goats.  Yet the real power was always in nonviolence and to Know thyself.  

Here is a pdf of a master – Lao Tzu for soliders of peace to consider: https://docslib.org/doc/8778872/some-of-lao-tzus-most-significant-teachings-are-as-follows

Another perspective is to use crimes in other countries as means to break down the image of soldiers and national defence.  I feel for two layers – the surface layer of crimes against humanity and the breakdown of national defence.  The latter a strategy to globalise the world into this reset.  Nothing is ever straight forward.

What I do know is the real truth sets all free.

An article to contemplate as we move towards 2023.  I feel truth will be amplified.