What is behind Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine?

This film is a clue to what is happening.


In my view I have not seen evidence of any white hats.  I believe the people are the saviours, not any special person.  As we are what we see in the world, until we change, the world won’t change. Until we deal with our fear, powerlessness, and the lies we tell ourselves, we continue on with destructive patterns. We are easily fooled by what we want to see as we find the truth too confronting. Yet when we have an intention for truth the veil of deception falls like a mist evaporating before the rising sun.

Whilst we are all distracted by the Ukraine and a alleged Communist push on the one hand we are not observing the World Health Organisation’s attempts to negotiate with countries to move towards the New World Order.

The countries pretending to be enemies are in actual fact friends.  They are using the vehicle of communism to gain totalitarian control.  All are in the ONE party.

Those wanting corruption to end become distracted as the media is used to direct attention not questions.

The ending of masks and mandates de-escalates the disapproval of leaders and ensures they are not overthrown due to distraction diverting the calls for an end to tyranny.

It is wise to look for what is hidden, for this is how those in perceived power operate. They create diversions, divisions, exploitation and target those they feel threatened by, when in reality it is truth that threatens as one has to turn inward, many are unable to do this as they uphold the facade. Ultimately they work against the very oneness they promote as this is about control not equality in harmony, thus coordination weakens on the basis of self interest and unfulfilled needs.

World Health Organisation negotiates a pandemic treaty when there was no technical pandemic.  This is all about power not health and wellbeing. https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj.n2991

You cannot achieve ONE until unity becomes your sponsoring thought. You can’t fake it. You can’t undertake PR, you can’t negotiate. You can’t deceive.  For only the truth aligns with life itself and that which manifests is in alignment.  This is the real unity that is the unbreakable bond.

For those seeking to play God, we live in a free will universe but ultimately in the separated state of consciousness we can attempt for total power, but ultimately we live in polarity and always as you push forward in one direction, the opposite is empowers as life is always moving to equilibrium or balance.  This is always the case. It is universal law and no changing time lines will change natures blueprint for balance.

No-one can achieve full spectrum dominance, it is not possible in truth.  This works against nature as nature is a cooperation not one species dominating all others. Nature is the hub or cradle from which we have all sprung whether we believe it or not, regardless of whether we understand or humbly appreciate our origin. 

Life is the mirror not the mask.  The mask conceals, the mirror reflects. 

It is wise to reflect at this time.

What do you see?  Do you believe what you see or see and then believe.  I work with intuition and look into what I can’t see.

This video features Scott Ritter former CIA and Weapons Inspector in Iraq who I met back in 2005. I witnessed him speak at the University of Melbourne. This is his professional assessment of Ukraine.