What Defence would not answer at Senate Estimates

Defence is the theme tonight, completely unexpected but it is flowing and I am just going with the flow.

This video below provides insights into the restriction on questions by the Senate. Defence is a sensitive area and they can evoke the national interest and the public record. What if privatisation takes information out of the public record is my question.

The challenge is to balance public interest with Defence secrecy and to gain insight into when questions are avoided as they may reveal problems or they may be avoided given sensitivity. It is very difficult to know where those lines are as often there is a ‘need to know basis’ that happens. So silos of information are known so people can speak the truth in front of a Senate hearing. I have concerns about the Deep State and illegal behaviour that has been clearly outlined by whistleblowers in CIA, FBI and military personnel. As more whistleblowers come forward this raises concern in the public mind that activities are not in the public interest. Therefore, information can be hidden.

This is just a general comment not specifically in regard to the video.

I get the feeling of blocking from other Senators. There may be unconscious bias in respect of Defence as a sacred area that we don’t talk about or perhaps deference to power or those in authority. I wonder. Just a reflection.